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Persona 5 Royal all romances confront Joker
Proceed with caution when choosing who to romance!

In Persona 5 Royal, you have 10 romance options. Some are much, much better than others, but it depends on a lot of things. Overall personality, looks, if you’re vain, and even the perks you get from raising and maxing out your social link with them. 

Unfortunately, you cannot date Akechi or any of your other bros, but this list of fine ladies will have to do. While you can date more than one woman, be careful! It can come back to bite you. Here are the 10 romance options ranked from worst to least.


10. Ichiko Ohya

I cannot imagine anyone actually wanting to romance Ohya. I could barely even finish her social link because spending time with her was so grating to me. Her social rank perks are helpful, but nothing necessary, giving me no desire to spend time with her. But, if you’re into creepy alcoholics that you think you can fix, maybe Ohya is for you! Why exactly an adult like her is going after our 17 year old Joker, I’m not sure. Hence why all of the adults will be lower ranked than people Joker’s own age. 

At least you also get to spend time with Lala Escargot, who should have been a confidant. Not as a romance option, though. 

How to get this romance:

  • Starting June 23rd, once you can travel to Shinjuku, you can meet Ohya in the Crossroads Bar.
  • There, you can start her Confidant and increase your social rank with her. She is available at nights in the bar.
  • In order to romance Ohya, you need to select certain options when spending time with her.
  • Rank 7: select "You're charming as you are."
  • Unlock, accept, and complete the request  "Fighting for Truth in Journalism."
  • Rank 8: select "I'll go with you."
  • Rank 9, during regular conversation before the romance prompt, choose "I can't leave you." Lastly, pick "I took it seriously." and "I love you, Ichiko."


9. Sadayo Kawakami

I also hate Kawakami’s entire plot line so much and the thought of romancing her disturbs me. The only reason she is higher than Ohya is because Kawakami actually has very useful perks upon increasing her social rank. 

Kawakami is your homeroom teacher that you meet at the start of your game. Come to find out, she also works as a maid in the evenings to make extra money. She offers you her services and the ability for extra time in classes to read, study, or make tools. I know a lot of people are into the maid thing, so here’s your chance!

My biggest concern with Kawakami as a romance option is the fact that we spend the first month in the game with a teacher who abuses and grooms students as our first antagonist. How can we then so easily cuddle up to Kawakami? At least she does have a better heart than Kamoshida. 

How to get this romance:

  • You cannot unlock Kawakami’s social link until May 24th at the earliest. You need to finish the second palace, then Ryuji and Mishima will suggest calling a maid service. 
  • Speak to Kawakami and Ms. Chouno the next day to help give her a positive impression. 
  • From then, you can call Kawakami on the phone at Leblanc to start the confidant, given your guts are at Staunch or higher. 
  • Increase your social rank by spending time with her. 
  • After rank 8, you’ll receive the quest “"A Teacher Maid to Suffer”. Complete this to continue the confidant.
  • You will be able to unlock your romance with Kawakami the next time you speak to her. When given the options, choose "I want to keep seeing you," followed by "I mean what I say.”


8. Chihaya Mifune

We’re getting a little better as we get into Chihaya territory. She’s a fortune teller with a rather scummy boss. After she scams us, we get to know her more and even help out her readings. It’s up to us to show Chihaya that no one’s fate is set in stone, ot if the Phantom Thieves can help it! I recommend maxing Chihaya’s confidant out even if you don’t romance her, just because the perks are so nice. If you want to date her, it’s an added bonus!

You might not like her when you first meet her because she just scammed you, but the more you learn about her past and the predicament she’s currently in, your heart will likely soften. Plus, she’s a bit of a self-admitted country bumpkin.

How to get this romance:

  • On or after June 22nd, after hearing a rumor about a fortune teller, you can meet Chihaya in Shinjuku.
  • Buy her Holy Stone for 100,000 yen.
  • Go back to speak with her sometime after buying the Holy Stone.
  • Unlock, accept, and complete the Mementos quest “Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse.” After that, you can finally unlock Chihaya’s confidant and romance her. 
  • Rank 6: Say, "You're just Chihaya to me."
  • After rank 7, you will have to complete another request, “Debunking the Psychic.”
  • After the request, select, "Hell yeah I am."
  • Lastly, on rank 9, choose, "So I can be with you,” and "I wanted to hear your voice too."


7. Tae Takemi

You know, Takemi is an adult, so I would personally never romance her as Joker, but I can definitely see the appeal. I know a lot of people like goths, plus she’s a doctor! Regardless of her reputation, she’s smart. It’s up to you to see past that cynical facade she puts on and find the core version of herself.

Originally, she honestly made me a little bit uncomfortable. But, the more you learn about her, her intentions for medicine, and more, you’ll understand her. Plus, she gives you a lot of great supplies for the dangerous shadows you and your friends encounter in the metaverse!

How to get this romance:

  • You can access Takemi’s clinic as early as April 18th, but your guts must be at least Bold. 
  • In rank 7, say, "We all do sometimes."
  • Ensure your charm is Charismatic to continue her social link.
  • Complete the “Bad Medicine” request.
  • When you’re on rank 9, select, "I love you." and "It isn't a joke."


6. Futaba Sakura

Finally, we’re at age appropriate romance options for Joker. However, Futaba has a more sibling-like relationship with him. In my eyes, at least. 

