[Top 10] Overwatch Best Characters for Total Mayhem

Overwatch Best Characters for Total Mayhem
Overwatch is back in town.

[Top 10] Overwatch Best Characters For Total Mayhem

Total Mayhem is an arcade game mode that was introduced to Overwatch about three years ago during the Anniversary event. 

It is a game mode that is basically Quick Play, with a few twists;

1.All heroes have double their regular health.

2.All abilities have a 75% faster cooldown. 

3.All ultimate abilities charge 50% faster.

4.Only escort maps are available during this mode.

Now, that we are done explaining the basics of Total Mayhem we can now get to the most important part of the game mode, the playable heroes. From the research I have done I have found there are 10 heroes that are a must play in this game mode. This list of heroes will be introduced to you from good to best. So get ready as I share with you the next heroes you should play in Total Mayhem. ​​​​​​​​​​

1. Mercy

Overwatch Support Mercy

Let us start with mercy. She may not be the strongest hero out of the bunch, but her Resurrect/ healing abilities can be a nightmare to go up against. 

What makes Mercy Great in Total Mayhem: 

  • Mercy never runs out of healing and she can heal her allies relatively quickly making her a must-have in nearly every game of Total Mayhem.
  • She can now Resurrect her teammates left and right with only a couple of seconds to spare.
  • Coupled with resurrection, her ult Valkyrie will basically make her team become invincible in this game mode. 

Mercy owning in Total Mayhem:

2. Ana

Overwatch Support Ana

Up next is Ana, everyone’s favorite grandma. Even though Ana may look like a sweet little old lady, in Total Mayhem she becomes a dangerous psychopath.   

What Makes Ana Great for Total Mayhem:

  • Ana can get her Biotic Grenade within a matter of two seconds while in this mode. Making it where she can kill you pretty easily with just two or three grenades.
  • Nano Boost is extremely handy while playing in this game mode. Since all heroes now have double their usual health, Nano Boost can make Ana’s teammate's more effective and deadly.   
  • Any Overwatch veteran can tell you that when you are playing Total Mayhem and you happen to be on Ana’s hit list, you may never wake again. Or at least not until Ana gets bored of just sleeping you over and over again. 

Ana owning in Total Mayhem:

3. Winston 

Overwatch Tank Winston 

Now we’ve got the scientist gorilla himself, Winston! Arguably not the greatest tank in the game, but he is able to prove himself while in this mode.

What Makes Winston Great in Total Mayhem:

  • In Total Mayhem Winston is able to deploy his Barrier Projector non-stop, being able to protect his team just that much more than he could in any other game mode. 
  • His Jump Pack has little to no cool down. Winston tends to play “The Floor is Lava,” because he spends so little time on the ground while playing in this game mode. 
  • Winston’s ult Primal Rage can be of great use in this mode by knocking enemies off cliffs or off the payload when overtime is put into effect. 

Winston owning in Total Mayhem:

4. Tracer

Overwatch DPS Tracer

If you already thought that Tracer was an annoying flea in regular Quick Play, well you are in for quite a treat. Thanks to the 75% cooldown on her abilities, Tracer becomes a 10x more agitating menace to deal with.

What Makes Tracer Great in Total Mayhem:

  • She can now zoom around you in circles without stopping or race to the other side of the map without taking a break. 
  • Even if you somehow take off a little bit of her health, she can just Recall any time she wants and regain that health. Making her a cockroach that just refuses to die. 
  • You will probably have the phrase “Here you go!” burned into your skull cause the little demon (that is tracer) will get her ultimate over a hundred times. And she will stick all one hundred times to your hind end in Total Mayhem.         

Tracer owning in Total Mayhem:

5. Lucio

Overwatch Support Lucio 

Lucio, a hero that everyone already fears, but then put him in Total Mayhem and he becomes a booping tyrant like never before. 

What Makes Lucio Great in Total Mayhem: 

  • With Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier ( which legit has no cooldown)  Lucio can now repeatedly boop enemies of the payload with zero chill.   
  • He can heal or speed his team up more than he could in any other mode, due to Amp It Up having only a few seconds cooldown.  
  • Sound Barrier can be a very useful ult in this game mode with so many ultimates going off every couple of seconds as if they’re just raining down.     

Lucio owning in Total Mayhem:

6. D.Va

Overwatch Tank D.Va

D.Va is a hero who certainly thrives in Total Mayhem. With her having been nerfed into the ground it is nice to feel like you are playing the old D.Va whose Defence Matrix was actually worth having. 

