Like Pillars of Eternity or Baldur's Gate? Then Check Out Tyranny, a New RPG from Obsidian Entertainment

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Tyranny is unique among its genre for allowing the player to be the bad guy.

A unique twist on role-playing

Skills and Attributes affect your abilities.

Unlike most role-playing games, Tyranny casts the player in the role of an evil character. In the aftermath of war, evil has won and the player is sent on a quest to maintain order under the empire’s reign. This creates very interesting scenarios that most role-playing games don’t allow.    

Skill based gameplay

Players will have different options in tackling combat.

Tyranny’s skills will serve as a replacement for the usual class system. The protagonist’s starting skills will change based on the build the player selected in character customization. As the player grows, they can upgrade their skills or learn new ones and take the role of a hybrid character (a player character with two or more focuses).   

Play as you want

Even after playing for several hours, the developer has made sure that the possibility of style change is possible. For example, a character that starts as a melee fighter may evolve into a ranged shooter later on. This open design allows for greater role-playing and adds replayability.

Tyranny is shaping up to be a unique and immersive role-playing title. Although quality testers will have a big range to cover, Tyranny could become one of Obsidian’s best titles.

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