Mass Effect 4: Release Date, Trailer, and Latest News

mass effect 4 release date
Mass Effect: Andromeda is the newest Mass Effect game from BioWare

An Introduction To Mass Effect 4

It has only been a short thirty-five years since humans first made contact with extraterrestrial species and they struggle to find their place among the many other established alien races in Citadel Space. Politics are a minefield as the human minority attempt to become a respected race among the others.

In the midst of political chess match is Shepard, commander of the SSV Normandy, one of the most highly-advanced starships in the universe. Shepard receives knowledge of one of the most gruesome threats ever seen. Threats beyond comprehension or belief. In fact, that’s exactly how the Citadel council, a group of representatives of various species, sees it – beyond belief.

A universe in turmoil in Mass Effect 3

Despite Commander Shepard’s lack of support and discouragement from the other races of the council, Shep know exactly what they must do: stop the total annihilation of us all. Aided by their ragtag crew of unforgettable characters, Shepard must make difficult decisions and fight through grueling enemies to get to the true adversary threatening the entire galaxy.

Mass Effect 3 marked the end of Shepard’s three-part tale

This is the beloved story of the original Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect, the first of three sequential games was released in 2007 and has gained an enormous following. And for good reason too. You are able to get to intimately know each member of your crew, and finely craft you character, Shepard, throughout all three games.

Nearly ten years have passed since Shepard’s story first began and now developers BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts, are working on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Andromeda may be the fourth game of the series, but Shepard’s story has come to a close. This new game will tell the tale of a brand new hero (or antihero, depending on how you play).


Mass Effect 4 Latest News

Ryder, according to producer Michael Gamble in a tweet on June 13, 2016, will be the name of Mass Effect 4’s protagonist. In BioWare tradition, players will be able to choose between either a male or female character and customize their character’s appearance and skillset.

“Hello, my name is ______ Ryder.”

The plot of this third-person shooter action roleplaying game will take place many years after the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy, in a new galaxy, Andromeda. The Andromeda galaxy is where humanity seeks its new home and they will be met with warring factions and dangerous outlaws. According to a marketing survey leak, the plot centers around a treacherous race to find ancient, yet highly advanced technology which will secure humanity’s future.

According to the leak, the Andromeda galaxy will be four times larger than the Milky Way galaxy in Mass Effect 3. Unlike previous Mass Effect titles, this new game will be in an open world setting. Players will be given the option to explore on foot, or by vehicle. And yes, the infamous Mako, a hearty space rover, will make a return, though just for travel purposes – there will be no vehicular battles in the game.

The Mako will make a return – hopefully Ryder is a better driver than Shepard

Mass Effect: Andromeda will have other familiar aspects, such as a group of seven companions that you will get to know intimately and fight alongside. As in previous games, players will have the choice to have romantic partner(s) in Mass Effect 4 and the game will include same-sex relationship options.

Salarian, Asari, and Krogan will return and the information leak has confirmed that there will be at least two new intergalactic species: the Khet and the Remnant. It is unknown as to whether these names are subject to change or not.

An Asari character from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Another revival we are likely to see is a multitude of conversation options, allowing players to make difficult decisions and choose how Ryder will respond to other characters. What will be different from this traditional system, though, is that BioWare has said that they will be moving away from the morality system of the previous games. This means you will no longer be able to have Paragon or Renegade specific conversations options.

Instead, BioWare focuses more on strategic conversations which will have more of an effect on the way that the game plays out. Dialog will most likely be deeper and richer than previous games and players will have more control. With options to interrupt NPCs and shift the conversation into different directions as you go, conversations should be more fluid and realistic in comparison.


Mass Effect 4 Gameplay

Because Mass Effect 4 will be open world, players will be able to explore the expansive solar systems within the Andromeda galaxy, each with its own unique ecosystem. You will be able to scavenge for resources, and even settle new human colonies.

A large piece of the game seems to be looting ancient vaults for valuable technology. This will be no easy task, though, as players will likely face high level enemies and traps that protect this technology.

Fight perilous hoards of alien monsters

Mass Effect: Andromeda will also have an online multiplayer feature which may affect the campaign, similar to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer aspect. Players will be able to team up with up to three others to complete objectives such as defending settlements against waves of alien attack, assassinating a target, or disabling a bomb.


Potential Pitfalls

BioWare has been recently criticized for its lack of substance in its’ 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition; fans claiming that the plot was flimsy at best and that the story was incomplete until the final DLC, Trespasser, was released in 2015 at the price of $14.99 USD. Another major complaint was that the relationships were not as strong and as intimate as in previous BioWare games. This may be due to the fact that there seemed to be less one-on-one time with companions and most conversations were not held in a close-up view, which made it less personable.

With that said, BioWare has been notorious for taking the players’ requests seriously, so we hope that we will see a more interesting plot and better interactions in Andromeda.


Mass Effect 4 Release Date

Giant new landscapes in Mass Effect 4

In 2012, former Executive Producer, Casey Hudson asked “We're in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?” That’s when the hype began. After Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending, fans were thirsty for more. Finally, in the Electronic Arts conference at the 2015 E3, Mass Effect 4 was revealed, showcasing concept art and a short trailer.

It is confirmed that Mass Effect 4 will use DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, which BioWare also used to create Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Originally slated for Q4 2016, the team had to push back the release date to Q1 2017. While some speculate that it will be pushed back again and will not be released until the 10 year anniversary of the original Mass Effect game in November of 2017, the release date is currently set for March 31, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and of course, PC.

And it seems that Mass Effect 4 is currently in review stages. Michael Gamble, producer of Mass Effect, tweeted on June 28, 2016, “Another level review today, Mass Effects another homerun by the team. A great mission that was unique in design, narrative, and art direction.”


Mass Effect 4 Trailers



We can’t wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda to hit our computer screens. It seems that BioWare and Electronic Arts, who have been developing this game since the release of Mass Effect 3’s final DLC, Citadel, are dedicated to providing a fantastic and quality installment to the Mass Effect universe. We look forward to learning more about the game, the characters, and seeing more gorgeous footage of the world that we will soon be able to set foot into.

You will be in control of all the decisions in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Be sure to check back here for more news and updates as they are unveiled.

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