[Top 10] Overwatch Best Sigma Skins That Look Awesome

Overwatch Best Sigma Skins
Check out these awesome gravity defying skins!


[TOP 10] Overwatch Best Sigma Skins That Look Awesome

Playing with a skin that separates you from the rest of the pack makes a huge difference in Overwatch. Especially when the enemy team can use the exact same heroes as you, having a badass skin that you love is one of the best feelings the game offers. Enjoying the skin you’re using leads to higher confidence in your abilities to play said hero and in turn, leads to becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. After all, you earned the skin yourself, so enjoy getting the play of the game with that skin you love! With Overwatch 2 on the near horizon, we look back on the 5-year run of the original to check out some of the coolest skins for Sigma the game offers.

10. Blauw

Our favorite rare skin for Sigma, Blauw turns the mad scientist into a Miami mascot! The classic skin recolor goes a long way with a few subtle color changes leading to skin.

  • Keeps what made the original skin great.
  • Adds fun colors that contrast very nicely together with the bright pink details standing out nicely.
  • A great priced alternative when you’re just starting off.

How to get Blauw: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 75 credits.

See Blauw in action: 

9. Dr. De Kuiper

An already evil-looking character, this skin sees sigma fulfill his dream of becoming a James Bond villain. Giving off a younger look and outfitted in older technology, this is a welcomed sight for any Overwatch lore fan.

  • The yellow plates add a nice touch and contrast nicely with the blue/white of the rest of the skin.
  • The older technology adds a subtle change to the skin.
  • The hair and removed wrinkles are a nice added feature.

How to get Dr. De Kuiper: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See Dr. De Kuiper in action: 

8. Carbon Fiber

The trend of adding carbon fiber skins in Overwatch is an event any skin collector looks forward to! This skin turns Sigma from a mad scientist into a spec ops spy…or a bumblebee depending on who you ask. The all-black with yellow detailing just fit sigma perfectly and turns him into an even more badass hero!

  • The Yellow goggles add an epic feel to the skin as if he’s scanning for any annoying Overwatch enemy that could get in his way.
  • Shoes are always a welcomed sight on any Sigma skin!
  • The colors just work together perfectly at turning this into an awesome skin.

How to get Carbon Fiber: Open anniversary boxes or buy for 250 credits during the anniversary events.

See Carbon Fiber in action: 

7. Talon

Talon, the true villains to the Overwatch team, this skin strikes fear into any Overwatch member unlucky enough to face it on the battlefield. With the signature talon colors and an added mask for suspense, this skin truly turns Sigma into a terrifying presence.

  • The mask looks epic and really emphasizes the evil feeling this skin is giving off.
  • A full talon looking team is now possible with the addition of this skin!
  • Any sigma skin with shoes is a win in our book!

How to get Talon: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See Talon in action: 

6. Subject Sigma

Donning a lovely prison garb, this skin gives of terrifyingly awesome vibes. Looking as if he just escaped prison, Sigma doesn’t waste any time gearing up and taking the fight back to the battleground with this amazing skin!

  • The broken shackles on his wrists and ankles give a nice detail that maybe he wasn’t released on parole quite yet…
  • The different technologies used for his gear adds an awesome contrast with his other skins.
  • The bright blue accent adds a subtle but overall cool effect on the skin.

How to get Subject Sigma: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Subject Sigma in action: 

5. Oracle

As opposed to most menacing Sigma skins, oracle gives off a much more composed feeling. Make no mistake, he still looks ready to kick ass in a Zen mode…and that makes it even more terrifying. Mixed with a topknot, jewelry, and blindfold this epic skin turn sigma into a serene demon.

  • The colors work great together (green, black, and yellow) adding a monk-like feeling to the skin.
  • The wooden runes add a nice overall feeling tot the skin.
  • The yellow orbs add a great overall mystic feeling to the awesome skin.
  • The Pokeball in the middle is a plus too!

How to get Oracle: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Oracle in action: 

4. Prophet

Adding to everything that made Oracle awesome, this skin ascends Sigma to truly epic proportions. Covered in gold and sporting a holographic eye this skins legendary feeling can be seen by friends and foes alike. An awesome skin to see on the battlefield!

  • The holographic eye adds a magnificent feeling to an already amazing skin.
  • The colors of gold and baby blue match perfectly with the purple orbs the skin supports.
  • The little details really can be shown through this skin (jewelry, runes, patterns, ect.), and it pays off beautifully.

How to get Prophet: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Prophet in action: 

3. Asylum

Giving off Hannibal Lecter vibes, this skin makes any enemy wish that Sigma was in a straitjacket. Looking truly imposing this skin shows off just how crazy this scientist really is how unlucky you are if you happen to find him sporting this skin on the frontline of the enemy team!

  • The green accent adds great lighting to the overall skin.
  • The mask adds a menacing appearance and thankful, for whatever the reason may be that Sigma has it on his face, it’s there…
  • The white prison garb adds a nice manic feeling to the overall skin.

How to get Asylum: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Asylum in action: 

2. Maestro

Maestro allows Sigma to conduct the symphony of battle. Wearing a fancy tuxedo and a multitude of musical instruments, this skin really changes the menacing look of Sigma into one of confidence. Instead of looking crazy, Sigma appears in control and ready to kick butt!

  • The tuxedo is awesome, adding to a great overall feeling of this fancy skin.
  • The wooden armor is designed to look like instruments in an orchestra. (cello, clarinets, drums, violins, etc.)
  • The hair and glasses and a different feel than any other skin, as if we’re looking at a changes man who found his true passion for music.

How to get Maestro: This Legendary skin was made available for a limited time, from July 14-27 of 2020, and only required the player to win nine games to unlock.

See Maestro in action: 

1. Rime

Hands down the coolest skin for Sigma the game has to offer, Rime sees him turn into a terrifying lich king. Crowned with ice, this skin takes badass to a whole other level with the amount of detail put into turning Sigma from a mad scientist into a blue-skinned ice demon! Truly amazing skin and a pleasure to see in any game.

  • The ice details are an awesome addition to the skin, giving it some overall very cool effects.
  • Sporting only Viking fur and purple garb, the overall colors of the skin flow very nicely together.
  • The skulls and little details this skin has makes it a must-see skin in-game!

How to get Rime: Open Winter boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch winter and anniversary events.

See Rime in action: 

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