Mobile Legends All Roles Explained (And How To Play Each Role)

Heroes of Different Roles

1. Support

Support hero pool

Heroes who’ve always got your back. With unmatched dedication, support heroes' role is to stay by their teammate's side to contribute their powers in keeping their mates alive. Healing, buffs, crowd control, and soaking up damage is their work and they will do it anytime to ensure their team’s victory.

Support heroes do not sound as dazzling and exciting as the other roles, but judge them not since these heroes can literally make or break your play in a team fight. Watch how they use their skills to cancel out enemy combos, disable enemy setups, and keep you alive with your remaining thread of HP by providing heals.

An interesting set of heroes not really in the front lines but sending their support from the side lanes.

Support’s Responsibilities:

  • Provide vision and control enemies
  • Contribute sustainability to team
  • Protect and baby the team's damage dealers
  • Provide support to the team throughout the map
  • Adjust support based on team play

How to play Support:

1. Select a suitable hero to counter the enemy

2. Choose an early lane

3. Get roaming equipment if necessary

4. Support your major damage dealers but keep an eye on the map for other members

5. Provide assistance in objective takes like bush checking and enemy control

6. Call shots to your team as you focus on the map data

7. Give last hits to your teammate to increase their gold income

8. Be there for your teammate who needs an extra hand

Pick Support if:

  • You have high map awareness
  • Don’t like high-pressure heroes
  • Not into team fights or high-skill plays
  • Want versatile or utility heroes in your hands
  • You are a team player who enjoys teamwork instead of solo strategies
  • You have a high awareness of your surroundings and you can provide input to your team

Heroes suitable for support role:

  • Angela
  • Estes
  • Lolita
  • Carmilla
  • Diggie


2. Tank

Bulky tanks hero pool

The heroes dive head first into the battlefield charging their way into enemy territory to give their team much-needed map intel. These are the hardy and sturdy tanks of the game. The heroes are assigned to act as a wall that protects their team or a sponge that soaks up all the enemy damage thrown at them. Big and bulky units that show you they can take you and your whole team on.

A massive presence in the arena, they may not be the most damage-heavy heroes in the game but they can sure bulldoze your team’s way to victory! Never fret with a tank by your side, they will handle the team's defenses while everyone else dishes out their heavy-hitting attacks. They are the epitome of taking one for the team.

Tank’s Responsibilities

  • Initiate team fights
  • Absorb enemy dealt damage
  • Create kill opportunities
  • Engage enemy team and direct team formation ensuring clash
  • Disrupt enemy formations
  • Cast setups and crowd control

How to play Tank:

  • Roam to give your team a better economy
  • Initiate and engage in team fights and set up the battle for your team by using your crowd-control abilities
  • Check bushed to ward off enemies and roam around the map to give vision
  • Equip DEF items to protect your teammates especially the marksman
  • Engage jungle objectives and secure the area for your team

Pick Tank if:

  • You enjoy setting up the playing field for your team
  • You like crowd control abilities and are efficient at using them
  • Enjoy being the initiator and frontline for the team
  • Want to support the team by taking the damage
  • Prefer supportive playstyle rather than combative roles

Heroes suitable for Tank role:

  • Khufra
  • Atlas
  • Grock
  • Johnson
  • Uranus


3. Mage

The fantastic mages of Mobile Legends

Known as the show stealers, these majestic heroes flaunt their skills in the arena with the utmost finesse. They strut in the middle lane and wave their skills and abilities around disabling opponents' early-game strategies. These heroes are crucial in the gameplay. Yes, they are squishy and easy to target, but they compensate with their amazing burst damages and utility abilities. They will show you just how their magical prowess is as good as brawns can get… if not more!

Heroes with crowd control, pokes, and heavy-hitting bursts, these heroes are to look out for. They make the middle lane their territory and handle a huge part of the map, despite being weak pushers or 1v1 units, these heroes will definitely not disappoint during team fights. They are the midlane menaces and ones you should never underestimate.

Mage’s Responsibilities

  • Control enemies
  • Zone out enemies with pokes
  • Cast high burst damage
  • Contribute utility
  • Clear middle lane waves
  • Assist throughout the map

How to play Mage

  • Clear your mid-lane waves
  • Poke enemies treading the mid lane while staying at a safe position, its easy to gank mages since the mid lane is convenient to visit
  • Pay attention to the map and join team fights, induce pokes and crowd control to crucial enemy heroes
  • Position yourself in a safe spot usually behind melee heroes and tanks so you can cast your skills safely in a distance
  • Use bushes to surprise enemies with quick burst downs

Pick Mage if:

  • You love controlling team fights and backing up teammates
  • Enjoy casting crowd control to immobilize specific enemies
  • Dominate the middle lane and showcase your abilities throughout the map
  • Love to deal burst damage
  • Enjoy being a damage dealer without being too flashy with your moves

Heroes suitable for Mage role:

  • Lunox 
  • Lylia
  • Pharsa 
  • Zhask
  • Kagura


4. Fighter

The kings and queens of close combat

The all-rounders of the group, these heroes can handle a multitude of roles. Nimble tanks with the mobility of modern-day ninjas Need a defender? They got you! A damage dealer, a crowd controller, or an overall AoE blaster? These units will not disappoint. These heroes are versatile and can adjust to whatever role you need them to fill. These are often picked as flex roles since they can handle the tasks of a jungler, an EXP laner, and sometimes even a tank.

