Mass Effect 3 Best Class - Which To Choose?

Each class of Mass Effect 3
Your choice defines your path!

Mass Effect 3 Best Class - Which To Choose?

What you choose defines your path.

In Mass Effect, a player is only as good as their class. More than any other decision in the game, deciding on your class will shape how you survive in the most prevalent part of the game: Combat.

As all RPGs do, the Mass Effect trilogy has several classes that specialize in a particular playstyle. How that pairs up with a player depends on how they wish to lead in combat with companions in tow. Do they want to deal all-out damage, or do they prefer to lay down support? Or maybe they like to play the game as a good ‘ole fashioned Shooter?

Whatever the case, it is necessary for the player to know what they are getting into when choosing a class. Not every class is for every player, especially in this game. So, in this article, we will explore each class and break down what makes each of them desirable, including why they might want to consider choosing a said class. So off we go!

The Adept

Biotics… fear them!

In the world of Mass Effect, gifted individuals are given L-3 implants to perform incredible abilities called Biotics. They are powerful weapons that can deal an incredible amount of damage or throw enemies off-balance during battle. While several classes have some Biotic powers, Adepts are Biotic specialists.

The Adept is a support class that may not be well suited for taking damage but certainly is equipped to deal plenty of damage. In laymen's terms, they can be accurately described as Glass Cannons. Luckily, there isn’t much need for them to be in the middle of a crossfire. It also means this isn’t a class for those wanting to use an assortment of weapons.

Particularly in Mass Effect 3, The Adept is incredibly reliant on their Biotic abilities keeping them from having heavy weapons. Since the weight of a given player's weapon loadout can inhibit the cooldown rate of their powers. So, traveling light is a must for this class. 

Regardless, this class does not need weapons. With abilities like Singularity and Pull, players can displace enemies at will. In combination with more aggressive powers like Throw, Adepts can deal massive bursts of damage that can affect multiple targets. So while Adepts aren't gun-toting warriors, they will be deadlier than any weapon that a player can get their hands on. However, if they wish to have weapons, lightweight pistols like the M-6 Carnifex are advised.

Why The Adept is Great:

  • Living Weapons
  • Unique Power Combos
  • Quick Power Cooldown Speed (WIthout most weapons)
  • High Damage Output
  • Crowd Control

Choose The Adept if You:

  • Prefer damage no matter the cost
  • Like offense over defense
  • Want to bend space and reality at will
  • Find guns uncivilized

The Engineer

Even the nerds can be useful.

This class is the support class. While a class like the Adept have unique Biotic abilities, Engineers are technical savvy agents that use their Tech abilities to turn the tide of battle.

Not as powerful as Biotics, Tech powers still give Engineers an edge against all types of opponents. With powers like Overload or Incinerate, this class can bring down an opponent’s shields, armor, or barriers with ease. Engineers also can use Sabotage to disable synthetic enemies or even use Combat Drones and Sentries to draw enemy fire, allowing Engineers to set up combos with their squadmates.

What they lack in a devastating offense they make up for in versatility and adaptability. With that said, the one commonality between Engineers and Adepts is their dependency on powers. So while weapons will be viable for Engineers, rather than Adepts, to deal damage against foes, this class needs to keep their weapon load-outs light-weight and limited to keep power cooldowns at an acceptable level.

So, if you wish to have a weapon ready to go, then shotguns or heavy pistols would make excellent choices giving Engineers options in close quarters. However, Assault rifles and SMGs also make acceptable options. Anything to keep you alive, am I right?

Why The Engineer is Great:

  • Prepared for All Enemy Types
  • Flexibility over Power
  • Tech Powers give Players Options
  • Are Better Suited With a Weapon… Or Two
  • Strategic

Choose The Engineer if You:

  • Prefer the Support Role
  • Like Controlling the Combat Zone
  • Like Options
  • Are Tactically Gifted

The Sentinel

Nice suit!

Are you a Jack of All Trades type? Do you like a little bit of everything? Do you wish that The Adept and Engineer got married and had a beautiful baby just for you? Then your prayers have been answered! More or less.

Combining both Biotic and Tech powers into one class is The Sentinel. They may not have every Biotic power or Tech ability, but they have a variety to choose from and more wiggle room to use weapons. How that works out is entirely based on how you, the player, wish to build out your Sentinel. 

One way is to focus on the premier ability of this class, Tech Armor. A power that allows the player to tank more damage and displace enemies that get too close. This gives the player room to build out the weapon arsenal of their dreams. Coupled with several Tech and Biotic abilities, this class provides many options for a player to use.

