[Top 5] Overwatch 2 Best Heroes For Solo Carry

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Orisa leads the charge on a Push map

Why Is Solo Carrying Important?

With Overwatch 2 taking a turn into the 5v5 format, solo carrying is much easier than it was in the past. Now, with one powerful hero, you can turn the tide of an entire team fight. If you’re strong enough on at least one of these five heroes, you can carry entire games.


5. Kiriko

Kiriko stares you down

Kiriko is arguably the best support in the game right now due to her high damage opportunities, fast movement, Suzu, and ultimate. If you master this hero, you can solo carry games. Although support is the hardest role to solo carry, Kiriko has the most play-making opportunities out of the supports thanks to her unique kit.

Not only does she possess high-damage headshots, but she also has a cleansing Suzu that can completely wipe out enemy ultimates. Kiriko counters more ultimates than she doesn’t, which means she can single-handedly stop the other team from getting team wipes. If you learn to be consistent with the Suzu, you’ll become a master Kiriko player.

Many Kiriko players try too hard to kill everything. Instead, focus on learning when to use your Suzu and Kitsune. When you master those two abilities, you can focus on practicing your aim. Kiriko is supposed to provide utility to her team and provide play-making opportunities. She’s an aggressive support who can play with her team while also holding her own in a fight.

Thanks to all those reasons, Kiriko is perfect for solo carrying. To get better at her, practice your aim and game sense in particular. Your positioning is important too, but if you mess up, you have teleportation on your side.

What Makes Kiriko Great For Solo Carry

  • Powerful Suzu ability
  • High damage with headshots
  • Can contest Widows
  • Consistent healing
  • Strong ultimate that charges quickly

See Kiriko own in action: 


4. Orisa

Orisa being best girl

Orisa is insanely deadly, to say the least. After her kit got revamped in Overwatch 2, she’s become powerful, aggressive, and terrifying. Playing against Orisa can be as annoying as it can be scary since it feels like she never dies. That, when combined with her javelin and ultimate, makes her a formidable foe.

Tank is a great role for solo carry since the 5v5 format allows for only one tank to exist. If you are the tank, you control the entire flow of the game. You determine how much space is created to allow your team to play aggressively. As a tank, you can solo carry if you’re strong enough.

Practice Orisa as often as you can to become comfortable with her new play style. Her old play style was passive, but her new style is the complete opposite. Now, you have to play aggressively and stay in the enemy team’s face.

You should focus on using Orisa’s javelin correctly since it stuns enemies and holds them back. If you see an enemy about to ult, use your javelin to cancel it. After you master the javelin, work on your positioning to make the most of your strong kit.

What Makes Orisa Great For Solo Carry

  • Aggressive play style
  • Unique ultimate
  • Amazing abilities
  • Stun ability

See Orisa own in action: 


3. Sojourn

Sojourn powers up her rail gun

Sojourn is an interesting pick for this list since I see her picked less and less in my games. Still, she’s a powerful DPS hero, with her ultimate making her arguably overpowered. Her high agility, combined with her high damage, makes her a great hero for solo carry.

Sojourn is an aggressive DPS with an ultimate that can wipe out multiple enemies at once. With a well-timed headshot, you can kill multiple enemies with one shot. Even if you don’t time the headshot well, you can still take out an enemy with just one shot. One-shot abilities are the most powerful in the game, and since Sojourn has one with her ultimate, she deserves a spot on this list.

However, it goes beyond her basic kit. She also has good synergy with most of the support heroes. With Zen’s discord, she can shred through enemies. With Baptiste's ultimate, Ana’s ultimate, Mercy’s damage boost, and Lucio’s speed boost, Sojourn becomes even deadlier. Since she pairs well with other supports, that makes her solo carry potential even higher.

If you want a higher chance of solo carrying with her, practice your positioning. Sojourn is a hero, and even those not gifted with aim can play as long as they have good positioning. If you take high ground, flank, and ambush your enemies, you’re more likely to get picks, meaning you’re more likely to win the game.

What Makes Sojourn Great For Solo Carry

  • High damage
  • High mobility
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Pairs well with most support heroes

See Sojourn own in action: 


2. Hanzo

Hanzo loads up a storm arrow

Hanzo is one of the best DPS in the game right now due to his one-shot. Along with that, Hanzo is mobile and can fight with the team. He’s an aggressive sniper with a unique kit that’s not only fun to play but also easy to use. Despite being a sniper, his kit allows him to switch to quick shooting, which makes him so versatile on the battlefield.

In most of my games, I see Hanzo. Whether its on my team or the enemy team, there’s a Hanzo lurking around the corner, ready to shoot me. Thanks to that, if you choose to play Hanzo, be ready to have to counter other Hanzos. To do that, practice your aim in AI-custom games.

You’ll also have to practice your positioning. As a sniper, you need to know when to stay on high ground and when to join the main fight. You have the versatility to do both in quick succession, but knowing what to choose will make the fight go more smoothly.

For example, use the high ground to look for picks. Then, when the fight amps up, join your team to support them. It depends on how the fight is going and if the high ground will give you an advantage. Every situation is different, so be sure to analyze and act accordingly. Remember your kit and use it to make you a better player.

What Makes Hanzo Great For Solo Carry

  • Powerful primary weapon
  • Situational ultimate that can be useful
  • Storm arrow is great for versatile combat
  • Aggressive play style

See Hanzo in action: 


1. Widowmaker

Widowmaker on King's Row

I’m sure this surprises no one. Widow is a controversial topic in the Overwatch community. Some think she’s fine, others think she’s overpowered, and others stay in between. I align with the in-between. Widow is powerful enough to wipe a team in a matter of seconds. This takes skill, but even someone not very gifted with aiming can do well on Widow.

Since Widow can literally take out an entire team in mere seconds, she’s the strongest hero right now for solo carrying. Widow isn’t the most versatile or mobile character in the game, but what she lacks in mobility she makes up for in power. Her rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game thanks to its one-shot ability. Not only that, but it’s a fast one-shot.

Along with that, she has a lot of range. You can sit halfway across the map and still get kills with her, which is why she’s so difficult to kill. If you play Widow and your team helps you even a little when you get dived, then you’re going to have a good game. As long as your aim is on point, you’ll do well.

Since Widow is all about aiming, you’ll need to practice your aim if you want to get good with her. Use custom games to train your aim against the AI. From there, you can work on positioning and knowing which high ground points to use. You can also look on TikTok for secret spots Widow’s can grapple to get an advantage.

What Makes Widowmaker Great For Solo Carry

  • One-shot potential
  • Hard to kill
  • Her ultimate provides good utility

See Widowmaker own in action: 

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