10 Best Marvel Snap Cards With the Highest Power To Use With Taskmaster

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Taskmaster is a well-known Marvel villain/anti-hero. His super power lets him copy virtually any move and ability he sees. This is translated to Marvel Snap where Taskmaster copies the power of your previously played card.

Since he is a 5-cost card, most of the time you’re going to play a strong card and finish the game off with Taskmaster that will copy the power of the previously played card. There’s a lot of skill necessary in building a balanced deck with Taskmaster and they usually have a lot of strong cards that can be targets for his attack. 

10.Black Bolt


Black Bolt is an interesting way to get rid of a card in your opponent’s hand and get 8 power on your side of the board. His effect will discard a card in your opponent’s hand with the lowest cost.

He’s mostly played in Discard decks, but you can run him virtually anywhere if you value disrupting your opponent’s combos. He’s a reliable 8 power card that Taskmaster can copy.



Abomination is a card without an effect, but it will always give you reliable 9 power on board. There are certainly cards that are more efficient than Abomination, but he’s a good play if you don’t want to run cards like Gamora or Doctor Octopus which can negatively impact you.

There’s not much more to be said about Abomination. You can copy his power with Taskmaster for another 9 power, but you’re probably better off playing something like Hulk on the last turn.



Death is currently the card with the highest original cost in the game. Her effect makes her cost 1 less for each card you’ve previously destroyed. Destroy decks can easily make her cost 0 by turn 6 which lets you play her for free.

It may be a little difficult to destroy 9 cards in every game and get the most of Death’s effect, but it can certainly be worth it. On turn 6, you can play death for free (or for 1 energy) and play Taskmaster right after her. This will give you 2 cards that have 12 power, which is always useful.

7.Doctor Octopus


Doctor Octopus is a card with a lot of power that can either screw-up your opponent's hand or a location for them. Doctor Octopus’ effect lets him pull out 4 cards from your opponent's hand to the location that he’s played at. This is a great way to disrupt your opponent’s turn 6 plays.

Whether you want to lose location on purpose by pulling out 4 cards from your opponent’s hand to disrupt their further combos, or you want to play Doctor Octopus on an already full location, he’s sure to bring in a lot of value. He has 10 power, so Taskmaster is a great next play for you if 10 more power can win you the game.



Gamora has a good amount of power even if you miss her effect, but she becomes incredibly strong if you predict your opponent’s moves correctly. Her On Reveal effect gives her +5 power if your opponent has played a card on the same location that turn.

This means that you can get 12 power from playing a 5-cost card. It’s not too difficult to correctly assume where your opponent will play his card at turn 5, so you can reliably increase her power. Taskmaster will of course copy her 12 power if she’s powered up, which gives you amazing value.



Venom is a card that can grow to a lot of power if you set him up properly. His effect will let him destroy all of your cards on a location and add their power to Venom. He can grow to insanely large power that Taskmaster can copy.

Since you’ll probably be running a lot of destroy cards with Venom, you may be able to play Death and absorb her power as well as the other cards on that location. Once your Venom is big, you can just play Taskmaster to copy his power and probably win another location.

4.Typhoid Mary


Typhoid Mary is a cheap card that has a lot of power, but also a negative effect. Her effect gives all of your other cards -1 power, which can really hit hard if you’ve played a lot of cards.

To avoid this negative effect you’ll probably want to be playing Luke Cage as well since he doesn’t let your cards get their power reduced. Typhoid Mary has a very good synergy with Taskmaster since you can play her on turn 4, and straight after that copy her 10 power with Taskmaster.

3.She Hulk


She Hulk is a great utility card that lets you save up your energy from previous turns. She’s going to cost 1 less for each energy that you haven’t spent last turn. Her effect is a great way to play more than one big card on the last turn.

If you skip your 5th turn, you can play her and Taskmaster both on the 6th turn which will let you have +10 power on 2 locations. This combo is slightly better than using Infinaut, especially since the opponent will most likely expect Infinaut on a single location while you can diversify your power and sneakily win the game.

2.Black Panther


Black Panther can become a very big beatstick if used in combination with other cards. His On Reveal effect doubles his power whenever he’s played. This can lead to you having an insanely big Black Panther if you build a deck around him correctly.

Black Panther is most often used in combination with Wong and Anim Zola, but you can’t play both Anim Zola and Taskmaster. If you play Wong and Black Panther after him, you can finish the game with a Taskmaster that will copy Black Panther’s 16 power.

1.Red Skull


Red Skull is a card with a negative effect and a LOT of power. His effect gives +2 to all enemy cards at his location. This negative effect is rather easy to avoid, since at turn 5 you should play Red Skull on a location that your opponent didn’t fill up too much.

It’s also worth noting that you will want to play Zero as well to negate the effect of Red Skull if you’re able to. Luckily, Taskmaster will only copy the power of the card and not the negative effect as well. So you can reliably play 2 cards with 15 power in succession and hopefully win the game.

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