Their skillset is game-changing, offering a combination of attacks that allows them to be the best duelers in the game. These heroes however big or small they look always pack a punch and they are usually blessed with abilities that allow them to pick their targets and let all hell loose on their chosen adversary. Awesome heroes with high-skillcaps, a favorite among freestyle players!

Fighter’s Responsibilities:

  • Handle 1v1’s
  • Engage fights
  • Pick off crucial enemy members
  • Push lanes and destroy turrets
  • Assist tank or take on tank role when tank is not present
  • Engage ganks

How to play Fighter:

1. Depending on the hero and lane opponent, adjust your equipment so you can dominate your lane

2. Maintain control over your lane

3. Push lane turrets

4. Join objective takes when the jungle is near your side

5. Visit the mid lane but keep track of your lane opponent and minion waves

6. Dish out heavy damage during team fights and sustain damage if the tank is unavailable

7. Split push, take down unmanned enemy turrets

8. Steal enemy jungle monsters to increase team gold

Pick Fighter if:

  • You enjoy working solo on your lane
  • Have your own strategies that do not require your team
  • Love combative playstyles and duels with the opponent
  • Want a versatile hero that can handle multiple tasks like deal damage, tank incoming attacks, and take down turrets

Heroes suitable for Fighter role:

  • Aldous
  • Chou
  • X.Borg
  • Leomord
  • Thamuz


5. Marksman

Late game dominators

The late-game machine guns. These glass cannons are the squishy heroes that need to be fed well in the game so they can turn the tide around when the going gets tough in the late game. These heroes are often left alone to farm for gold in the early game so they can complete their equipment. Their ranged and high-damage attacks are perfect for farming jungle monsters or taking down enemies, garnering additional gold for the team.

Their damage output is outstanding in the laning phase where they can quickly take down turrets when unmanned. These heroes are also early-game targets to prevent them from snowballing, either way, marksman heroes are ones to look out for, they are hard to counter when they are well supported by their team and equipment.

Marksman’s Responsibilities:

  • Push turrets fast
  • Farm for gold and experience early
  • Deal ranged damage during teamfights
  • Carry team damage during the late game
  • Backdoor push

How to play Marksman

1. Farm early in the game, take as much jungle as you can without stealing any from your core

2. Try to steal the enemy side jungle like the gold crab

3. Make sure you clear and last hit every minion in your wave

4. Poke your enemy marksman, but stay in your turret if they are stronger in the early game

5. Have map awareness and join team fights and objective takes

6. Position yourself at a safe location and deal damage from a distance

7. Kite efficiently to increase survivability

8. Push turrets, your high damage can take them down fast

9. Lay low in the early but start to play aggressively in the late game since you can now be the main damage dealer

Pick Marksman if:

  • You prefer ranged damage
  • Like to carry the game when the game gets long
  • Love to deal high explosive damage
  • Like unparalleled pushing abilities
  • You are good with positioning and kiting

Heroes suitable for Marksman role:

  • Granger
  • Wanwan
  • Claude
  • Kimmy
  • Karrie


6. Assassin

Burst em down type of heroes

The kings and queens of map control and objectives! These heroes with their swift movements and impeccable abilities are the masters of infiltration, they will take on the enemy side of the ma to provide vision and control to their team. Their high damage skills and high skill cap make them a favorite among veteran players who want to showcase their game mastery and strategic thinking.

These heroes dominate the game at any point by strategically taking kills and targeting crucial enemy heroes to paralyze the enemy team. They are also usually assigned to take Turtles and Lords with their swift abilities that allow them to quickly engage and disengage in battles. They are sought after due to their abilities and unparalleled burst damages. They are often the core of teams who carry up until the midgame before they bestow their crowns to the marksman for the late game. They keep the game interesting and make sure that no mage or marksman is ever safe in the arena.

Assassin’s Responsibilities:

  • Farm the jungle
  • Gank opponents especially squishy ones
  • Give team map control and visibility by roaming around
  • Take down high-priority targets
  • Deal heavy burst damage to enemies in sight

How to play Assassin:

1. Farm early if you are assigned as the jungler

2. Steal enemy jungle if possible

3. Get to level 4 fast and eliminate enemies to snowball your team

4. Assassinate high-priority targets such as enemy damage dealers to impair the enemy team

5. Always check the map for possible pickoffs and boiling team fights

6. Know when to escape, assassins are high-damage heroes but are fairly squishy, always know when to pull back

7. Roam around and take unaware enemies to gain kills for your team

Pick Assassin if:

  • Like to pick off high-priority enemies like the major damage dealers
  • Want to be the core of the team
  • Have high precision and high skill
  • Enjoy fast-paced gameplays
  • Want remarkable KDA
  • Love to show off your abilities and skills as a gamer
  • Want to handle major in-game objectives

Heroes suitable for Assassin role:

  • Ling 
  • Gusion 
  • Hayabusa 
  • Natalia
  • Helcurt

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