Futaba is smart, incredibly tech-savvy, and very, very, very shy and introverted. However, she manages to find comfort in public as long as you are right there with her. That’s a miracle, considering she’s been shut in her own room for a year. Given that they can confide in and find a safe space in each other, it makes sense why you might want to romance Futaba. Plus, she’s got that cute nerd vibe going on with her. 

How to get this romance:

  • Your social link with Futaba will automatically begin on August 31st. However, you need to have Kindness at Selfless to continue.
  • Continue to spend time with Futaba to increase your social rank with her.
  • After rank 7, complete the quest, "Daughter's Just a Meal Ticket."
  • On rank 9, select "Because I love you” to confess your feelings and romance Futaba.


5. Haru Okumura

As one of your teammates, Haru is kind, cute, a business owner, and has a powerful drive. Don’t let her soft voice fool you, she is very strong! In battle and in terms of will. Through her budding romance with you, she realizes she doesn’t just have to take the plate that’s handed to her. She will fight for what she wants, whether it’s for justice, the future of Okumura foods, or a better romantic partner. 

You can’t be any worse than her ex-fiance. Trust me.

The reason Haru is ranked 5th and not any higher is because, well, she’s a little boring and we don’t spend as much time with her as we do the other romance options. I wish the game had written her just a little better, but we’ll do with what we have.  

How to get this romance:

  • Starting October 30th, you can unlock Haru’s confidant.
  • In order to advance past rank 1, you need the highest proficiency possible.
  • In order to solidify your budding romance with Haru, choose  "I like you too, Haru” on rank 9. 


4. Hifumi Togo

Hifumi is the only romanceable girl your age that is not a member of the Phantom Thieves. However, considering the moves she gives you as rewards for her social rank, she may as well be!

Hifumi is a famous shogi player who attends the same school as Yusuke. She is polite, quiet, and likes to play shogi by herself in the church. If you’re drawn to this kind of girl but not to the extremes Futaba is, Hifumi is great for you. She is confident in her skills, even as she learns about her mother’s nasty actions. Her mother wants Hifumi to be in the spotlight, but we just like her for being Hifumi. She has the spotlight of our hearts!

How to get this romance:

  • Defeat the third palace and hear rumors about a shogi player. This can happen as early as June 25h.
  • Your charm must be at least Suave in order to begin her confidant.
  • Once you are that charming, head to Kanda Church to meet her.
  • After rank 7, your knowledge must be Erudite to continue Hifumi’s confidant. 
  • At this point, accept and complete the Mementos request, "Upstaging the Stage Mother." and "I want us to date." You’re pretty straight forward with Hifumi!


3. Makoto Niijima

I love Makoto. She is smart, adorable when she’s following the Phantom Thieves around, very powerful and almost always on my team. Plus, she has a very important story arc in her confidant as she learns to open herself up to the real world, help her friends, and she isn't afraid to slap some sense into one when needed. 

We pretend to be Makoto’s boyfriend for some of her social ranks, but is it really all that pretend? However, I do not recommend romancing Makoto and spending Christmas Eve with someone else, because Makoto’s words break my heart. Just give her all the love she deserves!

How to get this romance:

  • You can start Makoto’s confidant as early as June 25th, after completing the third palace. However, your Knowledge must be at least Scholarly. 
  • Continue Makoto’s confidant. After finishing rank 5, you must be at least a Debonair in Charm. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock rank 6. 
  • On rank 9, choose "I'll be your study partner” followed by "I do." Now you can help Makoto study everything she needs to know in love. 


2. Kasumi Yoshizawa

Kasumi is exclusive to owners of Persona 5 Royal. If you only have vanilla Persona 5, you’re out of luck, and I’m honestly curious to know what you’re doing in your life without this game. If you’ve played Persona 5 but not Royal, Yoshizawa will likely catch your eye. And for good reason!

She’s a talented athlete, genuinely kind-hearted, though she is lacking in… style of her own. Kasumi, please, who let you pick out that outfit? When playing, you can’t wait to get to know her and learn more about her. If you want to romance her, you’ll be shocked to find out that her confidant only has five ranks compared to the usual ten. Don’t worry, the latter half will drop when you get to the “Royal” content in the third semester. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye. 

How to get this romance:

  • Your social link will automatically unlock on May 30th.
  • The easiest way to increase your social rank with Yoshizawa is to respond to her texts, or if you unlock Kichijoji, you may find her there. 
  • You must “max” her social rank at five before December 22nd, or else you will not be able to romance her.
  • Starting from January 13th, you unlock rank 6 and can continue her social link.
  • When you’re on rank 9, tell Yoshizawa, “I love you too.” You can finally confess the love you’ve grown for every part of her. 


1. Ann Takameki

Ann is literally the Lovers confidant. She was made to be the best romance option! While Ann might not be the smartest at math, her kindness and talent more than make up for it. Once you get on Ann’s good side, she’ll do anything for you. It’s not difficult to fall for her when you see the kind of person she truly is. Plus, since you start her social link so early in the game, you have plenty of time to spend with her and give her gifts. 

Ann is so powerful in combat, she was always on my team. I needed those harsh fire attacks of hers! It just made me love her even more. I was between who I should fully romance on my first playthrough, but there were so many aspects about Ann that sealed the deal for me. I do feel a little bad because she’s in love with Shiho and she’s a bit traumatized, but that’s fine.

How to get this romance:

  • Ann’s confidant will automatically begin on April 15th.
  • In order to advance it, your kindness must at least be Considerate.
  • On rank 9, confess your love by selecting "You have me.” 
  • There, you have successfully romanced the best girl!


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