Five Possible Locations for The Elder Scrolls 6

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In The Elder Scrolls, you shape the world of Nirn through your actions.

Skyrim will turn 6 years old on November 11th 2017. Feeling the itch for a new Elder Scrolls game yet?

Where exactly will the next installment of the Elder Scrolls take us? So far, all we’ve found out from Bethesda is that the game will certainly be made, but it won’t hit shelves until 2019 at the earliest. That leaves plenty of room and time for speculations to be made, so let’s check out some of the wondrous realms of Nirn we haven’t visited yet!

1. Elsweyr

Elsweyr in the Elder Scrolls Online

Home of the feline Khajiit, Elsweyr is located to the south of Cyrodiil and east of Valenwood. It is mostly a barren, dry wasteland with jungles in the southern part of the province. The history of Elsweyr is a long and bloody one, with frequent power shifts and complex and intriguing

Why TES VI should take place here:  It’d be a refreshing change of atmosphere to see the game not take place in a Human province. Skooma trade, religious tension between different cults, cat-elven hybrids, Werelions and political strife would all make for a very interesting backdrop for an Elder Scrolls game. 

Probability of it happening: Low-Medium. Bethesda may not wish to risk having the next Elder Scrolls set in a place where there are no human or elven locals, and have the NPC diversity of the previous games be lost.

2. Valenwood

An early glimpse into Valenwood?

Valenwood is the enchanted region of the Wood Elves, or Bosmer. The province is made up of swamps and rain forests, a “sea of endless green” where there is little civilization to be found barely connected by dilapidated roads or foot paths.

Why TES VI should take place here:  Most of Valenwood is shrouded in mystery and dense jungle, giving an opportunity for epic storytelling and a chance to see the unique culture of the Wood Elves. Four words – walking, living tree cities. Inhabited by ape-men and Elves who swing around on vines.

Probability of it happening: Medium. Current gaming systems simply may not be advanced enough for Bethesda to attempt to do justice to Valenwood and properly develop it in all its glory.

3. Black Marsh

One of the hist trees of Black Marsh.

One of the larger provinces of Tamriel, Black Marsh is made up of mostly swampy marshland and other difficult terrain, which is why it was never conquered by invaders. Argonians, who are native to Black Marsh, thrive here in their established tribes, among dangerous predators and poisonous plants.

Why TES VI should take place here: What’s there to see in Black Marsh? Oh, just the usual. Sentient trees connected via hive mind, the fact that half of the province has never been explored, an impenetrable Argonian city that nobody except Argonians themselves have ever laid eyes on, mythical beast races thought long extinct… the list goes on.

Probability of it happening: High. Maybe we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, but a while back Bethesda actually patented the name “Argonia”, but no news has come up since then. Fingers crossed.

4. Summerset Isles

Concept art for the Summerset Isles.

Home to the High Elves or Altmer, the Summerset Isles are an archipelago made up of three islands in the very southwest of Tamriel.  A mysterious land which is still mostly unexplored, they are the birthplace of the Aldmeri Dominion, an Elven supremacist empire which currently serves as the main bad guy of the Elder Scrolls.

Why TES VI should take place here: The Summerset Isles are a magical place. Daedra and Aedra worship alike is rampant in the isles. The capital, Alinor, has been described by traders as being made of insect wings and glass, inexplicably tall towers through which the light breaks down to its component colors and other fantastical constructions.

Probability of it happening: Low. It’s too early to be taking the fight to the Aldmeri Dominion’s homeland, and like with Valenwood, current hardware limitations might be too restricting to bring to life the Summerset Isles as they should be portrayed. 

5. Akavir

What many consider Akavir looks like.

Maybe Tamriel isn’t planned at all? The continent of Akavir is a landmass due east of Tamriel, separated from it by a vast ocean. It is a brutal land of strange races and stranger customs, but the two have mutually influenced each other over the years in many ways.

Why TES VI should take place here: It would be a chance for Bethesda to start anew, to introduce new races, locations, expand the already rich Elder Scrolls lore. I know I’d like to be more involved with a race of Monkey People who, along with their Tiger Dragon allies, drive back assaulting Snow Demons every year.

Probability of it happening: Very Low. Unfortunately, this would also mean a whole lot of work and it’s easier for Bethesda to work with existing material.

The world of Elder Scrolls continues to provide hundreds of hours of entertainment with each new installment, and the incredibly creative and gifted minds at Bethesda will ensure that that trend continues when their sixth game comes out.

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