Top 5 Most Fun Skyrim Builds (These Builds Are Just Fun to Play)

Fun Skyrim Builds
Add some flavor to your Skyrim experience.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lets us choose our character and design it to our liking, from race to physical features. However, throughout your journey, you can enhance your character to add a little ‘PIZZAZZ’ to them and your overall gameplay. Have you ever wanted to be a cat-humanlike thing who can transform into a werewolf?

Well get yourself a Khajiit character and join the companions! Anything is possible if you let your imagination run wild and while we can all choose our own route, here are the top five builds that are the most fun in Skyrim!

1: Khajiit Werewolf Mage

Now I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. It may be absurd, but you can’t help but to enjoy the mere fact that your character can be a Khajiit, an awesome mage, and wield the power of a werewolf at their will, all at the same time! A cat humanoid and a dog humanoid at the same time?! Now add Magicka to the picture, pretty fun right?

Khajiit are known for the stealthy abilities and their vicious claw in hand to hand combat (hand to paw combat?), so imagine their stealth combined with illusion magicka and the ability to transform into a werewolf when needed. Not that strategic, but totally fun. You can obtain this type of build for your Khajiit if you join the Companions and complete the college of Winterhold quests along with learning magicka through books or from other mages.

2: Bloodsucking Vampire Stealth Archer Assassin

Vampires already creep in the night and get stamina damage during the day, so why not spice up your character build by giving them Sanguinare Vampiris? Vampires have the capability of being invisible, so this can provide your stealth with that added perk in those difficult areas of the game. Additionally, you already have to kill to live, so why not make a living off of killing, right?

It’s always a good combo to be an archer while having a stealth character as you’ll be able to kill more enemies without causing too much detection. To be a successful archer assassin, consider joining the Dark Brotherhood to get paid per contract and have your build have all the perks to sneak and all the perks to archery. That way your kills are more successful and yummier!

3: Sneaky Pickpocketing Thief 

The Thieves Guild questline is one of the most fun side quests Skyrim has to offer, so it’s no doubt that a thief build is fun to play. Leveling up your pickpocketing skills can be a whole lot of fun in itself. Did that NPC make a snarky comment? Pickpocket his/her clothing. Now who’s laughing? Other than undressing characters for fun, pickpocket skills allow you to disarm other characters and access keys and gold.

A good thief build would require you to wear light-armor for comfortable stealth; consider joining the thieves guild to gain that awesome Nightingale Armor which offers a variety of perks such as stamina increase, muffled movements, and better lockpicking. Most importantly, build up the Pickpocket skill tree to get all the benefits of it and reduce your chances of getting caught!

4: One-Handed Juggernaut

Getting your character to level up their heavy armor and block will lead to the ultimate juggernaut build. Having these two bad boys will allow you to block unlimited damage. We still need something to fight with so a one-handed weapon, whether it be a sword or mace, can help you. If you want to add additional points to your heavy armor, try being an Orc as they receive extra points for heavy-armor and block.

Wreak havoc across the land of Skyrim in this indestructible build. The best heavy armor that can definitely compliment your juggernaut ways would be the Daedric armor as it is the highest rated base game armor. You can smith it (if your smithing level is 100) or find it throughout Skyrim starting at level 48. We won’t judge if you decide to terrorize a city, just remember to save your game before so you can reload that save later!

5: Destruction Orc

If you’ve decided to be an Orc, you already know you’re in for some destructive fun with that character. Orcs naturally have the Berserker Rage ability that allows you to take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds, pretty insane right? On top of that, your starting spell is FLAMES, come on, you were destined to be an Orsimer destruction mage!

Destruction Magicka can deal lots of damage in battle and it’s always fun to blow or freeze stuff up. It’s important to dedicate time to leveling up Destruction Magicka in order to get the best and most powerful destruction spells. Remember the more you destroy the more you level up! Speak with other destruction mages to help you level up and make sure you read destruction books as well!

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