Top 15 Best Skyrim Follower Mods You Must Use

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15. Annabeth Chase

A standalone follower.From the well-known Percy Jackson series, Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena and girlfriend to Percy Jackson, the main character.

Annabeth Chase Mod Highlights

  • Has assassin fighting style
  • Known from a well-known book series
  • Customizable

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14. Sabrina

You can find her in Whiterun. She was made by qqending321

Sabrina Mod Highlights

  • Uses incinerate
  • Nord race
  • High in magicka

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13. Vilja

A bard that comes with a mission. The player is able to help with her mission, and obtain her as a follower afterward.She could be found in the Bannered Mare.

Vilja Mod Highlights

  • Can use healing and teleportation
  • There is a new dialogue that isused
  • A realistic companion

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12. Mirai

A Breton follower that joins you after you meet the GreyBeards. She could still be found even if you haven’t seen them yet.

Mirai Mod Highlights

  • Standalone
  • Candidate for marriage
  • Uses ice magic but can also use close combat

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11. Sofia

Voiced by Christine Slagman. She has her own side quests once you meet her. She is now apart of quests.

Sofia Mod Highlights

  • Uses the destruction spell
  • Can use both spell and a one-handed weapon at the same time
  • A realistic type of follower

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10. Inigo

A khajiit that is found in the Riften Jail. He has different battle dialogue than other followers and is considered a good follower.

Inigo Mod Highlights

  • Avoids traps unlike most followers
  • Doesn’t talk when the player is sneaking
  • He levels alongside the player

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9. Wolf Companion

A wolf that accompanies the player on their travels. Starts out as a puppy and continues to grow over time.

Wolf Companion Mod Highlights

  • Your wolf will pick up a corpse with your command
  • The wolf does anything the player tells them to do You can command your wolf to do anything
  • It can also teleport back to the player Wolf teleports back to you

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8. Gelebor

Knight Paladin that has a mission of his own. He is recruitable after his quest is completed.

Gelebor Mod Highlights

  • Other followers can be recruited alongside him You can recruit followers alongside him
  • He can help with healing spells
  • He is fully voiced

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7. Cerwiden

A mage companion that has her own questline. She is fully voiced.

Cerwiden Mod Highlights

  • Heals the player you and their your other followers
  • Uses defensive spells
  • Cure you of any diseases

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6. Hanali

A standalone follower that’s custom. She has her own questline

Hanali Mod Highlights

  • Powerful fire magic
  • Has a new temple where you can receive blessings
  • All the blessings from her temple can boost the player

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5. Aela the Huntress Enhanced

Aela the Huntress with different features. A boost in friendship and new dialogue.

Aela the Huntress Enhanced Highlights

  • Equippable at hand inventory
  • Joins other alongside other followers
  • Herbeast form has is also been updated

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4. Valfar

A fully voiced Stormcloak that joins you on your travels. Considered afun and good follower. He will be found camping at the Throat of the World

Valfar Mod Highlights

  • Armor is custom
  • Has at least 200 lines of dialogue
  • His voice is custom

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3. Faallokaar

A dragon that accompanies the player on their journeys. you. He is fully voiced

Faallokaar Mod Highlights

  • You don’t have to call him, he follows you around Skyrim
  • A powerful dragon
  • Helps the player with their enemies

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2. Hoth

An old bounty hunter, that accompanies you on your travels. Most customized follower.

Hoth Mod Highlights

  • He and the player can do contracts together The player can do contracts with him
  • Fully customizedvoice
  • Has his own developed story

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1. Aurora

A fully-voiced follower. She can be found at the Temple of Kynoneth in Whiterun.

Aurora Mod Highlights

  • Prefers a sword
  • Good in both destruction and restoration magic
  • She will not die during the battle, instead, she will kneel off to the side

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