Ubisoft partners with Parsec to deliver new streaming experiences

Ubisoft and Parsec announce new partnership
Soak in the view now, by this time next year this will all be a giant server-farm.

Ubisoft doubles-down on streaming-based services

Ubisoft have just completed their “Strategic Deal” with Parsec – developers of a “high performance, low latency 60 FPS remote access product connecting you to your computer from anywhere.”

Using peer-to-peer technology, Parsec allows users to stream any multiplayer game from their device to others worldwide. Advertising low-latency, nearly lag-free performance, Parsec enables users to stream most programs, not just games, to other devices without the frustrating performance-issues common among streaming technologies.

One of Parsec's premiere features is the ability to play traditional "couch co-op” games over the internet without needing players to be in the same building. Parsec’s versatility also transcends hardware, allowing players to play together without the hassle of incompatible devices.

Just as Hulu and Netflix circumvent traditional television services, the gaming industry moves forward with new ways to market their products. Streaming libraries haven't wholly replaced one-time purchases, however, and often times major titles aren't offered in the rotations – at least not at first.

Cloud-based streaming isn't anything new. Other industry leaders have already proven the technologies potential such as EA Access and Xbox Game Pass – subscription-based streaming services that offer players a library of games to select from instead of individual purchases. Even Ubisoft themselves have Uplay+.

But by partnering with Parsec, Ubisoft can continue to refine and build upon their streaming-based projects. Just as Microsoft’s xCloud allows users to stream games to their phones or tablets, Ubisoft could develop a similar service using Parsec’s infrastructure if they wanted to.

Although there is no official announcement yet as to if Ubisoft pursues this technology, they have acknowledged Parsec’s potential to “advance its game streaming efforts, using Parsec to power in-game experiences, demonstrations, events, and other endeavors.”

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