[Top 15] GTA 5 Best Mods for Story Mode (2021 Edition)

GTA 5 Best Mods for Story Mode
Spider-Man takes a break from New York and pays Los Santos a visit.

The best story mode mods for GTA V.

We’re already halfway through 2021, and Grand Theft Auto V still remains among the most popular games out there. The game sold a whopping 20 million copies last year, seven years after its release. Factors that contributed to its popularity are the stunning visuals, compelling story, and online play that regularly rolls out content. Another thing that makes GTA V still very playable today is its ability to get modded in many different ways, from superhero mods to exploring  cities from old Grand Theft Auto titles. Below are the best GTA V mods for Story Mode.

15. Spider-Man Mod

A tribute to one of the best exclusives to come out for the PS4, this mod allows players to swing all over the city of Los Santos as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

  • Reskins your character into Spider-Man
  • Web-slinging abilities
  • Lets you climb buildings like a spider can
  • Has some of his gadgets from Sony’s Spider-Man game

14. Simple Zombies

If you’ve ever wanted to turn GTA V into a survival horror game, this is the perfect mod for you. 

  • Shoot and kill zombies instead of your regular pedestrians/cops/gangbangers
  • Works really well with the game considering its commitment to providing players with an entire plethora of weapons
  • New systems such as a hunger and sleep gauge are added for more challenging survivability

13. GTA5Korn Car Pack

The game already has a lot of vehicles to offer you such as trucks, boats, & supercars. The GTA5Korn Car Pack adds a ton of vehicles to the game, perfect for players who spend way too much time in Los Santos Customs.

  • Adds real-life cars to the game, from classic Chevy cars to Lamborghinis
  • Perfect for GTA V’s car enthusiasts 

12. LSPD First Response

One of the GTA V’s most fun and popular mods, LSPD First Response puts you in the shoes of a law enforcer as opposed to playing GTA as a criminal. 

  • Play as a police officer, complete with uniform, vehicle, etc. 
  • Different police uniforms available
  • Arrest violators of the law 
  • Chase down criminals and other bad guys

11.  Benny’s Original Motorworks

Benny’s Original Motorworks is a custom shop that came with the GTA Online: Lowriders Update. This feature, however, was not included in single player mode, at least not until this mod was created.

  • Allows access to Benny’s Original Motorworks in single player mode
  • Has essentially the same features Los Santos Customs offer, with a couple exceptions
  • Only select vehicles can be modified in Benny’s Original Motorworks
  • Provides modifications not found in Los Santos Customs, usually lowrider-type and retro mods


10. Omni-Man

Superhero TV shows are extremely popular nowadays. Invincibles is one of the best animated superhero shows to come out this year, and this mod pays homage to the show’s villain.

  • Lets you wreak havoc in Los Santos as Omni-Man
  • Complete with his abilities such as flight, super strength, invincibility, etc.


9.  Superman

Speaking of superheroes, no conversation about them can be had without the very embodiment of the concept, the most iconic, recognizable superhero, Superman.

  • Players can roam the city of Los Santos as Superman
  • Boasts Superman’s iconic arsenal of flight, super strength, heat vision, freezing breath,  etc.


8. The Gang

What’s Los Santos without gangs? They were an integral part of one of Grand Theft Auto’s previous titles, San Andreas, and they also had a role in GTA V, specifically with Franklin’s character. 
Introduces various gang activities to the game 

  • The presence of gangs is more prominent in the more “hood” areas of Los Santos
  • Gang members can be recruited (like players were allowed to before in San Andreas)
  • Gangs also have jobs/quests for the player


7. Fleeca Bank Heists

Bank robberies are commonplace in both GTA V and GTA Online. However, they are only able to be conducted in missions and heists. This mod lets you rob banks outside of these scenarios, and doesn’t really seem out of place, as it’s pretty consistent with the crime theme of basically every Grand Theft Auto game ever.

  • Lets you rob different Fleeca as a side activity as opposed to a mission/heist
  • If you loved the heist missions and want more similar activities then this mod is for you

6. Vice Cry Remastered

Vice City is one of, if not, the best GTA game ever released, the city however is yet to be explored in a game for the last two generations. If you're curious as to how a current-gen GTA game set in Vice City may look (those GTA VI rumors), then you should definitely not miss on what this mod has to offer.

  • Lets you explore the Vice City map
  • Building interiors are also available
  • That Vice City nostalgia


5. Las Venturas and San Fierro

Another one on this list that’s a shoutout to previous GTA titles, San Andreas is the game that introduced us to the sprawling city that is Los Santos. This game however, had three different cities available on the map combined with countryside, desert, and mountain areas as opposed to GTA V only having Los Santos, Blaine County, and Grapeseed, despite being bigger than San Andreas’ map in terms of area.

  • The huge world of GTA V just got more explorable 
  • Lets you visit the cities from GTA: San Andreas, San Fierro and Las Venturas
  • With visual updates, San Fierro and Las Venturas just look stunning and will make you nostalgic for one of the best games you’ve ever played


4. Chaos Mod

This mod adds about 270 different effects to your GTA V experience, adding to all the crazy stuff the game already gives you.

  • Different events can be triggered affecting the world around you
  • Events like thick fogs, giving you an RPG out of nowhere, randomly exploding vehicles, etc.
  • Dials up the fun and insanity to max levels
  • Extremely enjoyable, but also makes the game extremely difficult


3. Working Restaurants 

Being able to order food in restaurants was a feature in GTA: San Andreas but sadly missing in Grand Theft Auto V. The fast-food establishments still exist in the game, they just aren’t accessible. 

  • Lets you order in different restaurants in the game
  • Eating in restaurants restores health
  • While not a feature in this mod, it sure brings back memories of CJ puking after eating too much


2. Millennium Falcon

A pop culture icon, from one of the most successful and popular film franchises ever, this mod lets you fly Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon right above the Los Santos cityscape.

  • Has working rockets and landing gear
  • Perfect for all the Star Wars fanatics
  • Hyperspace skipping not included
  • Galaxy, far, far away not included either


1. Grand Theft Space

This is a GTA V mod that takes you well outside Los Santos, outside the US, outside the earth and far into space. 

  • Puts your character in a spacesuit
  • Lets you explore space
  • Different planets are available to be explored
  • These planets have different ground textures, backgrounds, etc. for a more visually engaging experience
  • Complete with space shuttles, aliens, rovers for that off-world experience



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