Growtopia Best Ways to Earn wls [Top 5 Ways]

Growtopia Best Ways to Earn wls, Growtopia How to Profit
Growtopia. Liquidate at your own risk!

Learn how to earn wls, because you’re probably too lazy to go watch a video. Growtopia is a popular sandbox MMO managed by Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. Not a lot has changed over the past few years, so consider this guide updated until then!

These are the methods I consider to be the best at earning wls. Tried and tested by yours truly! To make sure they’re relevant, I scoured the forums and Discord server in case I missed any updates. 

Why earn World Locks?

  • Unlock the versatility of the game, not worrying about gate-kept luxuries.
  • Learn about finance in this chaotic business simulator!

5. Selling Clash requirements

We’re putting this under a broad category, because there are many ways to earn wls through Clash. Selling pristine anomalizers is one of them, another is by selling – believe it or not – Dirt Seeds. You may sell ingredients too, and many more!

Capitalizing on Clash is great because many players are competitive by nature. Help them rack up points!

How It Works

  • Buy your pristine anomalizers through the Store.
  • Prepare Dirt and/or Cave Background seeds for Block Builders and Block Bashers Clash events.
  • Prepare consumables under the sun for Cooking Conquerors!
  • Sell bait (looking at you, top 2) during the Fishing Fanatics.
  • Rack up your Startopian and Surgical Kits for the Surgery Stars and Super Startopians!

4. Geiger hunting

Geiger Counters work like metal detectors in-game. Get a prize for exploring the outskirts of your world! This is a decent way of making wls on the side. With a free charge every 30 minutes – and 15 on Geiger Day – you have many chances of finding something worthwhile.

Hunting is great because you get to do other things, like farming or top 1 while waiting. Double profit!

How It Works

  • Visit a dedicated hunting world. If you can’t find one, use your farm. Break and replace the platforms.
  • Walk around until your Geiger Counter, (which should emit red rings,) turns yellow, and eventually green.
  • Once you’re in green, walk slowly until you receive a prize!
  • Geiger Chargers, Black Crystals, and White Crystals are the major prizes. Still, I urge you to save the lesser crystals for the Carnival. They sell for more!

3. Bulk selling Daily Quest requirements

Sell your Daily Quest items for more World Locks. Varying every day for the sake of a Growtoken, Crazy Jim’s got some requests for you! Many players covet the status symbol of Growtoken items.

Capitalizing on Daily Quests is great because Crazy Jim’s an item sink anyway, so you’ll seldom encounter oversaturation in this market. You may have pricing competitors, but isn’t that the nature of trade?

How It Works

  • Access Crazy Jim through the Telephone. Dial “12345”! BUYDAILYQUEST has a telephone for your personal use. You may also buy your own.
  • Check the daily requirements. They reset every 0:00 Growtopian Time.
  • Visit SSP, RSP, clothing, and miscellaneous shops early. Chase the cheap prices before anyone else gets to them!
  • Plot out when you want to sell these items. They should be priced higher than normal for optimal profit.

2. Harvesting Tackle Boxes

Tackle Boxes are undoubtedly the highest-earning providers-per-world-lock at the moment. Slander the Science Station not, but if you can afford it, harvesting Tackles is less tedious. Better if you have a set of Gaia’s Beacon or MAGPLANT 5000.

Relying on providers is great because you get a steady stream of income. Harvest and sell. It’s easy and direct.

How It Works

  • Save your gems or buy Tackle Boxes through a BUY+ world. Broadcasting helps too.
  • Place your Tackle Boxes three blocks in height or by using a farm template.
  • Harvest them once a day and sell them at BUYBAIT or similar worlds.
  • Sell them during fishing events for more profit.

1. BFG (Break For Gems)

Breaking or hosting a BFG world sounds soul-draining. The white-collared folks would whisper about the great pay, though. A BFG is similar to a cubicle job. If you’re into a routine, this might be for you.

BFGs are great because they support a mutual relationship between the world owner and the breakers. Both people benefit from farmables, and some would argue that this is better than farming now. You be the judge.

How It Works

  • Find a BFG at BUYBFG. Although it’s a BUY+ world, people advertise free breaking rooms too.
  • For BFG breakers
    • Keep your gems safe. Make sure the world is free from trolls using the Lighter or Crime Wave trick! Make sure that there are safety measures like Checkpoints and Steam/Password Door tech put in place to protect you.
    • Collect your gems now and then. As satisfying as it is to see many purple gems, who knows when Growtopia restarts their servers?
  • For BFG hosts
    • Avoid tolerating bot users. This will get your world (and your items) nuked from orbit!
    • Place a The Adventure Begins (for bots) or Checkpoints (for trolls) to ensure nobody is harming your world’s reputation.
  • Since gems are earned directly through top 1, you decide where to spend it.

That’s all for only the best ways to earn wls in Growtopia. Did this help you? Have other things to share with fellow gamers? Register and comment below, Growtopians! Otherwise, read my various articles. Thank you for supporting me!

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