[Top 10] WoW Classic Hardcore Best Quest Reward Items

[Top 10] WoW Classic Hardcore Best Quest Reward Items
While leveling, you'll stumble upon items that are not supposed to be THAT strong. For a Hardcore run, these overpowered items might just save your life. Hold on to them.

10. Noggenfogger Elixir

Likely the most notorious consumable on this list, the Noggenfogger Elixir is both cool-looking and useful. Besides turning you into a skelly, it allows you to breathe underwater and gives you Slow Fall. Any seasoned player knows that underwater quests can be tricky, and the Slow Fall effect is a great lifesaver. The only reason it’s so low on the list is because you can only get it relatively late in your HC journey.

Noggenfogger Elixir Details:

  • Underwater breathing
  • Slow Fall
  • Looks sick

How To Get the Noggenfogger Elixir:

Both Alliance and Horde characters can complete the Noggenfogger quest chain. It’s easy and starts by speaking to Marin Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan, Tanaris. The quest requires you to be at least level 44. You’ll receive 5 Elixirs and the ability to purchase as many more as you wish.

9. Consecrated Wand / Gravestone Scepter

The reason low-level wands make it on this list is that they are incredibly useful for caster classes, especially Priests. They help them preserve resources and last longer in fights. 

The Gravestone Scepter is the stronger choice here, not only because of the damage output but because of the resistance in offers. It requires you to complete a very dangerous dungeon. So if you’re looking for a safer route, going with the Consecrated Wand is a great choice.

Consecrated Wand Details:

  • Deals 24.17 Nature damage per second
  • Alliance only

Gravestone Scepter Details:

  • Deals 29.00 shadow damage per second
  • +5 Shadow Resist
  • +1 Spirit

How To Get the Consecrated Wand:

Complete the quest series “Worgen in the Woods” by first speaking to Calor in Darkshire, Duskwood.

How To Get the Gravestone Scepter:

The reward for completing “Blackfathom Villainy”, the second part of “In Search of Thaelrid”. Start it by speaking to Dawnwatcher Shaedlass in Darnassus.

8. Bag of Marbles

The Bag of Marbles is a useful safety measure to have against dungeon bosses or any other elite mobs. And it’s the easiest item to get on this list!

This item will greatly increase your chances of survival in difficult 1-on-1 encounters But if you’re running dungeons, it’ll provide another layer of protection for your tank in instances where the boss hits like a truck.

Bag of Marbles Details:

  • Decreases the target’s chance to hit by 25% for 10 seconds
  • Only 10 charges per toon
  • Has a 1-minute cooldown
  • Alliance only

How To Get Bag of Marbles:

Alliance players can complete the Gold Dust Exchange quest in Goldshire, which is an extremely easy one, requiring you to deal with some Kobolds. 

7. Whipper Root Tuber

Similar to the Noggenfogger Elixir, this consumable item can be acquired later on in your run, but it’s damn worth it. The Whipper Root Tuber is an instant-cast heal that does not share a CD with your potions.

Whipper Root Tuber Details:

  • Restores 700-900 on use
  • 2-minute cooldown
  • Max stack is 20
  • Doesn’t share a CD with regular potions
  • How To Get Whipper Root Tuber:

How To Get Whipper Root Tuber:

This is a trickier one (but it’s worth it). You must first complete the Cleansing Felwood quest in Felwood. The NPCs for both factions are different. Then you need to acquire Cenarion Plant Salves that can be used at Corrupted Plants to claim Corrupted Whipper Roots. Turn these in, and you’ll have your Tubers! You can follow a more detailed guide here.

6. Swiftness Potion

The Swiftness Potion is an absolute MVP when it comes to escapability; however, it is relatively difficult to acquire in large quantities, as it’s made from a rare Alchemy recipe. However, you can acquire 6 from quests. They should last you up to 60 if you’re being careful. 

Swiftness Potion Details:

  • Increases run speed by 50% for 15 seconds
  • 2-minute cooldown
  • Shares CD with other potions

How To Get Swiftness Potion:

A recipe for Swiftness Potions drops from hundreds of mobs, especially in the Barrens. It’s rare but most players will see it drop.