What Makes D.Va Great in Total Mayhem:

  • Speaking of the devil, thanks to the fast cool-down, D.Va’s Defence Matrix becomes very powerful and is able to swallow up double the enemy's projectiles and ults.
  • D.Va can fly in and out of battle without having to worry about her cooldown on her Boosters. She can now easily dive in and quickly kill the enemy Widowmaker and get out just as fast before anyone can pop her out of her mech.
  • Due to her ult cooldown being 50% faster, D.Va will no longer look like a cute little gamer girl. Nope, instead, she will become the world's most dangerous self-destructing bomb to ever have existed.   

D.Va owning in Total Mayhem:

7. Zarya 

Overwatch Tank Zarya

The queen of weight lifting, Zarya becomes an absolute leviathan in this mode. She makes the most hardened of Overwatch players quiver in their boots just at the mere sight of her.  

What Makes Zarya Great in Total Mayhem:

  • Since she will constantly have her shields in this mode, Zarya and her teammates become 5x more challenging to kill. 
  • Even though Zarya’s ult isn't the most powerful out of the roster, if used effectively in this mode you will have the enemy team crying out for mommy. She can use her ult to keep players off the payload, to pull enemies off a cliff, or to do some very sick combos with her fellow teammates.  
  • Zarya’s Particle Cannon will always be charged at max while playing in this mode. Zarya will be able to just burn through all that double health as if she was melting butter for her toast. 

Zarya owning in Total Mayhem:

8. Sombra

Overwatch DPS Sombra

Now, coming up next on the list is Sombra. In Total Mayhem, Sombra transforms into a hacking maniac with no way to stop her other than just killing her. Which is a much trickier task in this game mode.

What Make Sombra Great in Total Mayhem:

  • Sombra gets her Translocator nearly instantly so she is able to dodge and duck her way out of fights no matter how severe they are. 
  • In Total Mayhem Sombra no longer has to worry about the perfect time to cloak or uncloak due to the fact that it has an extremely short cooldown. Sombra can now just uncloak, hack, and turn invisible before anyone can do anything about it.
  • Sombra will non-stop have her ultimate EMP, so you will find yourself hacked for most of the game. Which means you can’t protect yourself or your teammates from the onslaught of the enemy team.  

Sombra owning in Total Mayhem:

9. Junkrat 

Overwatch DPS Junkrat

Second, to last on this list is Junkrat. In case his crazed eyes didn't give it away, Junkrat is an absolute predator that you should avoid at all costs while in Total Mayhem.  

What Makes Junkrat Great in Total Mayhem: 

  • Junkrat essentially becomes a knock-off Tracer in this game mode. His Concussion Mines become just as deadly as Tracer’s Pulse Bomb when he sticks them to your forehead. But unlike Tracer, Junkrat can produce his mines 15x faster than Tracer. 
  • Just when you think you are safe from the wrath of Junkrat… CLAMP! You step into his Steel Trap, which not only leaves you open for him to get you but also his teammates. And no matter how many times you destroy them, you will find another one in its place as if you never broke it, because Steel Trap has a millisecond cooldown. 
  • His ult Rip-Tire, naturally charges faster than most of the other heroes on the roster. And not only that, it is also one of the deadliest ults right next to D.Va’s.    

Junkrat owning in total Mayhem:

10. Mei

Overwatch DPS Mei

Last on this list... is Satan, oh I mean Mei. Just when you thought that this ice queen of hell couldn’t be any more powerful, Total Mayhem says otherwise. 

What Makes Mei Great in Total Mayhem:

  • She can use her Ice Wall ability non-stop which not only blocks enemy projectiles and ults, but also prevents the enemy team from getting close to her payload. Just when you finish breaking the first ice wall, there is already another one in its place. 
  • Mei becomes invulnerable due to the fact that she can now just pop in and out of Cryo-Freeze as if she is playing hopscotch with your soul.      
  • While in this mode Mei can unleash her icy hell upon the world through her ult Blizzard double the number of times then she could in any other mode. So while you are being frozen solid due to her ultimate, you will have to stare into the eyes of pure evil as she shoots an icicle right into your forehead.  

Mei owning in Total Mayhem:

We have finally reached the end of the list. Now you know just who to play to utterly destroy your enemies when you are playing Overwatch Arcade, Total Mayhem.

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