[Top 15] Skyrim Best Wives To Marry (Ranked Good To Best)

A Marriage in the Temple of Mara

    So you want to play the dating game? Getting married is one of everyones major life events, and why should it be any different for the dragonborn? So what if you’re wandering the wilderness for months at a time, and frequently go into life or death situations with no idea when or if you’ll be back. I mean really, its not like your an assassin or a thief or something. Nope, just a fine, fine hero of the realm raising a couple kids and taking care of a woman.

    The spouse you choose to marry can have a measurable impact on your gameplay, whether through their aid as a follower, their services in training, the property they provide access to, their business, or, in some cases, the doors that they open. Marriage is usually facilitated by talking to an eligible bachelor or bachelorette while wearing an amulet of Mara. You then ask them three questions and… No, I’m joking. You do usually need to complete some sort of questline for them though, to gain their approval. Every eligible bachelorette listed will have instructions below on how to woo them. Also if you’re reading this to begin with, I’m working off the assumption you want something out of this and aren’t just marrying whoever catches your fancy. (Personally, Mjoll has my heart, she’ll protect me, and has a stronger sense of justice than I do.)

15. Sylgja

    Sylgja is a young and eager miner, with her own home to let you stay in. Romancing her is as easy as delivering a letter to her parents. She’s independent, and will continue life largely unchanged after your marriage. She really makes you feel like you’re just an addition to her life.

    As far as wives go, theres nothing wrong with Sylgja, but not a lot to gain from either. That said, she’s just an ordinary woman, doing ordinary people things, and theres something attractive about that.

    Why you should marry her:

  • She brings a kind, youthful energy to your life
  • Will let you stay in her home, you know she supports the vision
  • Cooks you home made meals

14.  Njada Stonearm

    Njada Stonearm is technically your ally, and also technically an eligible bachelorette. That doesn’t mean she likes you. Unfortunately, she has the condescending voice type, and the intent that goes along with it. She’ll teach you how to use a shield though, and she is an expert. Also if you like being bullied then… she’s got you. 

    Njada is a handy warrior, and the training is nice, but given that it seems like she doesn’t even like you, I’m not very enticed by the idea of having her around constantly. Plus imagine the emotional stunting of the children.

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • Shield training
  • A lethal companion
  • Can and will argue with you 

13. Aeri

    Aeri just wants the simple life. Run her mill, eat, marry the biggest warrior around, and adopt a couple kids. She owns her own home, and the mill. If hearthfire is installed she will also sell lumber. She can be a little serious, but shes just looking for stability. She doesn’t need you either, and that’s very attractive 

    Aeri will take care of you, and she’ll help you source lumber for building your new home together. All in all, she makes a pleasant stay at home wife.

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • Free firewood
  • Purchase lumber from her
  • May still provide 100 gold a day income
  • You can now access her home

12. Morwen

    Morwen is one of the only bachelorettes in Solstheim. Shes very independent, though unfortunately cannot be recruited as a follower. She’s a sensible, even tempered marriage candidate. 

    Morwen is a skilled fighter, but doesn’t adventure. She does have a home in Solstheim though, without paying a cent, and she’ll protect your kids.

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • Access to her home
  • A home cooked meal
  • A place to stay in solstheim
  • Able to protect your children

11. Taarie

    Taarie is a high elf merchant, who sells some of the nicest clothing in skyrim. She’ll keep you well dressed for all your political meetings, and only give you a little bit of attitude. She’s very independent, and frequently gives her unsolicited opinion on your outfit. Lets be honest, you need it.

    Taari will bring in some income, and if you like being bullied, again, she’s got you covered.

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • 100 gold a day income
  • Quick access to clothing
  • She is the only eligible high elf bachelorette in the game
  • Talks down to you 

10. Brelyna Maryon

    Brelyna is an independent young dark elf, striking out into the world on her own to study at the college of winterhold, where you’re most likely to meet her. College sweethearts, in this economy? Who could resist. She’s a skilled spellcaster, and will fight primarily from a distance, with summons and wards. She also shows fairly genuine concern for the dragon born.

    Brelyna is a skilled fighter. She’ll help you on your adventures, and can definitely take care of roaming bandits without you.

    Perks of marrying her:

  • A spell slinging wife
  • She’ll go on adventures with you
  • Can be recruited to the blades

    Ysolda runs a general shop in Whiteruns market place, and has a fairly upbeat personality. She’s not without secrets though. Eventually, you may uncover that she runs a black market sleeping tree sap operation after certain conditions have been met. So, if you’re in the mood for an enterprising criminal, maybe give Ysolda’s shop a visit. 

    Crime is very sexy, and seemingly it pays. She also owns property. This makes her a very strong contender.

