[Top 7] WoW Shadowlands Most Useful Battle Pets (And How To Get Them)

WoW Battle Pets
Gotta catch'em all!

What are the most useful battle pets in World of Warcraft?

The Battle Pet system has been a part of WoW for quite a few years already, and it is a very fun minigame to play on the side during your adventures through Azeroth. Collecting different pets is a joy for any completionist out there, and the actual battles have in-depth mechanics derived from the Pokemon games.

As with anything in an online game, there is a meta for battle pets in World of Warcraft, therefore we will be looking at some of the most useful battle pets that you can catch, their unique characteristics, abilities, and placement in the current meta.


7. Iron Starlette

The Iron Starlette is a great battle pet and one of the first that you will get in WoW as well. As soon as you hit level 10 and go to the Capital City of your faction, you should get this pet as a quest reward. It is a Mechanical type pet, which is a very strong battle pet type, that should help you a lot in the early stages of the game.

Why Iron Starlette is useful:

  • Amazing battle pet for beginners because you get it very early on in the game;
  • Mechanical-type battle pets are currently very strong;
  • Can come back to life once per battle, giving you the opportunity to win the battle in a clutch;
  • Toxic Smoke is a great DoT ability that persists on pet swaps.

How to get the Iron Starlette: can be acquired as a reward for the quests Report to the King (Alliance) and Warning the Warchief (Horde).

Iron Starlette Stats: 1725 Health, 276 Power, 244 Speed, Mechanical Type.


6. Chrominius

Your own miniature Cerberus, how cool is that? The Chrominius is a very powerful battle pet with a set of abilities that can decimate its enemies. This pet is particularly great for executing targets, dealing increased damage to enemies below 50% health and recovering its own health after killing a foe.

Why Chrominius is useful:

  • Amazing for killing enemies below 50% health;
  • Great sustainability through its health recovery after killing a target and other self-healing abilities;
  • Good against enemies with Flying abilities.

How to get the Chrominius: can be acquired as a rare drop from Chromaggus at Blackwing Lair (14% chance).

Chrominius Stats: 1644 Health, 276 Power, 260 Speed, Dragonkin Type.


5. Emerald Proto-Whelp

Emerald Proto-Whelps are beautiful drakes that can be found in the coastal areas of Northrend. These little guys are very strong against Magic and have a wide array of defensive maneuvers such as self-healing, damage absorption and invulnerability during flight, making them a great option for your team composition.

Why Emerald Proto-Whelp is useful: 

  • Has a lot of defensive abilities;
  • Very powerful against Magic;
  • Amazing sustain through a variety of self-healing abilities.

How to get the Emerald Proto-Whelp: can be acquired through pet battles at Sholazar Basin in Northrend.

Emerald Proto-Whelp Stats: 1400 Health, 341 Power, 244 Speed, Dragonkin Type.


4. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen, or just Xu-Fu for short, is a spectral tiger of the Beast type that strikes with vengeance at its foes. The biggest advantage of the Xu-Fu is the combination between the Beast passive ability to deal more damage when below 25% health and the Vengeance skill, which deals damage to the enemy equal to the last amount of damage taken by Xu-Fu.

Why Xu-Fu is useful:

  • Powerful life steal and self-healing abilities;
  • Can turn the tides of a battle when low on HP;
  • Decimates enemies using the Vengeance skill.

How to get the Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen: can be acquired through the vendor Master Li at Timeless Isle.

Xu-Fu Stats: 1400 Health, 333 Power, 252 Speed, Beast Type.


3. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Another powerful Mechanical type is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, and also look at it, it’s such a cool-looking battle pet. With all the default advantages of the Mechanical type such as Decoy and Explode, this battle pet excels in both speed and consistency, with a 100% hit chance in every skill.

Why Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is useful: 

  • Consistent damage with a 100% hit chance on every skill;
  • Mechanical-type battle pets are currently very strong;
  • Can damage the whole enemy team using Thunderbolt, which is great when your enemy has many battle pets with low health after constantly swapping.

How to get the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling: can be acquired through Pandaren Engineering (Level 50), the recipe is taught by Engineering trainers.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Stats: 1400 Health, 276 Power, 309 Speed, Mechanical Type


2. Unborn Val’kyr

Arguably the tankiest battle pet in World of Warcraft, the Unborn Val’kyr is an amazing option for your composition without a doubt. It is particularly powerful against Humanoid-type battle pets and can stay on the battlefield for a long time using abilities such as Siphon Life and Haunt.

Why Unborn Val’kyr is useful: 

  • Very tanky battle pet;
  • Can come back to life after being killed;
  • Has access to a team-wide debuff;
  • Deals damage while invulnerable using Haunt.

How to get the Unborn Val’kyr: can be acquired through pet battles in many locations around Northrend such as Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord.

Unborn Val’kyr Stats: 1806 Health, 276 Power, 227 Speed, Undead Type.


1. Anubisath Idol

The Anubisath Idol is an extremely versatile battle pet, which is the main reason why it appears at the top of this list. This battle pet has abilities of five different types, meaning it can deal increased damage to most battle pets in the game. On top of that, it is very durable with abilities such as Deflection and Stoneskin. A great choice for any composition.

Why Anubisath Idol Is useful: 

  • Most versatile battle pet in WoW when it comes to ability types;
  • Has a passive health regeneration skill;
  • Very durable, being able to absorb and even completely avoid incoming damage;
  • Can reduce the hit chance of the whole enemy team.

How to get the Anubisath Idol: can be acquired as a rare drop from Emperor Vek’lor at Temple of Ahn’qiraj (10% chance).

Anubisath Idol Stats: 1725 Health, 276 Power, 244 Speed, Humanoid Type.

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