[Top 10] Skyrim Best Builds of All Time

Skyrim Best Builds

1. Werewolf Build

A werewolf not taking any shit


This is a great build for those hack and slashers out there. This transforms you from a simple run of the mill werewolf to a complete werewolf god able to summon other werewolf’s to do its bidding.

Werewolf Build does what exactly

This is a great build for those hack and slashers out there. This transforms you from a simple run of the mill werewolf to a complete werewolf god able to summon other werewolf’s to do its bidding.

Werewolf Build does what exactly

  • Deals massive damage with each swipe of your claws
  • Become almost unstoppable
  • Transform into a wolf multiple times a day

What you will need

  • Two rings
  • Two enchantments
  • Wolf blood
  • Strong stomach for carnage


2. Vampire Build

A vampire caught in the act

Dream of being one of the few pure blood vampires in Skyrim, want to drink the blood of your foes? This is the build for you! Start your journey to vampire lord and donate the world.

What does the Vampire build do

  • Drain the life force from opponents with enchanted weapons
  • Take no reduction in abilities in the sun light
  • Get unlimited enchantments

What you will need

  • Harkon’s Sword
  • Destruction enchantment
  • Twin enchant perk
  • Resistance to fire enchantment



3. Dream Strider: Mage Assassin

The stealthy assassin

This build is a stealth assassins dream. Become invisible, become a shadow, kill with out leave a trace that you were even there. Become the dark figure bandits will tell their kids about.

What does the dark strider do

  • Deals indirect damage by controlling others mind
  • Kills in the shadows
  • Become a master of illusions

What will you need

  • Skill of illusion spell
  • Have the frenzy spell
  • Have the fear spell
  • The calm spell
  • Dual Casting illusion perk
  • Quiet casting perk
  • Dagger
  • Master illusion robes



4. Ebony Warrior Build 

The famous Ebony Warrior


Build the ultimate two handed warrior with no mods, just skill and determination. This is a purist dream, a power knight with no modded magic!

Why a two handed warrior

  • Kill you enemies from a distance
  • Range of power attacks
  • Drain your enemies of life with every swing
  • Heal yourself with combat
  • Unlimited enchantment

What is needed

  • War hammer
  • Battle axe
  • Great sword
  • Long hammer
  • Ebony blade
  • Heavy armors perk
  • Ring of Namira
  • The Gauldur Amulet
  • Amulet of Talos
  • Cyclone Shout


5. The Archer

The Archer 

Kill enemies before they realize you are there. Keep your distance when in combat. Control the flow of the battle field by releasing arrows into anyone that opposes you.

What makes the archer so cool

  • Fire rapid fire arrows
  • Move like the wind
  • Shoot flaming arrows!
  • Kill from a distance

What is needed

  • Glass armors
  • Archery enchantments
  • Fortify smiting potions
  • Zephyr Bow
  • Dragon bone bow
  • Slow time shout
  • Amulet of talos


6. The Orc

Orc war chief

What’s cool about this build is that you don’t get just one orc build, you get 5 awesome warriors from the Orc tribe. These are my personal favorite of all the characters in the Skyrim universe.

What makes Orcs the best warrior race

  • Berserker power
  • Ride an armor bear!
  • Kill your foes with spirit weapons and armor
  • Have access to all orc strong holds across the land

What is needed for this build

  • Valengran- War chief
  • Moded beast rider
  • Daedric Armor- sorcerer orc
  • Alteration weapons and armor


7. Daedric Build

Daedric warrior

Serve the dark lords and wield their power as your own. It doesn’t matter if you are a wet behind the ear novice or a seasoned veteran these builds are pretty easy and super fun.

Why join the Daedric Army

  • Badass weapons
  • Get 3 followers with enchanted armor
  • Control an army of Atronauts
  • Call on the Daedric powers once per day

What you will need

  • Conjuration weapons
  • Pick a high elf or a Briton
  • Buy as many conjuration spells as you can
  • Novice Conjuration perk
  • Heavy Orcish armor


8. Spell Sword

Spell Sword Warrior

Cut down your any person that opposes the storm cloak with deadly precision. Combine a conjured sword and destruction spells to make an near unstoppable agent of death for the one true king of Skyrim.

Why the spellsword

  • Resistance to frost
  • Cast destruction spells for far less
  • Attack from a distance and decapitate your enemies if they get too close

What do you need

  • Imperial crown
  • Attended the college in Winterhold and focus on destruction and restoration
  • Perks in smiting, light armor, destruction and restoration
  • Fire breath shout
  • Savage strike perk


9. Battle Mage

The Battle Mage

This is another purist build on this list, no mods will be used to create these powerful characters. Using  magika and combat makes this build perfect for people that took a break from Skyrim and want a well balanced character.

Why the battle mage

  • Useful for any play level
  • Chip away your opponent’s health before finishing them off with hand to hand combat
  • Absorb half of the spells used on you

What is needed

  • Briton, high elf or dark elf
  • Heavy armor
  • Alteration, destruction, one handed, conjuration, enchanting and alchemy
  • Specialize in fire magic
  • Agent of Mara


10. Vampire Hunter

Legendary Vampire Hunter

Show no mercy as you cut down the vampire menace sweeping through Skyrim. Use enchanted weapons and fire to turn blood suckers to dust, this is the ultimate vampire hunter in Skyrim.

Why the vampire hunter

  • Wield the dawn breaker sword and burn undead enemies to the ground
  • Become a ranged tank
  • Absorb dark magic and use it against the undead
  • Use the sun to burn your enemies with rays of light

What do you need

  • Join the dawnguard
  • Dawn guard heavy armor
  • Oriele’s bow
  • Elven arrows
  • Archery, restoration, alteration and heavy armor perks

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