[Top 10] Overwatch Best Mei Skins

Overwatch Best Mei Skins
All the good ice puns were taken.

What Are The Best Mei Skins?

Mei is one of those heroes in Overwatch where you either love her or hate her. Most hate her for ability to 1v1 nearly any hero, which is the exact reason I love her. Not to mention Mei has more personality than nearly any other character. Her kindly, somewhat nervous and exasperated, yet oddly optimistic nature is utterly charming; and comes across in the subtlest ways. From her reaction lines, to the small things like how she pushes up her glasses, adds to her delightful disposition.

If you do hate Mei, this article likely isn’t for you. But for everyone else who enjoys playing as the world's best climatologist, were looking at the best skins for Mei mains.

10. Snow Plum (Epic)

Like a rose growing amongst the weeds.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s no secret that Mei is adored by certain aspects of the Overwatch fandom because of her figure. If you like Mei more for her appearance than how she plays, Snow Plum is a perfect skin as it’s pink color scheme accentuates her already shapely physique. We’ll likely revist skins that do the same before this list is over.

How to Get It: Snow Plum is an Epic skin, so you can expect to get it from a loot box after a few tries. If you don’t want to wait, you can pay 250 credits to unlock it.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

Pink is the color of love...and death!

9. Pumpkin (Epic)

They would have chosen a gourd, but it didn't feel as festive.

Why It’s Awesome: Pumpkin leans into Mei’s light hearted personality, being a Halloween costume that’s more adorable than frightening. Always fitting to add a festive air to the match, not to mention it’s the right skin to troll players who are already salty about going up against Mei and losing. No one likes being defeated by a pumpkin!

How to Get It: Pumpkin is only available during the annual Halloween event, through loot box or bought for 750 credits.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

Who could hate such a cute little pumpkin?

8. Yeti Hunter (Legendary)

Bet you didn't know yetis were real.

Why it’s Awesome: Let’s go from cute Mei to killer Mei. Yeti Hunter shows that Mei is more than capable of dominating other players, as anyone who has been on the receiving end of her blizzard ult can attest. Let them see your cold eyes as they stand frozen and helpless while you spike an icicle through their head!

How to Get It: Yeti Hunter is a legendary skin, meaning you can buy it anytime for 1000 credits or just wait for the inevitable loot box.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Let's go kill some mythical beasts!

7. Ecopoint: Antarctica (Legendary)

Some people can rise from the ashes of tragedy.

Why It’s Awesome: Antarctica serves as a chilling reminder of Mei’s tragic backstory, as explored in the animated short Rise and Shine. Ecopoint: Antarctica shows that Mei is a tough character who has overcome great adversary to get here, adding to the depth and nuance rarely seen in other heroes.

How to Get It: Another Legendary skin, so fork over 1000 credits or play enough to get it dropped from a loot box.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

She does seem a bit overdressed though; depending on the map

6. BeeKeeper (Legendary)

I can't think of any reason you wouldn't wear this into battle.

Why It’s Awesome: For those who want all the benefits of playing as Mei, but aren’t particularly thrilled with her ice motif. Maybe you live in a cold climate and don’t want a reminder of the blizzard raging outside (although why would you be playing a Blizzard game then?), this is the skin for you. It’s Mei but with honey instead of ice, and with the same effect on opponents as they struggle until stuck in place waiting for you to end their suffering.

How to Get It: You’ll have to wait for the anniversary event to get this one, from a drop or purchased at 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

A hero sweeter than honey.

5. Jiangshi (Legendary)

Hopping vampires? You learn something new everyday.

Why It’s Awesome: Overwatch has always been about celebrating the different cultures that each of its characters embody. This allows players to take a moment and learn more about the world around them. Jiangshai gives us a glimpse into chinese mythology with the story of the hopping vampire, the strange energy sucking reanimated corpses. 

How to Get It: Available only at the Halloween terror events in special loot drops, or purchasable for 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

The hottest vampire since Lestat.

4. Rescue Mei (Legendary)

Do you get it? Mei? Me? Rescue Me.

Why It’s Awesome: Who isn’t a sucker for a terrible pun? Just me? Oh well. Rescue is actually very aptly named, as Mei can come in at the right moment and rescue the team. Mei’s ultimate can be lifesaving if you’re pushing the payload and need a moment to breathe, mixed with the right combo ult it can even lead to a team kill.

How to Get It: A legendary skin, but one that can be unlocked or purchased year round for 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Not sure an ice ray would actually save anyone whose on fire.

3. Luna (Legendary)

I wasn't staring!

Why It’s Awesome: Luna and the Lunar Event are pure embodiments of Overwatch’s celebration of the world around us.. Would you even know about Chinese New Year without it? The outfit itself also allows Mei to show off her curves a bit more by accentuating them in a bold crimson.

How to Get It: Only available as part of the Chinese New Year event, and legendary at that. You can wait for a loot box containing it or purchase it for 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Freezing people and looking good doing it.

2. Honey Dew

Fat bottomed girls you make this rockin world go round!

Why it’s Awesome: Honey Dew feels like Blizzard caving to fan demand. Since day one player’s have lavished Mei as being one of the few thicc characters in gaming. So why not celebrate it? Well this skin does that and then some, highlighting Mei’s voluptuous figure for all appreciative players.

How to Get it: As one of the more coveted skin, it’s pretty rare. Only available during the anniversary event, and can only be bought for 3000 credits

Skin Rating: 10/10

Skin in Action:

Okay with this one I am staring.

1. Pajamei

I wish I looked this good when I woke up....or ever.

Why it’s Awesome: Everything that is wonderful about Mei is in this skin. From her build to her personality, to her determined but anxious nature. Yet it's so disarming and cute to see one of Overwatch’s heroes in such a frazzled state and still kicking ass. That’s Mei in a nutshell.

How to Get it: This is perhaps the rarest skin for Mei, as its only unlocked during archive events which aren’t on a fixed schedule. Whenever those roll around, it can be bought for 1000 credits or unlocked through a loot box

Skin Rating: 10/10

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