[Top 11] Growtopia Best Recipes And How To Get Them

Growtopia Best Recipes And How To Get Them, growtopia cooking food
Growtopia. The last place you’d check for cooking recipes, because how will you learn when everything grows on trees?

Come visit Growtopia’s Best—only the best recipes in town, mmm, mmm! Growtopia (2012) is a popular sandbox MMO being developed by Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. Cooking recipes are important for making useful buffs to help you aside from a single Blueberry or Egg.

Learn about the best recipes and how to get them with this list. Thank heavens I’ve scoured them, I know. Listed in what they do best, we begin with…

11. Berry Crepe (Best for Cooking Conquerors)

Get a clean cut of Clash points with this Surgery-enhancing breakfast!

The first on our list would be the Berry Crepe. 

The Berry Crepe is perhaps one of the simplest, quickest, and delicious recipes to make. In fact, the Blueberry is already the most expensive, optional ingredient. Some tutorial videos feature using Sugar, but that’s optional. Need a tip for finding cheap Sugar? Make your own!

I recommend the Berry Crepe if you’re cooking for the sake of cooking. As a plus, save these once you have the budget to afford surgery tools for the Angel of Mercy Wings or Dr. title.

Berry Crepe Stats

  • “Food: Surgery XP” mod for 30 mins
  • “Gain 30% more XP from Surgery!”

What Berry Crepe Excels In

  • Great for what players call the Cooking Clash
  • Is relatively easy to make
  • Rakes in a lot of profit if you sell the ingredients during the event! Wink.
  • Add in a sprinkle of one Sugar or two at the end for a Perfect crepe. This gets you a Mac n’ Cheese Star! Limited to one or two a day only.
  • The Mac n’ Cheese Star can also be used with Crazy Jim.

How To Get Berry Crepe: 


Berry Crepe details:

Wiki page

10. Apple Strudel (Best for profit and farming)

Tastes like home.

The Apple Strudel makes an appearance in the top 10!

Another easy recipe is the Apple Strudel. Not only is it also easy to make, but it is also useful regardless of an ongoing event. With this only a smidge harder than the Berry Crepe, it’s a fine alternative if you’re more of a farmer than a doctor.

Apple Strudel Stats

  • “Food: Tree Growth” mod for 30 mins
  • “Trees you plant grow 5% faster!”

What Apple Strudel Excels In

  • Great for farmers. Try selling it to them!
  • Also relatively easy to make

How To Get Apple Strudel:

How to Cook APPLE STRUDEL // Growtopia // GT

Recipe Name details:

Wiki page

9. Eggs Benedict (Best for doubling XP = 25%)

PERMABUYFOOD. The Eggs Benedict might be a bit too cumbersome to acquire.

At top 9 we have the Eggs Benedict.

Talkin’ classic here with Seth and Hamumu as our major developers, they’ve added a way to double your experience for everything. Found a method that’s quick to do? Then this might be useful to you!

Eggs Benedict Stats

  • “Food: Extra XP” mod for 30 mins
  • “25% chance of double XP for all actions.”

What Eggs Benedict Excels In

  • Eggs Benedict are the best if you’re harvesting trees and needing to reach level 125 (max). Don’t you want a fancy blue name?
  • Sometimes profit, but this recipe costs a little more than our previous top entries.

How To Get Eggs Benedict:

How To Cook Egg Benedict | Growtopia

Eggs Benedict details:

Wiki page

8. Arroz Con Pollo (Best for profit and breaking blocks)

Take an Arroz Con Pollo while chillin’ with your homies.

Give the chicken and rice combo a round of applause, because we’ve got the Arroz Con Pollo up next.

Pair the Arroz Con Pollo with a stack of Apple Strudels and you’ve got a farming match made in heaven. Both dishes sell because farming in-game is integral to the game. It’ll never disappear.

I recommend the recipe if you’re into saving gems and you happen to be in a BFG.

Arroz Con Pollo Stats

  • “Food: Breaking Gems” mod for 30 mins
  • “10% chance of a gem when you break a block.”

What Arroz Con Pollo Excels In

  • The Arroz Con Pollo is perfect for BFG grinders, leveling up to 125.
  • You may also make profit in selling the dish.

How To Get Arroz Con Pollo:


Arroz Con Pollo details:

Wiki page

7. Gemonade (Best for Cooking & Startopia)

What change? You gave me $100.

Straight to the point, make yourself a Gemonade with the top 7.

Instead of experience points, you might want to rack up Gems. Go ahead with the Gemonade! This recipe is perfect for players who want to maximize cooking and in doing their Startopia missions.

Gemonade Stats

  • “Food: Sparkling Gems” mod for 30 mins
  • “Get extra gems from a variety of actions!”
  • You may get up to 500 gems doing either fishing, surgery, cooking, and Startopia missions.

What Gemonade Excels In

  • Gems, of course! Aside from farming, gems can come from various roles too.
  • Combine the Gemonade while grinding for a role or when preparing for an event to make the most out of it.

How To Get Gemonade:

SECRET PROFIT USING GEMONADE [Profit Tutorial] Growtopia

Gemonade details:

Wiki page

6. Gingerbread Cookie (Best for tripling XP = 10%)

AISN. This cookie doesn’t scream holiday. You and our readers both.

Winter is coming, and so is the Gingerbread Cookie in the top 6. Looking so dreadful, ‘Bread Man?

