10 Games Like Baldur’s Gate

10 Games Like Baldur’s Gate
Magic, mayhem, and myth

They sure don’t make games like Baldur’s Gate anymore… or do they?

Baldur’s Gate remains one of the most important games of our time. By effortlessly combining brilliant storytelling, an amazing world, deep character customization, and glorious, tactical combat, it redefined the RPG genre and influenced many games that followed.

Listed here are 10 Games Like Baldur’s Gate – games sure to give you that unforgettable RPG experience that Baldur’s Gate did all those years ago.

10. Icewind Dale I and II

Icewind Dale 01

Frozen majesty

The Icewind Dale games are not just like Baldur’s Gate… they are Baldur’s Gate, only with more snow, and an emphasis on bashing heads rather than story.

Icewind Dale uses the Infinity Engine, which BioWare used for Baldur’s Gate. This relies on pre-rendered environments, character sprites, and the isometric camera angle we’ve all come to know.

Both are set on Faerûn from Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms. You begin by creating six adventurers, who you then level up through questing, and melting monsters' faces off with the sheer awesomeness of your combat skills. The first game deals with a demonic conflict that is threatening to destroy the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, while the second pits players against the Legion of Chimera – an army comprised of religious factions and outcast races.

If you’re looking for games like Baldur’s Gate, there are none more like Baldur’s Gate than the Icewind Dale games.

Icewind Dale 02

Icewind Dale 03


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