[Top 5] Marvel's Avengers Best XP Farm Methods

Time to level up, Avengers.

Want to have max level heroes quick? Follow this guide.

5. Up From The Depths

Up From The Depths video.

The method is quite easy and it will only take at least an hour to get your heroes to level 50. The method requires you to have the Black Widow iconic mission, Up From The Depths. Start the mission and defeat the first Adaptoid you see in the map. The Adaptoid gives the player a lot of XP compared to a regular Adaptoid, and once defeated, restart from the checkpoint and repeat the process.

The method has no specific name. It’s simply referred to by the mission where you need to farm XP.


4. Young Avenger

Young Avenger video.

The method requires a bit of effort and a specific minor artifact. It’s also meant to grind Champion XP, but it works for normal XP. First off, you need to get the Norn Stone of Golden Gifts artifact, because the first perk, Prismatic Catalyst, grants 5% XP increase from all sources. The artifact can be obtained from vault missions in regular chests. If you are unable to get one after opening all chests, simply restart the mission until you do.

Once you have the artifact, proceed to the mission, Young Avenger. Play through the mission until the area before the final boss, where you need to defeat all enemies in the area. Once you do defeat all enemies, you will receive 2k+ Champion XP. Simply restart from checkpoint, and repeat the process.

The method has no specific name, as do most farm methods, and is simply named after the mission where you need to farm XP.


3. Day of the Remains

Day of the Remains video.

The method takes longer to do, but is just as rewarding as you also gain gear to not only level up your XP, but also your gear. The method does not require much but having the Day of the Remains mission unlocked. This mission grants a lot of XP once completed, as well as gear. However, this is time consuming, as it will take your more than two hours to fully level up both XP and gear, but the rewards make it worth it.

The method has no specific name attached, so it is simply just the title of the mission you must complete.


2. Destroy the Server or Turbine Objectives

Destroy the Server or Turbine Objectives video.

The method is considered quite repetitive, but all XP farms are like that. This, however, requires you to repeat a process for hours on end. To start, you will need a Hero Catalyst XP booster. The XP boosters are not hard to get, and can be obtained through shipments for 500 Units if they appear. Use the XP booster and jump into mission that require you to destroy servers or turbines.

The trick here is to defeat all enemies first before attacking the server or turbines. Once the server or turbines are damaged enough, more enemies will spawn, Stop attacking the server or turbines and focus on the enemies. Once the enemies are defeated once again, attack the server or turbines and repeat the process.

The method has no specific name, so it is simply called by the objectives you need to do.


1. Hive Missions

Hive Missions video.

The method is by far the longest out of the list, but the rewards make it worth it. Due to the XP rework back in March 2021, powerful enemies drop more XP. So what’s the place where powerful enemies reside in? Hive missions. The great thing about this method is that you get a lot of powerful gear while leveling up your characters, making the efforts worth it. You can level up your characters to max in just two to three hours max.

The method has no specific name, so it is titled by the missions you have to do.

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