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Overwatch tier ranking 2020, Overwatch Best Heroes
An ensemble cast of Overwatch Characters in 2020

Where does your favorite character rank?

Overwatch is a vibrantly colored game, full of eclectic characters all of which feel deep and individual from other characters on the roster. Each character has its own fanbase that adores the characters backstory and design. However, in terms of gameplay, there's a clear ranking of where each character falls depending on personal ability, a character's toolset, team composition, and many more factors. This list will rank each character on those merits, regardless of their designated role.

S-tier heroes: These are your heroes that are nearly across the board a must pick for most team comps. They also happen to be the heroes with some of the highest skill ceilings.

  • Orisa (99/100)
  • Ana (97/100)
  • Sigma (96/100)
  • Moira (92/100)
  • Tracer (90/100)

A Tier: These characters are not a tour de force like your S rank characters but still produce a lot of assistance for your team. They’re not as definite as the S tier but they will still get a lot of production.

  • Reinhardt (89/100)
  • Brigitte (88/100)
  • Hanzo (87/100)
  • Lucio (85/100)
  • Reaper (84/100)
  • Doomfist (82/100)
  • Wreckingball (81/100)
  • D.Va (80/100)

B tier: Characters that are good enough to get you by but, have a better option in one of the higher tiers.

  • Winston (79/100)
  • Roadhog (78/100)
  • Mercy (77/100)
  • Soldier: 76 (76/100)
  • Junkrat (74/100)
  • Zarya (72/100)
  • Ashe (71/100)
  • Genji (70/100)

C-Tier: Characters that are almost never worth the pick. In certain very specific situations, they might warrant a quick switch until that situation is over but, it would probably be better to simply find another character in one of the higher tiers to fill those needs.

  • Pharah (69/100)
  • McCree (67/100)
  • Sombra (65/100)
  • Widowmaker (64/100)
  • Mei(63/1000)
  • Sombra (62/100)
  • Symmetra (60/100)

D-Tier: These are the characters that are the bottom of the barrel. In any situation, there is always a better pick, and any moment with this character is time wasted. In essence, the characters to pick only if you’re planning on losing.

  • Zenyatta (67/100)
  • Bastion (65/100)
  • Torbjorn (61/100) 

Orisa (S-Tier tank) (99/100)

 The shield tank hero Orisa

A stout, at times totally immovable tank that has become a staple in great Overwatch team compositions. Her kit of having high damage, nearly infinite shield combined with the ability to pull enemies together and an ultimate that makes everyone around her better she is by far the best pick when it comes to which hero you want soaking up damage and feeding your healers ultimate abilities.

  • Nearly infinite shield
  • Powerful team lifting ultimate ability
  • High armor to health ratio
  • A cooldown ability that is nearly equivalent to an ultimate
  • The ability to personally neutralize several powerful crowd control ultimates with a cooldown ability.

Ana (S-Tier) (97/100)

The healing sniper Ana

Ana is a sniping healer who has topped lists of best healers in the game since her introduction. That's for one primary reason, her health grenade. An ability on the shorter side of cool downs which can boost every other healing ability and health pack for your team while leaving the enemy team unable to heal for several, possibly critical, seconds. When she finds her mark your team usually wins.

  • Healing grenade buffs team while eliminating enemy teams healing ability
  • Sleep dart is a powerful cooldown ability that can stop any ultimate that can be interrupted
  • When hitting her shots she has the most non-ultimate healing per second in the game
  • She has hit scan ability to deal with characters that spend a lot of time in the air
  •  Her ultimate not only buffs a single teammates damage it also instantly fills there health meter in totality 

Sigma (96/100) 

The hybrid shield tank Sigma 

The gravity physicist Sigma is a hybrid tank bringing in some of the best parts of off tanks and main tanks to create a powerful tank that can tank damage and dish it out too. His accretion rock has the ability to stun opponents out of cooldown more abilities, but more importantly out of ultimates. His damage production can match most DPS characters but with the additional ability to absorb damage directed at him giving him increased health capacity. This, along with his shield, allows him to play on the frontline of a battle supporting whatever tank he plays alongside on top of attracting a vast share of the attention from the opposing team. 

  • Ability to cancel opponents abilities and ultimates
  • High damage dealing potential
  • Can increase health capacity while canceling out opponents damage
  • Ultimate that can displace the opposing team and guarantees a vast amount of damage done
  • Has a shield that can be projected in any direction in order to protect the team from wherever damage comes from. 

Moira (92/100)

The teleporting healer Moira

The sadistic scientist Moira has some of the highest healing in the game. Her kit is rather different from most healers in that she has to charge up her healing capacity by doing damage. This puts her in the position of having to deal a decent amount of damage if you want to get the maximum potential from her healing. Keeping with the trend of choosing between giving her team life or bringing death to the enemy she can project an orb in any direction that bounces off surfaces and either heals teammates or damages your opponents depending on the situation at hand. Her ultimate ability is what really propels Moira into one of the best healers in the game. A devastating Dragon Ball Z-esque beam that penetrates shields to do both massive amounts of damage and healing to the respective teams while also healing herself in the process.

  • Near teleporting like ability to escape when in trouble
  • Ultimate Ability that can devastate your enemies while saving your own team in a pinch
  • Healing/damage orbs to push allies or enemies one way or the other
  • High damage capability 
  • High healing capacity  

Tracer (S-tier) (90/100)

The kinetic shooter Tracer 

Tracer has a line in Overwatch in which she says speed kills and for her that couldn’t be more true. Tracer’s primary ability is her blink, a move that allows her to teleport short distances and making her a nightmare to track when she’s in the hands of anyone who knows how to use her. Her quick movements, her fast shooting guns, and a near uncanny ability to get out of sticky situations makes tracer a near must pick for anyone with the skills to handle her.

  • Sticky bomb to kill any low health character it sticks to
  • Quick fire shots that devastate slow characters
  • Nearly unhittable with a high enough skill
  • Ability to escape when a situation becomes too much to handle
  • Such a pest that you have to either deal with her or get picked apart

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