[Top 10] Ultra Modded Skyrim Setups That Make The Game Look Freakin’ Awesome

Ultra Modded Skyrim Setups That Make The Game Look Freakin’ Awesome
Experience a new Skyrim with the help of mods

Everyone who’s ever played Skyrim knows that it looks AND plays better with mods. But with so many choices, which ones do you pick?

In this guide, we’ve picked out the top 10 modded setups to transform your Skyrim experience.

Note: These modlists are for Skyrim Special Edition on PC


What are mods?

Mods, short for modifications, are simply that. They modify how a game feels, looks, and plays.

Mods can range from simple tweaks to entire overhauls. With how customizable Skyrim is, there are mods for almost anything you can think of.

Many people mod their Skyrim because the vanilla (unmodded) version can become stale over time.

If you’ve never modded Skyrim on PC (console mods just aren’t the same – sorry!), you’re missing out.

Luckily for you, each modded setup below has easy installation instructions. You don’t need modding experience to use any of these awesome packs.


10. Silent Skyrim by ForgottenGlory

Imagine a world where the Dragonborn failed

A quick overview of the Silent Skyrim modlist


Skyrim is known for its main quest. You, the Dragonborn, must stop Alduin before he shatters the world.

But what if Alduin conquered Skyrim? What if he and his army of dragons already destroyed the major cities? What if the ruins of these cities were packed with draugr and other undead?

Say goodbye to the Skyrim you once knew. Because in Silent Skyrim, you’ll be fighting to survive in this dreadful nightmare.

The depressing gray world of Silent Skyrim


With hardcore features added, you’ll face new challenges:

  • Unforgiving and cold weather
  • Deadly diseases
  • Stronger enemies
  • Gloomy lighting
  • Lack of food

But not all hope is lost.

As you explore the desolate lands, you’ll notice one thing. There are survivors out there. And not all of them are out to kill you.

If you want to reimagine Skyrim as a harsh survival game, look no further than Silent Skyrim.

Do you have what it takes to defeat Alduin in this ruined world?

Note: With 400+ mods, Silent Skyrim requires hundreds of gigabytes. Fortunately, a software called Wabbajack can simplify the installation process. All of ForgottenGlory’s modlists (and some others in this article) can be installed with Wabbajack.


9. Modern RPG Modlist by Master Cheesey

Remaster your game into a modern RPG with this modlist

Short video showcasing the modern RPG modlist


If you’re into RPGs, this one’s for you!

Taking inspiration from other open-world games, this modlist (available for free on Master Cheesey’s Patreon) will COMPLETELY remaster your game. And it doesn’t even require a ton of mods.

You’ll notice many changes to your game such as…

  • An overhauled HUD and UI, giving the game interface a fresh look
  • Improved gameplay mechanics (like parkour)
  • New perks that allow you to explore new character builds
  • Reimagined combat system, including the ability to block and parry
  • And much, much more!

Lots of Elden Ring vibes from this modpack...


I love this modlist because it makes Skyrim play like a modern action game.

While this setup doesn’t have any graphic overhaul mods, you can install some if you’re confident in your modding abilities.

But even if you’re a beginner, stick around. Because I’ve included modlists with beautiful graphics.


8. Living Skyrim by ForgottenGlory

In Living Skyrim, you'll never run out of interesting encounters

See what Living Skyrim has to offer in this video


Have you ever noticed how dull vanilla Skyrim can be? Too often, there’s nothing exciting or interesting to do. Especially if you beat the base game many times.

Sure, you might come across a random encounter every now and then. But they’re rare and get old fast.

Not with this modlist.

In Living Skyrim, you’ll come across countless new NPCs to interact with, places to explore, adventures to embark on, and more. With over 1000 mods, it’s rare to go over 5 minutes without seeing something new.

Normally, with this much extra content, it adds a tedious amount of new features. To combat this, Living Skyrim was designed to keep encounters lore-friendly. And it only includes essential tweaks to gameplay mechanics.

Not only will Living Skyrim breathe life into your game through the additional content but also through beautiful graphics.

A view of the Throat of the World from Whiterun


While Living Skyrim’s graphics are designed for higher-end PCs, there’s some compatibility with lower-end rigs.

Like Silent Skyrim, this can be installed using Wabbajack.

Check out Living Skyrim here.


7. The Lazy Man’s Modlist by redshift

A simple remaster of Riverwood

The lazy man's guide to modding Skyrim


Alright, I know what you might be thinking…

Maybe you don’t want to install hundreds/thousands of mods. You just want a starter pack that’ll remaster your game, and then you’ll add your own mods to it. 

Or perhaps you simply want beautiful graphics without straying too far from the original game.

If any of this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out this simple modlist.

Even with a small modlist, your game can look this beautiful


With only about 30 mods, this list purely focuses on enhancing graphics with a few basic gameplay improvement mods.

Some people don’t like how some mods radically overhaul things like perks and magic. If you’re one of them, this modlist only balances perk trees and spells, with minimal additions to each. Some of the new spells are even from past Elder Scrolls games.

If you’re looking for an easy modded setup with only the essentials, there are detailed installation instructions here.


6. The Phoenix Flavour by foreverphoenix

A massive visual overhaul while still staying true to the game's roots

Learn more about the Phoenix Flavour in this review


Did the last modlist catch your interest?

Maybe you want to start with a simple setup and add your own mods, but you don’t want any of the headaches that come with installing mods.

The Phoenix Flavour is just like the Lazy Man’s Modlist. At its core, it simply improves the graphics while keeping the vanilla game intact.

