Gods & Monsters Stadia Fiasco - First Look at Gameplay

Gods and Monsters, Ubisoft, Greek Mythology
Gorgons? Check. Greek gods? Check. Ubisoft leaking literally every new game this year? Check.

The much-anticipated title Gods & Monsters has been accidentally released on Stadia. No gameplay was previously available, but the few players who gained access during the leak have released some footage. Stadia quickly removed Gods & Monsters from the store, but using the aforementioned footage, we can discern a lot about the upcoming game. It looks very similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BoTW), featuring an open world, a fast-paced combat system, and monsters straight out of Greek mythology. Where do the similarities end, and how is the gameplay so far?


Orpheus: Complements and Criticism

Harpies facing off with the champion of the gods

Naturally, the gaming community had a lot to say about the leaked gameplay. It was released on the Stadia store under the name ‘Orpheus’ and many are excited by the new game, although some have expressed concerns that Ubisoft is going to release a clone of the popular title Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The art style and mechanics are very similar based on the limited knowledge available, but keep in mind: the game is nowhere near complete.


Combat System and Gameplay 

Potential boss battle?

From what can be observed in the various leaked videos, there is a combo-based combat system, containing knock-ups and charged moves. The blue potion on the bottom left presumably restores stamina, which is also displayed as a blue circle much like the green stamina bar in Zelda: BoTW. One player was observed dying after falling from a great height, revealing the death screen and a respawn point in what appeared to be Aphrodite’s temple. Players wield what looks to be a xiphos, a Greek one-handed sword from the iron age. Although Greek footsoldiers used xiphoses as secondary weapons, the sword from the first video certainly packs a punch.


Ubisoft’s Plans for Orpheus

Depiction of Typhon, deadliest of the titans

Now that we’ve seen a bit of the gameplay and lore, what does the future hold? Ubisoft announced plans to release the game this year, but it’s been pushed back. Hopefully, we'll get it by next year.

Ubisoft has always (and sometimes unsuccessfully) tried to keep their historical settings as accurate as possible. They’ve failed before with fact, but can they tackle ancient fiction?


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