Except by having some weapons, availability to powers becomes much more limited.  This leads to Sentinel build option two: focus on abilities. Given the explanation of the previous support classes, it's pretty self-explanatory. No matter which route you choose with this class, The Sentinel is entirely the most flexible option for a player to mix and match their playstyle.

Why The Sentinel is Great:

  • Versatility over Specialty
  • Marriage of Combat, Tech, and Biotics
  • Tech Armor
  • Flexible Playstyle

Choose The Sentinel if You:

  • Prefer the Jack of All Trades Route
  • Like Diversity
  • Like a little bit of Everything
  • Want Style over Substance
  • Don’t Like to Choose
  • Need More Flexibility

The Vanguard

Vanguards don’t bite, but they do hurt. A lot.

As we step away from the support classes, we visit the most aggressive class there is. Also known as the “high-risk, high-reward” class, Vanguards combine Biotic power with Combat proficiency. With access to a variety of weapons and ammo types. While also, of course, having powerful Biotics at their disposal all to achieve vast amounts of damage at a potentially high cost.

As simple as they sound, The Vanguard class is much more strategic than you might think. Equipped with abilities like Biotic Charge and Nova, Vanguards are much more effective up close and personal. With that comes the danger of being vulnerable to opposing damage. In the hands of the careless, it can lead to unsatisfying consequences. Therefore, it takes no shortage of cunning and combat awareness to use this class at its optimal capacity.

Picking and choosing targets with power/weapon combinations at the ready is essential. By doing so, players will recognize the benefits of choosing this powerful class. So, as exciting as it may sound it is vital to look before you charge. Because otherwise, you are guaranteed to die.

Why The Vanguard is Great:

  • High Damage Output
  • Weapons and Biotics
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Potential High Rewards

Choose The Vanguard if You:

  • Prefer to be Agro
  • Like the Taste of Bullets
  • Like Offensive Strategy
  • Like to Move Across the Battlefield
  • Like Enemies to go Boom!

The Infiltrator

The hunter always finds their prey.

While The Vanguard combines Combat prowess with Biotics, The Infiltrator is the deadly pairing of Tech powers and Combat proficiency. For instance, Operational Mastery makes it easier for sniper rifles to line up headshots and deal damage. Tactical Cloak allows them to go undetected from all enemies and freely reposition themselves to line up the next kill. Therefore, Infiltrators are both incredibly mobile and precise combatants.

However, this class requires a player who knows how to think on their feet like The Vanguard. Otherwise, Infiltrators will find themselves at the wrong end of the battlefield. Cause an exposed Infiltrator is a dead one.

With that said, this is a class that is deadly at every range of combat. Up close or from a distance, The Infiltrator can control the battlefield with abilities like Incinerate and Sabotage, or even take down enemies with an assortment of weapons, including the Sticky Grenade. So, pick your targets wisely, or they will find you first.

Why The Infiltrator is Great:

  • Diverse Combat Options
  • Perfect for Snipers
  • Tactically Mobile
  • Tech Powers
  • Tactical Cloak
  • High Damage Output

Choose The Infiltrator if You:

  • Like to Snipe
  • Like to Think on Your Feet
  • Enjoy Rogue Sensibilities
  • Like Options in Combat
  • Are Tactically Minded

The Soldier

Guns still are a good way to go!

Lastly, we visit the most straightforward class. Every other class has particular abilities or strategies that make them stand out. It is the lack of those options that make this class one of a kind. The Soldier is the class for those that wish to gun down their foes outright.

Unlike the other classes, The Soldier has no access to any Tech or Biotic abilities. However, they make up for this with the availability of every weapon and ammo type imaginable. This does cause this class to make Mass Effect feel more like a Shooter, except it has a few abilities that allow players to have varied options in combat.

A class that focuses on landing shots with high amounts of damage, Adrenaline Rush takes that stratagem very seriously by slowing downtime, increasing weapon damage, and reducing damage taken as well. Making this class is very deadly in combat as they close in on enemies and take them down without remorse. Except, this is where the advantages end.

The disadvantages aren’t too severe, but because of their lack of Biotic and Tech powers, this class has very few options to take down enemies with shields, barriers, or armor. So, pairing yourself with a squad that can accommodate those weaknesses is paramount when considering this class. Otherwise, it won’t take long until you realize that you can’t mow down everything with a big gun. No matter what a Krogan might say.

Why The Soldier is Great:

  • All The Weapons
  • Combat Specialists
  • Offensive
  • Adrenaline Rush

Choose The Soldier if You:

  • Like to Keep Things Simple
  • Like to Shoot Things
  • Love Big Guns
  • A First Time Player
  • Don’t Need Powers

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