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • 100 gold a day from her shop
  • Buys and sells things for you
  • Buys sleeping tree sap for 150 gold each
  • Access to her home

8. Camilla Valerius

    Camillas a shrewd business woman, and also heir to the riverwood trader, if her brother were to suddenly vanish. She’s already involved in a love triangle, so she might be cheating on you while you’re adventuring, but who really cares as long as the children are taken care of. You don’t own her. Or maybe you do, I think I’d need a lawyer for that one.

    Camilla is one of the more entertaining wives on the list. The question is constantly there, is she still courting with her lovers from riverwood? What message does this send to your kids? Either way, she’ll take care of the kids, take care of you, and sell your goods. She keeps you on your toes.

    Perks of marrying her:

  • 100 gold a day from her shop
  • Can buy directly from her
  • Full access to the shop, and adjoining rooms
  • Energetic

7. Aela the Huntress 

    Aela is one of the first characters you’ll meet in the game, assuming you follow the vanilla questline into Whiterun. If you find yourself getting distracted by passing rabbits, don’t worry, me too. You’ll run into her fighting a giant with her pack mates, and most likely get made fun of for not taking an active enough role even though you usually walk up to the fight as Vilkas is finishing it. Regardless though, Aela is one of the more capable followers in the game. This, alongside her training capacity, is why we’ve placed her near the top of the list.

    Aela’s a great follower, fighter, and trainer, but none of that’s dependent on your marriage. It just keeps her close by. At the same time, that makes it all that much greater. You improve eachothers lives.

    Aelas contributions to the cause:

  • Expert level archery training.
  • A ranged companion
  • Somebody who can protect your kids

    Muiri helps run the Hags Cure in Markarth. She’s a skilled apothecary, and one time assassination contractor.  She has a dark and sordid past. Overall, she’s probably quite lucky to be in the position she is. She has a certain mystique about her, and you have to wonder, how is this girl even alive?

    Passive income and some apothecary ingredients combined with access to the hags cure? The only way this could be better is if Muiri could train you. If you want to give an esoteric woman refuge from the cold, Muiri could use it.

    Perks of marrying her:

  • Purchase apothecary ingredients directly from her
  • Gain access to the Hags Cure
  • 100 gold a day passive income

    Mjoll is one of the most memorable people you’ll meet in riften. She’s confident, outspoken, and has an unyielding moral compass. Don’t tell her if you join the thieves guild, she might divorce you. She stays with her friend, and will also follow you out adventuring.

    Mjoll is a good fighter and follower, and having an early place to sleep is nice, but shes such an absolutist with her morals. Still though, she won’t bend to you just because you’re her partner, which is SO attractive.

    Benefits of marrying Mjoll

  • Access to her lodgings
  • A loyal sword at your back
  • Can be recruited to the blades
  • Somebody who tells you no


4. Borgakh the Steel Heart

    Borgakh is a revered fighter in the orc tribes, and the daughter of Larak, the chief of Mor Khazgur. She’ll keep you safe in the wilds, and slowly open up to you. You can pay her dowry, or convince her to leave the stronghold if you want her to be one of your followers. She can also be recruited to the blades when you’re rebuilding them.

    With the rare chance to become blood-kin, Borgakh is already a strong contender. The place to sleep she provides, and her strong combat skills as a follower bump her up even higher though. She’s also very lovable, and her ability to fight means you know she’s with you by choice. Plus, a slowburn romance? Take me now.

    Benefits of marrying Borgakh:

  • A capable fighter to watch your back
  • Her father will let you stay in his longhouse, which hopefully means he approves
  • Become blood-kin
  • Will join your dragon hunting cult

    Uthgerd is a proud nordic warrior, who’s completely ready to take care of herself in the world. A commanding presence, you shouldn’t dare challenge her, or insinuate she has an attitude. She can and will fight you. You might lose. But that’s also kind of hot. She has a grudge against the companions, and owns her own home.

    Having a capable warrior to take care of you at home and in the field beats out quite a bit else. Plus, attitude points. 

    Benefits of marrying her:

  • Access to her home
  • Top tier warrior follower
  • Sass

    Draevynea is a mage that serves an important purpose in Kynesgrove. She’s a little somber, and a bit lonesome, but makes a knowledgeable wife. She won’t go adventuring with you, but she does run her own business.

    Draevynea’s passive income, spell selling, and alteration training are all prime contenders, alongside having an early place to sleep. Emotionally though, she has one of the more unique personalities in the game.

    Why marry Draevynea:

  • She sells spells
  • 100 gold a day from her business
  • Training in alteration
  • Share her bed in the inn
  • She’s an introvert

    Ghorza is one of the more entrepreneurial marriage candidates. She runs her own business in Markarth, and is a top tier blacksmith. She spends almost all her time at the forge, training her apprentice. She will also train you. 

    Due to the combination of benefits, and the rare opportunity to become blood-kin, we ranked Ghorza at number one. Plus, she’s badass and runs her own business.

    Why Ghorza:

  • She can train you in smithing
  • Buys and sells weapons
  • 100 gold a day from her shop
  • Become blood-kin.


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