Top 10 Best Batman: Arkham Knight Wallpapers

Best Batman: Arkham Knight wallpapers
Batman looks over Gotham City

Here Are The 10 Best Arkham Knight Wallpapers

This Article contains Spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight. Proceed with caution.

Even though it has been nearly four years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, the game, and the franchise are still widely discussed, especially with the recent rumors of a new installment. In this article, I will examine 10 cool wallpapers that spawned from what was thought to be the finale of the Arkham series, along with some tidbits about what’s featured in the image. If you’re bored with your current wallpaper and are seeking a new one that features Batman, his allies, or his world, or you want to learn facts about the characters, check these out:

1. Batman and his allies

Batman, Robin and Nightwing, ready for battle

Batman, Robin and Nightwing stand on a rooftop, ready for battle. 

Despite what most of the film incarnations would lead you to believe, Batman does not always work alone. Though he does not always work well with them, he has gathered a menagerie of allies over the eight decades since his inception.

This image from Batman: Arkham Knight showcases the Arkham universe incarnation of the Bat-Family, which is considerably smaller in number than the comic version. Displayed in the image are Batman, with Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who grew up to become Nightwing; and Tim Drake, the third Robin, who was smart enough to deduce the Dynamic Duo’s identities and convince Batman that he needed a Robin, even after the death of Jason Todd.

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2. Batgirl

Batgirl: crouched, alone, and ready for battle. 

Left out of the boys club in the previous image, Batgirl still has a presence in Arkham Knight. In the main story, she is Oracle, the wheelchair-bound tech-whiz that was ripped off to create Felicity on Arrow.

Batgirl is playable in Arkham Knight in both the AR challenges and the DLC A Matter of Family, where she teams up with Tim Drake to rescue her father from the Joker- though she actually does most of the work herself. In this image, she stands (or crouches) alone, ready to kick some ass, showing that though she’ll work with the men of the Bat-Family, she doesn’t need them watching her back.

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3. Batman

Batman, the Dark Guardian of Gotham

This wallpaper shows off the Arkham Knight Batsuit, showcasing the Dark Knight in all his gliding glory.. It also showcases the state of Gotham in Arkham Knight.

It also contrasts the first wallpaper, where he has his allies with him. Despite their presence in the game, Batman does spend most of his time trying to keep them away from the situation in Gotham. Though he works better with allies, Batman would rather fly solo than admit that he needs help.  

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4. The Batmobile

The Batmobile, now upgraded with more weapons than ever

Though it made appearances in the first two games in the Arkham series, Arkham Knight finally lets the player drive the Batmobile, which has been upgraded from the more traditional vehicle seen in the first two games to a beast of a tank.
It’s lucky the city has been abandoned, because this thing is hard to control, and would likely mow over any civilians in its way. The best thing about the Batmobile’s inclusion is how easy it makes it to get around the city. The worst: Tank battles.

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5. The Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight is not alone. He's got a heavily-armed militia on his side. 

The Arkham Knight, along with Scarecrow is the main villain of Arkham Knight (who would’ve guessed? It’s in the title). Though his identity wasn’t much of a surprise to many people, the backstory provided is an interesting twist on the classic A Death in the Family arc.

In this universe, Jason Todd never died, but was kept alive, and twisted into becoming a militia leader. His vendetta against Batman is less about not killing the Joker and more about his misconceived notion that Bruce left him to die. This image shows off the armored Arkham Knight look, as well as the force he brings with him- a force to be reckoned with.

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6. BvS

Tell me, do you bleed? You will

Opinions vary on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (to say the least), but I will fight anyone that says it does not have the best onscreen Batsuit. Say goodbye to clunky armor, rubber, and/or nipples.

The suit Ben Affleck wore in his debut was straight off the page grey-and-black, with a big bat emblem that you can actually see (looking at you, Nolan).

This wallpaper showcases the game’s rendering of the suit, which I’ve used for my entire playthrough of the game instead of the default suit.

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7. The Red Hood

When the Joker wore this number, it was more flashy maitre'd than motorcycle fetish. Kids today, huh?

Unlike Batman and most of his allies, Jason Todd is not afraid to use lethal force. In the Post-Game, he also embraces his comic identity as the Red Hood, abandoning the armor of the Arkham Knight for a more traditional look. This wallpaper shows off the new look and the lethal force that the Red Hood extends to his enemies.

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8. The Man Wonder?

Tim Drake, the third Robin is the closest Batman has to an equal.

Though I really like the suit Robin wears in Arkham Knight, I’m not the biggest fan of the face sculpt, because it often makes Tim look like he’s in his thirties. Though it’s never said outright how old he’s supposed to be, he’s referred to as a “boy” in Arkham City, Arkham Knight only takes place nine months later. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s somewhere in his twenties. Despite this inconsistency, Robin is ready to take on Gotham’s scum.

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9. Nightwing

Nightwing. The First Robin. Defender of Blüdhaven

After leaving Batman, Dick Grayson struck out on his own as Nightwing, eventually becoming the protector of his own city, Blüdhaven. In Arkham Knight, he joins Batman on a series of missions to help take down the Penguin.

At the same time, he kind of gets the short straw, as, for some reason, Barbara Gordon is about to marry Tim Drake, when she is traditionally paired romantically with Dick. Either way, this Nightwing wallpaper showcases him armed with electrified escrima sticks, his weapon of choice, posed and ready to take down the baddies

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10. Menagerie

the heroes and villains of Batman: Arkham Knight

This wallpaper showcases most, but not all of the villains present in the game, as well as Batman and his allies (See #1) in a mash-up. If you can’t pick just one image from Arkham Knight, this is the wallpaper for you.

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