Outside of professions, you can easily get 6 of them from Horde-only quests:

  • A Recipe For Death (Silverpine Forest)
  • Apothecary Zamah (The Barrens)
  • Elixir of Agony (Hillsbrad Foothills)

5. Slumber Sand

What if I told you that the last talent in the Survival Hunter talent tree is literally the same as this easy-to-get item? It would be a lie because Wyvern Sting is worse. Slumber Sand works similarly, giving you a mana-free get-out-of-jail-free card. 

You can use it for escaping, CC-ing an enemy while dealing with another, or even to deal with griefers if push comes to shove.

Slumber Sand Details:

  • Puts enemies to sleep for 20 seconds
  • 1 min cooldown

How To Get Slumber Sand:

You will receive 5x Slumber Sand when you complete the Horde-only quest  “A New Plague” in Brill, Tirisfal Glades. 

If you are Alliance, you can farm Magic Dust from Dust Devils in Westfall. Magic Dust’s effect is the same but lasts 10 seconds longer. Dust Devils are relatively rare, and they only drop the dust 14% of the time.

4. Linken’s Boomerang

This trinket is quite powerful, although it comes late in your HC run. It has an on-use effect that deals damage and either disarms or stuns your target. It may just save your life from a hard-hitting foe while adding to your burst. Not to mention, the quest that rewards this also provides you with an incredibly strong healing or spell damage off-hand and a fairly good tank main hand that looks pretty cool.

Linken’s Boomerang Details:

  • Use: Flings a magical boomerang toward the enemy dealing 113 to 187 damage
  • The effect has a chance to stun or disarm the target 

3-minute cooldown

How To Get Linken’s Boomerang:

This is one of the more difficult-to-acquire items on this list. It’s awarded at the end of a 13-part questline, which starts by interacting with a Wrecked Raft in the southeast of Un’Goro Crater. There’s a lot of walking back and forth, but it’s ultimately quite worth it.

3. Nifty Stopwatch

The Nifty Stopwatch is basically a Swiftness Potions every 30 mins. It’s an escape tool that’s invaluable and even mandatory for low-mobility classes like the Warrior, even allowing others like Druids to distance themselves from the enemy in order to root or kite them. Always have it off cooldown when questing in denser and more dangerous zones.

Nifty Stopwatch Details:

  • Increases run speed by 40% for 10 seconds
  • 30-minute cooldown

How To Get Nifty Stopwatch:

The Nifty Stopwatch is rewarded after completing a three-part questline called “This Is Going to Be Hard,” which you can start by talking to Lotwil Veriatus in northwestern Badlands. First, however, you must complete his quest “Coolant Heads Prevail” and its follow-up “Gyro… What?”

2. Really Sticky Glue

The Really Sticky Glue is an invaluable escape tool for a Hardcore run. Sadly it’s only available to Horde players. It’s an extremely potent targeted CC. Unlike Magic Dust, you may damage the rooted enemy, making it great for kiting more difficult fights.

It’s so useful, in fact, some guilds keep it for difficult raid fights.

Really Sticky Glue Details:

  • Renders the target unable to move for 10 seconds.
  • 1-minute cooldown
  • Only 10 per toon

How To Get Really Sticky Glue:

You must complete the Horde-only quest “A Solvent Spirit” in Sen’jin Village. It’s laughably easy for the utility it provides.

1. Light of Elune

The Light of Elune is a legend-worthy consumable because it’s essentially a Paladin Bubble that anyone can use, but only once per character. It’s the ultimate “oh crap” tool.

However, some players keep their Light of Elune for difficult dungeons with an excess of mobs.

Light of Elune Details:

  • Grants immunity to all damage and spells for 10 seconds
  • May only be used once

How To Get Light of Elune:

The item is a reward granted for completing the “Mage Summoner” quest, which you can start by speaking to Sentinel Velene Starstrike

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