Tyranny RPG: A Sneak Preview

Tyranny, RPG, Preview
In the war of good versus evil, evil has won.

Character customization

At Gamescom, Brian Heins and Nick Carter showed off character setup for Tyranny. Unlike most fantasy games, Tyranny only features humans as a playable race. When creating a character you can determine their appearance, history, attributes, and skills. 

Appearance options have been slightly expanded over Pillars of Eternity with the addition of tattoo options. History determines some of the player character’s interactions with other people. Attributes affect characteristics of the protagonist and also skills, such as Might or Resolve.   

Tyranny offers in-depth character customization in appearance, personality, and combat style.


If evolving character skills, a melee fighter can turn into a ranged combatant.

The core gameplay of Tyranny is similar to other isometric role-playing games like Icewind Dale and Plancescape: Torment. While in conversation with other characters, a player can choose paths related to skills, faction reputation, and other factors. Some responses can lead the story to a different direction, such as joining the rebels against the empire.

With this inside look to Obsidian’s newest title, we can get brief glimpses on how the final game will look. The full game will be released for us to experience sometime in late 2016.   

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