The 10 Best LOL Champions for Kills

Best LOL Champions for Kills
Winning is fun, but getting kills in League is more fun

The 10 Best LOL Champions To Destroy Your Enemies With

Ever been in a League of Legends match where your health bar disappeared so fast you wondered if you were put in SKT’s shoes at the 2017 World Championships? Or have you ever been so tilted that you just needed the gratification of easily acing an enemy team? Well prepare yourself for a double, triple, quadra or pentakill when you give some these League of Legends champions a shot.

These champions are some of the best for obliterating enemies in the blink of an eye. With an assortment of tanks, mages, carries, and more, these multi-kill champions offer a palette of playstyles that you can try out.

10. Malphite

Malphite provides crowd control and damage

Malphite is the rock and the hard place, dealing massive damage as he flies in with his ultimate, Unstoppable Force. He’s very good building full ability power or going tank. With either build, he can catch multiple enemies unaware and hit them for maximum damage. Get him a Rod of Ages early so he can get a boost of health and mana to keep him from dying immediately once he ults in. A Zhyona’s Hourglass is also a great item on him because the AP and armor increase the damage on Ground Slam and Brutal strikes, while helping him live longer. Once the Shard of Monolith gets big and tanky or full of AP, get ready to rock n’ roll past the competition.

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