The Crazy Villain In Far Cry 5

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His stare cuts right through you as though there is nothing you can hide from him. Meet the crazy villain behind Ubisoft’s latest instalment in the hugely popular Far Cry game series, Far Cry 5.

What do we know about this crazy villain?

Although Ubisoft have not yet revealed any clues about who our villain might be we can deduce some details for ourselves from the box art revealed earlier this month, such as the fact that he dresses quite well while those surrounding him do not, or that he is neatly groomed sporting a modern haircut and facial hair style and that he is stylish as can be seen by the huge aviator sunglasses adorning his piercing eyes. There are many more facts that could be deduced from the image, such as the fact that he commands 7 people, at least and also that he is held and obviously respected as a leader of some sort, implying he holds power.

Another tantalizing clue comes to us from a Reddit post which was posted by an anonymous user named “FarCry5-throwaway” on 17 May, where the user said the game “featured the protagonist taking on a Jim Jones or David Koresh – like religious cult in a small town in Montana that has been populated by, essentially, Doomsday-Preppers bent on furthering their cause.”

The main villain of Far Cry 5 surrounded by his henchmen at a table symbolising the last supper of Christ.

Far Cry 5 Key Art reveals that our villain is surrounded by strong religious symbology and the beginnings of a cult who are armed to the teeth and likely ready for anything.

The Villain, The Last Supper and The Eucharist.

The reference to Da Vinci’s famous artwork “The Last Supper” used in the box art speaks of an impending doom coming, much like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the tale of the last supper. Another key point that may be taken from the use of the last supper as a pose for the box art may have been to imply that our antagonist has surrounded himself with his top supporters, again much like Christ did.

In this image can also be seen a reference to the Eucharist, which is a ritual surrounding the last supper, whereby followers of the religion consume wine and bread. The use of this symbolism here may speak about the religious mindedness of the community that the game takes place in and also of the subversion of the Christian faith into what is used by this cult.

Far Cry 5 All four trailers:

These four trailers, revealed by Ubisoft this last week, show the sleepy countryside surrounded by massive mountain ranges of Montana that play the setting of Far Cry 5.

What can we deduce about the villain’s intentions from the box art?

Closer inspection of the elements of the box art can reveal some of our protagonists possible intentions with a little creative interpretation. For instance, the man who appears chained and hunched in front of the table that the villain sits at, with the word “sinner” marked across his back, speaks of the intentions that our villain has for anyone who opposes his cause or gets in the way of its advancement. It also speaks of his strict view of upholding religious law over moral law in the fact that he chained the man and subjected him to this humiliation.

Then we move our gaze to the assortment of weaponry that appears across the scene and the pair of planes mid-dogfight as they soar over the top of a burning timber building. All of this imagery speaks of expectations of violence and warfare for the future as the group try to achieve their goals.
Overall, we have a villain who holds some kind of power over people, who is supported by at least 7 other people, a man who sees himself as something of a religious leader with a new religious truth and who has intentions of enforcing that truth, at least upon this community, and possibly to spread it further, no matter the cost. More will be revealed at the Worldwide unveiling, held on 26 May 2017 by Ubisoft.


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