10 Movies Every Skyrim Player Should Watch

Feeling anxious after finishing Skyrim? Relive your Skyrim gaming days with these movies
Viking theme + destructive dragons = Skyrim. You’ll be “FusRoDah-ing” your way all throughout the game.

Relive your Skyrim gaming days with these movies

You’ve spent hundreds of hours completing all the main and side quests available in the game. You’ve joined every faction possible and also finished their specific missions. Still, you haven’t had enough.

Slouched in the couch, sifting each channel for noteworthy shows, you must be wondering, “Is there a Skyrim movie out there?” There are a number of movies and TV shows with great resemblance to the game and we’re here to present you with a list of movies like Skyrim.

10. Troy

 “Smile Hector, pretend I’m not about to gut you” – Achilles to Hector.

Oh, Troy. It’s like they shot the film in Solstheim itself. Littered with ruins, the unkind sands expand into the horizon like an endless ocean – ideal for a battlefield.

But army battles aren’t the spectacle of this movie. It’s the one-on-one battles that make it qualify as a Skyrim movie. Watching Hector and Achilles stab each other to death, glorifies how spectacular melee combat in Skyrim is. Axe to axe, sword to sword, parry after parry – skill will determine who will triumph.

Later in the game, you can become as invulnerable as Achilles, with the only way to defeat you is via lethal backstabbing, like Paris’ sucker arrow strike.

Orlando Bloom as Paris. He’ll either shoot your heart like Cupid or strike your heel like he did with Achilles.

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