10 Things Firaxis Should Do To Make Xcom 3 Epic

xcom 3 review
Vipers were a... sinister addition to the franchise.

Could these 10 features make XCOM 3 one of the greatest games of all time?

Gamers worldwide have united in their love for the XCOM series, everyone's favorite alien invasion simulator since 1994. Especially since the franchise reboot in 2011's XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it has gained more and more in popularity. The recent XCOM 2, while released to critical acclaim, has faced quite a few problems concerning its launch.

We still love the game anyway, of course, and it's definitely a solid product. That being said, there is a wide variety of things developer Firaxis could do to make sure that the next entry in the XCOM franchise is something truly legendary.

1) Make Sure there Aren't any Performance Issues

XCOM 2 at the time of its launch was plagued with performance issues. Framerates dropped and froze aplenty, even for players with the best of PC gaming rigs. Battles were marred by graphical bugs and glitches.

Everyone who played the game when it launched experienced these problems, and everyone can relate to how annoying they were. People took the Internet with their complaints, injuring the game's reputation. Firaxis needs to make sure a repeat of this doesn't happen. A smoother launch would really help the series gain in popularity.

Recuperating from performance issues.

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