[Top 3] Far Cry 5 Best Planes (And How To Get Them)

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A Montana sky dogfight is just a regular afternoon in Far Cry 5.

The people of Hope County look to the sky and exclaim, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….yeah wow it’s just a plane…” But what plane is it? Far Cry 5 offers many options for both seaplanes and airplanes, so how do you pick which “bird” is right for you? Let’s take a look at the top three planes in Far Cry 5 that will bring your gaming experience to the top of the sky while disguising you as close to a deadly bald eagle as possible. 


3. "The Clusterduck"

No, the propellors on The Clusterduck unfortunately do not go "quack quack".

While being a seamless transition from sky to sea, our number three spot goes to a plane with a “duck load” of personality. The battle abilities of this plane are pretty well highlighted in the name of this hydroplane and the chaos it can wreak on the Seeds and their heavily armed forces. The machine guns equipped on the Clusterduck run roughly eight seconds of continuous fire from full capacity but burst firing can provide much more sustained fire. 
What's Great About “The Clusterduck”

  • Landable on both land and sea, making it easier to be closer to targeted missions or outposts
  •  This plane has wing-mounted machine guns, bombs, and rocket salvos…ready to bring on the biggest “clusterduck” you can imagine…or make happen with a controller….
  • With bright orange flames and a deep grey primer scheme, this prestige-level plane is ready to bring that hot hot heat!

How To Get “The Clusterduck”

  • This plane is attainable from any boat spawn for $7,200 or 400 silver bars.

Here’s what this plane looks like in that big Montana sky


2. “The Dogfighter”

This guy's all guns and bombs heavy enough to make your enemies go woof.

Bringing back some big WW2 vibes with this floating prince of the sky. A variant of the AdjudiCor FBW-2, this plane offers a very authentic war paint job coupled with its rocket, bomb, and bullet gunning capabilities that will allow you to win the arguable “WW3” happening in Hope County.
What's Great About “The Dogfighter”

  • This plane flies a lot less clunky than the Clusterduck and other hydroplanes
  • This plane offers a machine gun that auto-replenishes, so fire away at whatever sky-based demons you’re fighting out there!
  • With two seats, this offers you a great ability: eliminating the multitasking of flying and shooting. Bring along your companion and have them help you…just maybe not Cheeseburger… he might be over the weight limit….

How To Get “The Dogfighter”

  • In order to obtain this plane, you’ll have to finish the mission “The Atonement”. Be sure to follow this video for tips on how to complete this mission effectively.


1. "Wildfire"

Just like in the wild, this wildfire spreads its chaos and can't be stopped.

While this is really just another variation of the AdjudiCor FBW-2, it’s the paint job for us, guys. I mean, for many of the Seeds’ airborne enemies, these shark eyes will be the last thing they see, if you learn how to fly her right. While most people are used to fearing a shark in the water, now they’ll fear one in the Hope County skies!
What's Great About “Wildfire”

  • The coolest paint job prestige item IN THE GAME (in this author’s opinion…)
  • Again, this plane offers you that dual-seat ability, making air fighting much easier as you can fight in both forward and backward directions
  • Sticking with AdjudiCor FBW-2 abilities, you have rockets, bombs, and bullets to brutalize your enemies

How To Get “Wildfire”

  • This plane is attainable from any boat spawn for $7,200 or 400 silver bars.

Check out how amazing this plane looks in the game here


As the planes can be somewhat expensive, we link a video here that helps you find a free plane early on in the game. Otherwise, keep finding those prepper stashes and grinding to get to purchase…the capitalistic American dream!


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