Except, there are already hundreds of patched mods ready to plug and play.

Meaning you can add your own favorite mods to the base list without worrying about whether they’ll be compatible with each other. 

And the best part? You can let Wabbajack do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Phoenix Flavour is great because it’s one of the smoothest modlists out there.

Setting out for adventure...

If you’re new to modding or you just prefer a “vanilla+” experience, check out The Phoenix Flavour here.


5. Do Not Go Gentle (DNGG) by Abandoned_by_Arkay

Transform your game with Do Not Go Gentle -- Another RPG modlist

A full breakdown of the modlist


Enough of vanilla-like modlists. Sometimes what you need is something completely different from the original game.

At over 1300 mods, Do Not Go Gentle (DNGG) transforms Skyrim into an RPG with stunning graphics.

DNGG uses Requiem, a roleplaying overhaul mod. It combines mechanics from old-school RPG games. You can read all about Requiem and its features here.

With DNGG, you’ll have to plan your battles strategically. Enemies no longer scale with your level, meaning you could find extremely dangerous foes along your journey.

Combat is slower, and is designed for third-person. You’ll need to sleep or you’ll suffer the consequences. You also won’t be able to fast travel.

Deadly and strategic -- How Skyrim combat SHOULD be


This Requiem-based modded setup is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their Skyrim into a modern survival RPG.

Also, DNGG is Wabbajack compatible. Check it out here.


4. Eldergleam by Capt. Panda

Eldergleam's ultra-realistic graphics

Witness the beauty of Eldergleam


Imagine this: You’re watching an HD medieval movie. The plot follows a dragon-slaying hero with all the odds stacked against him.

A beautiful yet dangerous land waiting to be explored. As he journeys through it, you can’t help but immerse yourself in this fantasy world.

From the soaring trees to the rushing waters… you’re so caught up in everything until you realize… 

You’re not watching a movie. You’re playing Skyrim with Eldergleam.

Overhaul your game with a cinematic-like modlist


This incredible modlist has some of the most astonishing graphics out there, up to 4K.

Along with next-gen graphics, Eldergleam overhauls animations, giving you a modern feel.

The list creator also left out some major overhaul mods that are usually included by other modded setups. This gives you some flexibility in adding mods to this list.

You can see more details about Eldergleam here. Like some of the other setups here, this modlist is Wabbajack compatible.


3. Visual Masterpiece Modlist by Heavy Burns

Once thought to be legend, this dragon patrols the skies

A video outline of all the mods in this graphics setup


If you want a visual overhaul without the bloat of hundreds of other mods, look no further. This modded setup by Heavy Burns focuses ONLY on graphics.

With only about 60 mods, you can upgrade your Skyrim’s outdated textures like...

  • Landscapes and mountains
  • Weather and lighting
  • City designs and various objects
  • Flora and grass
  • And so many additional textures you wouldn’t even think of…

Since this is graphics only, you can install the mods and hop right into vanilla. Or use this as a base for a custom modlist if you know a thing or two about modding.

You can read the installation instructions on Heavy Burns’ Patreon. There’s currently an option to join for free.


2. Char Grinn by NotSafeForAdults64

Reimagine Skyrim as a horror game with Char Grinn

Check out what makes Char Grinn scary -- First modlist in the video


Calling all horror fans!

It’s about time we talk about Char Grinn. This terrifying modpack turns Skyrim into a horrifying world full of frightening creatures.

With creepy lighting, harsh weather, scary monsters lurking in the shadows, and fog nearly everywhere you go, you’ll think twice before taking your next step.

Combined with combat mods, various overhauls, and other gameplay tweaks, you can forget feeling invincible. You’ll always feel like you’re being hunted in this brutal world.

If you’re looking to amp up your Skyrim experience in a unique yet thrilling way, check out Char Grinn today.


1. Nolvus V5 Ascension by Vektor

Skyrim redefined...

See what's included in Nolvus Ascension in this video -- Seriously, there's a lot


We’ve saved one of the best for last.

Introducing Nolvus Ascension, the fifth version of one of the most photorealistic modlists out there.

An adventurer in the forest


Nolvus not only enhances graphics but also every other part of the game. All while staying true to its vanilla roots.

With over 2000 mods, Nolvus is the only modpack you need to transform Skyrim into a next-generation game.

And you don’t need to know anything about modding to start playing this modlist...

The Nolvus website has an auto installer (Nolvus Dashboard) that’ll do all the hard work for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, there are multiple tutorials on the same website.

There are way too many features to list here. But if we had to list some…

  • Breathtaking graphics that you can customize to your liking
  • New creatures, armors, weapons, and spells that add to your game’s immersion
  • Improves existing playstyles and adds new ones
  • Overhauls animations and introduces different combat stances
  • And thousands of other amazing lore-friendly features…

Mastering the Arcane Arts -- Taken to a whole new level


I seriously recommend watching the showcase video for a full review of the entire setup.

And the best part about Nolvus? It’s in constant development. Sometime in 2024, Nolvus V6 Awakening is coming out.

So if you don’t mind waiting, you’ll get access to an even more beautiful modlist. But nothing's stopping you from playing Nolvus V5 in the meantime.

Though it’s still in development, check out this video showing off Nolvus V6 graphics:


So there you have it. 10 modded setups that you can start playing today.

From mere graphic overhauls to entire content-packed modlists… you now have a wide selection of modpacks that’ll make your game look awesome.

Let us know if you’ve found one that you love!


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