[Top 10] Skyrim Best Body Mods We Love

Skyrim Best Body Mods
These mods can give your character a whole new look, like this Argonian with new scale textures.

These mods will make your character (and others) look more unique than ever!

When it comes to changing your character’s appearance, Skyrim mods have made the possibilities endless. Most seasoned modders know the staples: from body replacers like CBBE and UNP to the new hairstyles added with KS Hairdos. Since these are likely already going to be in your game, I’m going to cover some smaller body mods to make your game feel even more unique! 

10. BeastHHBB

An up-close look at this Argonian's new textures.

Khajiits and Argonians have come an especially long way since the older Elder Scrolls games. With that being said, they still could stand to be improved on in Skyrim. This mod is sure to give your fuzzy or scaly friends a unique look. 


  • New models for beards, hair, horns, and brows for Khajiits and Argonians only 
  • Options to use this mod for your character only, character + NPCs, or just NPCs
  • Optional files to choose from for certain NPC appearances (like Kharjo), and tons of patches to help out with compatibility 

Get the mod here for SE. 

9. All Shapes Body Randomizer

Many of the varying body types this mod has to offer. 

It makes zero sense for every character to have the same body type all across Skyrim, right? This mod gives characters different body types to make the world feel much more realistic and diverse. 


  • Randomizes the body types of characters all across Skyrim to be more varied
  • Made to work alongside SMP (physics) mods, but this is completely optional (tutorial is broken down on the mod page)
  • Works with any skin replacement mods of your choice, or with vanilla skin textures

Get the mod here for SE. 

8. Authentic Eyes

Realistic new eye textures shown on this character. 

There is certainly no shortage of eye mods for Skyrim, many of them adding new eye colors with a fantasy feel to them. Instead of focusing on things like that, Authentic Eyes focuses on more subtle, realistic eyes that would fit in best with graphics focused on realism. 


  • Lore-friendly eye textures that won’t look out of place in your game
  • New custom maps including glow, environment, reflection, and Cubemap
  • Khajiits and Argonians are included in this mod, and these eyes will look great in all lighting environments 

Get the mod here for SE. 

7. High Poly Vanilla Hair

This character is sporting a braided style that is a step up from the vanilla version.

For those who like to stay pretty true to the original game but still want some visual upgrades, High Poly Vanilla hair is a good choice. The results aren’t going to be super shiny and realistic as bigger hair mods, but this one will fit right into your vanilla game without looking out of place. 


  • Higher poly count versions of the vanilla hair meshes to make hair much more smooth
  • UV and bone weight tweaks
  • Detailed 3D braids including Khajiit styles 

Get the mod here./se version

6. Community Overlay 3: Bodypaints, Warpaints, and Tattoos

A character with new body paint on multiple body parts creating a unique look. 

There are a ton of bodypaint textures available for Skyrim, and they range from perfectly lore-friendly to modern-day tattoo styles. I would say this mod has a little bit of both. These allow for your characters to look exceptionally unique for each and every playthrough! 


  • 20 new overlays, with some featuring multiple layers making them even more customizable 
  • Many different styles/ different themes, you’re bound to find one you want to try out 
  • Versions for UNP and CBBE body replacers, and supports characters of all genders

Get the mod here./se version

5. Shieldmaiden Muscle Slider: Beastmaiden Edition

A few different levels of muscle tone available for your character.

Your female characters have been swinging around those heavy two-handed weapons… they should be able to have the muscle to show for it! This mod allows you to use the weight slider in Racemenu to change the muscle tone of female characters.


  • UNP body replacer support (no CBBE unfortunately) 
  • Supports Argonian and Khajiit characters as well
  • Compatible with whatever skin textures you prefer

Get the mod here./se version

4. Wounds Overlays for Racemenu

A male Dragonborn with multiple wounds on his body. 

Does your character’s backstory include a huge scar from a past event? Did they get flung back from a hit from a dragon’s tail? This mod will allow you to reflect those wounds with many options to choose from. 


  • 13 incredibly detailed wound overlays accessible in Racemenu
  • Ability to edit the color of the wound: keep it red to look recent or make it grey to reflect a scar from the past
  • 2k textures, compatible with skin and body textures of your choice 

Get the mod here./se version

3. Scarified Dunmer - Overhauled

Examples of some of the scarification patterns available for male and female Dunmer. 

For those who love being fully immersed in as much lore as possible, Scarified Dunmer takes things to a new level! It adds many new complexion options (for Dunmer characters) that are modeled after the ritual scarification techniques seen in Morrowind. These are sure to add something cool for your Dunmer characters.


  • 36 combinations for female bodies, and 27 for male bodies
  • Age options for each pattern
  • 4k scaled normal maps

Get the mod here./se version.  

2. Freckles and Rough Skin Complexion

This character is showing off some of the new freckle textures in this mod. 

This mod greatly improves the textures for the different complexion options for your character. Choosing these complexion options in the vanilla game honestly just seemed to add more dirt textures to your character’s face. Now those freckles can be defined!


  • Replaces vanilla rough skin and freckles complexion types
  • 2k and 1k texture options available
  • Freckles for male characters are included as well 

Get the mod here./se version

1. True Faces: A Character Enhancement Project

A side-by-side comparison of a vanilla face and the improved variety this mod offers. 

Modders are always working to make Skyrim look like a current-gen game. True Faces is a mod focused on completely modernizing Skyrim’s aspects. The first part of the mod that has been released is focused on giving male characters new, hand-sculpted faces. The mod has more releases with other features planned. (The mod page says they are currently working on female faces.) 


  • New, realistic faces for humanoid male characters that naturally react to lighting 
  • Made to work easily with Total Character Makeover, but other mods may work just fine 
  • Characters now have more defined, realistic bone structures 

Get the mod here for SE. 

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