10 Crazy Predictions about Mass Effect 4 That May Just Come True

Space, A never-ending frontier
A new era is about to unfold.

As far of video games go, the Mass Effect series has to be one of my favorites. I had so much fun playing as a Spectre, both male and female, and progressing through the game, stopping evil and creating relationships. As a writer, I treated every moment in my two character’s lives and let me just say, wow. The amount of epicness this series give off, and the amount of depth I can give to my character, is just wonderful.

I would love to see a Mass Effect 4, and I have several ideas that would be make it as fun and memorable a game as its predecessors.

1. The Krogan re-emergence

I wouldn't want to be on the wrong sie of a Krogan.

The war is won, the Reapers are beaten back, and now it’s time to deal with the elephant in the room. What is to be done about the Krogans? They have proved useful in helping turn the tide in this war, but they were also a useful force right around the Rachni incursion.  There is an uneasy feeling with the Krogans in force once again in the universe, and it won’t get any easier.

Let’s add to the fact that there will be a splinter sect who isn’t ready to welcome the Krogans with open arms. As a number of terrorist attacks are being done on Tuchanka and other Krogan-friendly buildings, old wounds begin to ripen and the world of Mass Effect may be looking at another bloody conflict on the horizon.

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