Top 10 Best Skyrim Mods For Roleplaying

Skyrim Mods For Roleplaying
It was at this moment, Boris decided that maybe his Sweet Roll wasn't that important to him...

Skyrim is an amazing game, whose multiple layers stand nicely on its own to any true RPG fan.

That being said, what if I told you, we could take all that to an entirely new level?

Please believe me, it’s especially true, if you add the10 mods listed here.

There are HUNDRED of excellent mods for Skyrim that do a host of things, this list only deals with the most RPG-centric ones, and does its best to avoid imbalancing or game-breaking ones.

So grab your sweetroll, milk-drinker, and pull the arrow out of your freakin' knee, here are the top 10 Skyrim mods for roleplaying.

10. Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

Something was afoot at the Riverwood Trader...

Did you ever feel like NPC's just fall flat for the most part? Immersive Citizens breathes life into those characters by enhancing the game's AI, in several cool ways by giving them more tools suited to their continued ability to function.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • Nearly doubles current amount of conversations for all citizens
  • Combat AI has been revamped to reflect a new "Survival Instinct", allowing NPCs to react in more realistic way.
  • Non-Combat AI has the NPCs reacting to weather, your relationships and occupations.

Get Immersive Citizens here

9. Landlord

It was here Belethor realized he couldn't talk his way out of not paying the rent...

What's one of the biggest displays of power outside of completely thrashing every single living creature? Why buying up businesses and bending the economy to your every whim, naturally. If it doesn’t sound like much, as you progress, it becomes something that just makes more and more sense - you’re a big deal, shouldn’t your station in the community reflect that too?

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • You can boost your properties' income, striking deals with the East Empire Company, by opening trade routes – and of course, this too has its price.
  • Discounts on goods (because membership has its privileges), as well as getting your "cut" of the business.
  • It allows another layer of interaction with vendors, and really lends itself to the feeling of a climb to power, as you build your financial empire as well.

Get Landlord here

8. Ars Metallica

Adrianne sings Eorlund's praises, but we all know she hates his guts....

If we're being honest, blacksmithing in the game is ok, but it needs a few things. Ars Metallica covers a good part of that wishlist, without just handing you every piece of equipment you want for no material costs (SHAME ON YOU [ME]). For all my Smiths and Smithsess (work with me here), this is the *cough* NON- CHEAT *cough* mod you want!

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • (Realistically) Provides smithing skill advancement while using the smelter and tanning rack, as well as when you are mining ores
  • Allows you to melt down equipment and certain items to create ingots so that you can use them to create other items
  • Allows you to forge arrows and lockpicks, which, in my opinion, should have been a no-brainer in vanilla

Get Ars Metallica here

7. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Sometimes, you say things to Lydia, and she can't believe she puts up with you....

Jumping back into further tweaking NPC interaction, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, does exactly what it sounds like. This will breathe life into so many interactions, and make you that much more likely to chat with a few more folks, along the way to Fus Ro Dah-ing the crap out of everything. This makes the world seem more “alive”.

How does this mod make roleplaying more fun?

  • For starters, it adds 5000 lines of voiced dialogue for more than 50 voice types, all in the original voices, as well as fully voiced follower dialogue now being supported for all 42 default voice types
  • You are now able to recruit several unique NPCs as followers after you complete their individual questlines. Of course people want to ride your coattails to greatness.
  • The rival system is touched up and now you will ALWAYS be treated as a rival by one, and as such, you will be unable to take advantage of any services they may offer.

Get Relationship Dialogue Overhaul here

6. Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim

Gaze upon a small sample of the beauty that awaits you....

Customization you say? Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim, I say. How about 400 brand new perks for Skyrim? Yes, please. Set aside the Vanilla Perk system for a completely expanded overhaul, that nails what it sets out to do. It will take you a moment to fully appreciate all the new shinies, but you will NOT be disappointed, you don’t lose anything you wanted and gain so much more.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • Broader customization in every tree
  • So many new and unique perks to choose from
  • This doesn't sound like much, until you're actually drooling at the screen firsthand

Get Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim here

5. Open Cities Skyrim

Yes, yes, but you don't NEED to wait outside the gates anymore, just walk in...

You know what breaks the flow and continuity of things? Freakin' load screens. But that is far from what else this brilliant mod does to your gaming experience.

This is a mod that you cannot fully appreciate by simply reading about it. It’s a case of you need to “feel” this, and it works very nicely.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • A return to the feel of "Morrowind" with no transitions walking in and out of cities, making travel feel seamless as you stride in and out of locations
  • This in turn allows you to get help (realistically) from gate guards, with potential assailants, including your dragon encounters
  • You have the option now to toggle on/off Oblivion Gates and Gate attendants themselves.

Get Open Cities Skyrim here

4. Open Civil War SSE

Is war really ever civil, no.  Is it fun? Incredibly so...

All that map and nothing to conquer? Oh not anymore, baby. Our number 4 brings you the ability to conquer and keep position at holds across Skyrim. Another way to “flex” in Skyrim that will add to your overall satisfaction, as you rise in power. I promise, with this and the Landlord mod, you just FEEL like more of a badass as a result.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • Adds a "command and conquest" facet to the game by allowing you to capture a hold, or defend one of your holds from enemy ambushes
  • Direct your troops and meet with your Field Commander and General to help sway the tide as you see fit
  • A must have for playing any dedicated soldier or conquerer

Get Open Civil War SSE here

3. Immersive Patrols SE

Get more patrols they said.  It'll be fun, they said....

The wilds and roads of Skyrim are comparatively quiet. However, adding this mod will increase the number of Stormcloak, Thalmor, Imperial and Dawnguard patrols, so much, you will wonder what it was like without all these patrols wandering the landscape. The game is set in a time of war - you are keenly more aware when you drop this mod in.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • Adds more Civil War battles to the game (see #4)
  • After Civil War quest is complete, it will disable the losing side's patrol and battle NPCs
  • Completing the Civil War questline will completely disable ALL NPCs of the losing faction, and then destroying the remaining camps will completely disable ALL Civil War NPCs

Get Immersive Patrols SE here

2. Become High King of Skyrim

Nothing to see here, just the High King, you may bow....

I am unsure if I actually need to explain this. You are the single most powerful force in Skyrim. Why is it you shouldn't be High King? Oh, that's right, you SHOULD be! So use this mod to rise to the epitome of benevolence / malevolence, and take all the sweet rolls for yourself! Or share, whatever.

How does this make roleplaying more fun?

  • For starters, you're the FREAKING HIGH KING OF SKYRIM.
  • As High King, you can promote, command, or punish any npc in a variety of ways. You also have the ability to start a war with the Thalmor.
  • You are able to drastically change the lives of any NPC through new dialogue and interactions as High King

Get Become High King of Skyrim here

And last but not least.....

1. Live Another Life

Now you can finally go get a life, seriously...

You want roleplay. You want immersion. You want REPLAY VALUE. You definitely want a fresh start in cool new way. You want Live Another Life. This is another mod where, you didn’t know you needed it, until you played it - you can begin to craft what is truly, your own story, from the very beginning now.

How does this make rolelplaying more fun?

  • Bypass that long-ass intro
  • Provides a series of multiple, intriguing starter options
  • Get your RP on from the jump, by selecting a beginning, best suited towards where you want YOUR tooncharacter to go

Get Live Another Life here

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