Xcom 2 Introduces Sinister New Enemy "The Hunter"

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Make sure that you are ALWAYS "checking your 6"

Have you ever looked over your shoulder because you felt someone’s eye’s on you? How about taking that feeling of fear and applying it to a game? Well, that’s what Firaxis and 2K have decided to do with their newest DLC for XCOM2 coming out in August.

X-COM: UFO Defense was an amazing game for its time when it was released in 1994 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown managed to retain that same wonder and awe with upscaled graphics upon its release in 2012. In a very strange twist, the 2016 release of XCOM2 assumes that humanity loses its war and this time they are fighting to regain possession of the Earth.

Stay focused if you want to survive meeting the Hunter!

XCOM2: War of the Chosen, the biggest expansion to ever come to Xcom 2, introduces three pretty amazing villains to the alien arsenal and one of the most terrifying has to be the sinister Hunter.

A master of disguise and distance warfare, the Hunter can strike from anywhere on the map and has the ability to get to some pretty hard to reach places with his grappling hook. As a sniper par excellence, he is able to target XCOM soldiers wherever he has a line of sight and he only grows in abilities as the game progresses!

How do you defeat him you might be asking yourself? Well, your first option is to get out of his line of sight and you will have one turn to do this after you see the laser-sighting beam, so make sure you pay attention. Perhaps even worse than death though is capture at the hands of the Hunter. He is always looking for new enemies to interrogate in his search for the Commander though, so perhaps death is the better option?

There is some hope though as while the Hunter, the Warlock and the Assassin are each deadly enemies, humanity is also able to field some awesome new champions of their own. The Templar, the Reaper and the Skirmisher give you a chance to go toe to toe with these new elite aliens.

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