Although the Gingerbread Cookie has its place in certain controlled circumstances, I prefer the Eggs Benedict if given a choice. 10% for triple experience isn’t as often triggered as 25% for double. However, if you need an alternative, you may go for this recipe.

Gingerbread Cookie Stats

  • “Food: Extra XP” mod for 30 mins
  • “10% chance of triple XP for all actions.”

What Gingerbread Cookie Excels In

  • Similar to the Eggs Benedict, the Gingerbread Cookie is another fair alternative to more experience points.
  • Like Eggs Benedict, this Cookie stacks with the Ring of Wisdom.

How To Get Gingerbread Cookie:

COOKING WITH FALL #2 | How To Cook Gingerbread Cookie (EASY!) - Growtopia

Gingerbread Cookie details:

Wiki page

5. Skill Spice (Best for reducing Surgery skill fails)

ROLESTORE. Also use with Tea! I highly recommend this if you’re pursuing the Angel of Mercy Wings or the Dr. title.

Prevent malpractice with the Skill Spice. In the top 5, we sprinkle the importance of in-game doctors performing well.

Skill Spice is a necessary recipe and consumable for surgeons. I say “surgeons” loosely because clearly the maladies don’t always need one. If you need anything, it’ll be this combined with Tea so you don’t overspend.

Skill Spice Stats

  • “Food: Spicey Skills” mod for 30 mins
  • “Reduce your skill fails by half in both Surgery and Startopia missions.”

What Skill Spice Excels In

  • Combined with Tea, overall this should save you a couple gems and WLs for the tools.
  • Since this is a popular item, many sellers and buyers appear on places such as PERMABUYFOOD. Check it out!

How To Get Skill Spice:

Growtopia Skillspice recipe and how to cook 9 at a time easy and simple #growtopia #growtopiagamer

Skill Spice details:

Wiki page

4. Trawlerman’s Friend (Best for Fishing)

FLOURIDA. “The snack that smiles back.”

Pop a mint before you fish with the Trawlerman’s Friend in the top 4.

Rarely do people use fishing food, but if there’s one that acts similar to a Licorice Rod (non-stackable), it’d be the Trawlerman’s Friend. I recommend this recipe if you’ve got a better rod than the Licorice one.

Trawlerman’s Friend Stats

  • “Trawlerman’s Friend” mod for 30 mins
  • “Reduce fishing time [by half]”

What Trawlerman’s Friend Excels In

  • Helpful in Guild Clash
  • Great for profiting

How To Get Trawlerman’s Friend:

COOKING WITH FALL #1 | How To Cook Trawlerman's Friend (EASY!) - Growtopia

Trawlerman’s Friend details

Wiki page

3. Hot Chocolate (Best for Geiger hunting)

BUYHOTCHOCOLATE. Get yourself a warm cocoa before exposing yourself to radium.

Warming up with the Hot Chocolate now for the top 3.

If you’re into Carnivals or uranium-spiked drinks, go for the Hot Chocolate recipe. They’re great for Crystal farming and for Challenges like the Radiation Race and the Growch Games.

Hot Chocolate Stats

  • Removes the “Irridiated” mod from the Geiger Counter
  • Consuming the Hot Chocolate also charges up a Geiger Counter

What Hot Chocolate Excels In

  • Best to use for Crystal farming
  • Works instantly

How To Get Hot Chocolate:

Growtopia | Perfect Hot Chocolate + Mac n' Cheese Star!

Hot Chocolate details:

Wiki page

2. Alien Brains Strudel (Best for Mutant Kitchen)

JUNGWE. Bleurgh. So this is where all the Zeta Reticulant Masks went.

Alien Brains Strudels come in peace in the top 2 of our list.

Like what’s to come, the Alien Brains Strudel kind of works like a Pineapple. You eat it until you explode and it gives something.

I recommend the Alien Brains Strudel because it’s the least hassling recipe to make for the Mutant Kitchen. Check out the deets!

Alien Brains Strudel Stats

  • When consumed and used until overloaded, it spawns a reward.
  • Consuming the Strudel doesn’t give a food buff mod.

What Alien Brains Strudel Excels In

  • Efficient gacha farming for the Mutant Kitchen
  • Easy to make

How To Get Alien Brains Strudel:

How To Cook "Alien Bloodied Brains Strudel" | Growtopia

Alien Brains Strudel details:

Wiki page

1. Festering Urchin & Poop Pie (Best for Mutant Kitchen)

VGate GT. Another reason to be afraid of trenches.

Ships ahoy to the Festering Urchin & Poop Pie in the top 1. You wanted this.

Rightfully called the Gross-Out update, the Festering Urchin & Poop Pie is another alternative to the top 2. In case you couldn’t acquire the materials for the Alien Brains Strudel, give this recipe a shot. Just try not to visit a public toilet after.

Festering Urchin & Poop Pie Stats

  • When consumed and used until overloaded, it spawns a reward.
  • Consuming the Festering Urchin & Poop Pie doesn’t give a food buff mod.

What Festering Urchin & Poop Pie Excels In

  • Another alternative to the already-hard-to-find Alien Brains Strudel
  • Like the Strudel, consume many for a chance at winning rare prizes. OMEGALUL!

How To Get Festering Urchin & Poop Pie:

Growtopia | How to cook Festering urchin & Poop pie

Festering Urchin & Poop Pie details:

Wiki page

That’s all for the very best recipes out there in Growtopia. Listen to the date I’ve written this, of course. If you want to read more, also read our recommended articles for you on Gamers Decide. Deuces!

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