[Top 10] Far Cry 5 Best Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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A heavily weapon battle in the world or Far Cry 5.

We’ve known Far Cry to possess some of the craziest weapons the further you search in the game, but leave it to the land of the free and home of the brave to show just how free their freedom is…with weapons of course.

With so many to choose from, how does one know they have the best arsenal to defeat the villains of Hope County? Here’s a breakdown of the Top 10 weapons found from sea to shining sea in the United States-based hellscape that is Far Cry 5.

10. Skorpion “Big Spender”

The majestic American Skorpion "Big Spender" in all its glory.

Now you’ll have to save up those pennies for some of these specialized weapons but when you’re gunning down groups of blissed-up rednecks, you won’t regret it.

  • Prestige Item with an incredible paint job, eagles and flags! Oorahhhhh!
  • Incredible ROF and handling give you great suppressing fire if on a zipline or escaping a crowded area
  • Perfect option for that sidearm slot that provides the ability for multiple opponent take down at a close range

How to Get the Skorpion “Big Spender”

Skorpion “Big Spender” details


9. AK-MS “The White-Tailer”

The Whitetailer, an AK that will send any "deer" running.

You won’t be hunting just deer with this beauty. With a little extra accuracy, this is a step up from our previous gun and a step (or shot) in the right direction.

  • A good fill for your primary or secondary slot, accuracy and damage here outrate the Skorpion by about 3 points each
  • A prestige item, what American doesn’t love a good camo skin and the comradery with the Whitetail Militia!
  • Considering the other stats, handling is still good, so you get the best of all worlds. Lucky you!

How to get the AK-MS “The White-Tailer”

AK-MS “The White-Tailer” details


8. SPAS-12 “Flameout”

Don't worry guys, it's not as hot to the touch as it looks.

In a game with a steady mix of drug dealing gang bangers and mid-western cowboy vibes, a shotgun has to be a part of your arsenal. This particular Italian shotgun will have you saying a quick “arrivederci '' to your enemies. Designed in real life and sold mostly for movie making, it's about time you geared up and made a Far Cry 5 movie of your own.

  • The “flame” spray of this shotgun deals a solid 7 in damage, on par with Far Cry 5’s shotgun options, however, the ROF is higher, a common nuisance for shotguns normally
  • A suppressor added to this gun can help with the lack of accuracy, keeping you stealthily moving through a hunting spree or outpost mission
  • It’s a shotgun, so that’s always fun…. Murica, or whatever!

How to get the SPAS-12 “Flameout”

SPAS-12 “Flameout” details


7. “The Alien Gun” AKA The Magnopulser

Aliens used this to make humans go zap-zap goodbye, now you can too.

  • This weapon requires no ammo refill, so vaporize away without limit!
  • Although Damage is “0”, this will vaporize a target at close range and blast targets at mid-distance away from you if you need time to “crowd-control”
  • Honestly, it just looks cool. Really cool. 

How to get the Alien Gun

Alien Gun details


6. RAT4

This is much bigger than any old rat we've seen...

This is one big rat, a big rat that’ll bury its way into and through anything. A person, a truck, a helicopter, oh it’ll get through there to be sure. Plus, who doesn’t like a rocket launcher that makes a big boom?

  • The RAT4 has a load of color options, including the appropriate Prestige color, “This Is Going To Spiral”
  • Great rate of Damage, Range, and Accuracy, but some scope upgrades are always useful
  • This weapon will lock on targets, so although the Rate of Fire and Handling is lower, you’re bound to blow your target to pieces

How to get the RAT4

RAT4 details


5. M249 “Militia”

With this gun, you're not just a member of the militia, you're the whole goddamn thing.

  • A great gun for when you’re in a panic and just need to spray bullets around
  • An unending magazine with decent accuracy considering the rate of fire
  • Damage and Range are of decent levels, so crowds of enemies fall like flies

Where to find the M249 “Militia”

M249 “Militia” details


4. Slingshot

If it's good enough for a five-year-old, it's good enough for us. In a pinch, of course.

We’re back on our homegrown Mid-Western kiddie antics with this one, but hey, even kids get away with murder sometimes….

  •  Overall stats on this are at an equal 6, which means it’s a more effective weapon than you’d first realize…who let little Johnny from down the road get one of these?!
  • So much about taking down an outpost has to do with stealth, and this is the perfect distraction; with both its range and accuracy, you’ll prank all your enemies and have the post down in no time.
  • At such a low price, you can use your extra cash to buy one of the many cool skins you can add to this mischievous little toy! 

Where To Get the Slingshot

Slingshot details


3. Recurve Bow

With this bow, you're the modern-day Robin Hood.

Sleek and sneaky, you’ll fit right into any hunting mission, for bunnies, bears, and of course, those tricky outpost members! Whatever your target, a silent bullseye is in your future.

  • One of the best weapons in Far Cry 5for stealth
  • This bow can also use incendiary and explosive arrows, great for both distraction and damage!
  • This bow is a bit above the Compound bow in both Range and ROF while still having a traditional bow style to it

Where to get the Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow details


2. Jacob’s Rifle

The only thing greater than this gun is knowing that Jacob doesn't have it anymore.

The best advice one can give for Far Cry 5, get an MBP .50 as soon as you can. Having said that, getting your hands on Jacob’s takes some serious doing (and trauma without giving any spoiler alerts). It’s a clean mean American fighting machine, bound to destroy all who are caught on the wrong end of its sights. 

  • Damage is up one point on Jacob’s rifle, packing a massive sniper punch that usually kills enemies while knocking them clean off their feet
  • Range is flawless and with proper additions can be perfected even further
  • Makes it easy for one to clear out defenders and alarms of an outpost from a distance, giving a massive advantage before ever putting yourself in harm’s way

How to get Jacob’s Rifle

Jacob’s Rifle details


1. M60

"The Setting Sun", what most of your enemies will see when looking down the barrel of this M60.

If Miss America was for guns, this pretty lady would be taking home the sash and flowers.
As someone who has played this game for over 300 hours, this author finds this gun to be the best combination of Damage, Range, Rate of Fire, and Accuracy while having the ability to be upgraded.

  • Capable of holding large amounts of ammunition in comparison to the rate of fire, meaning you get, quite literally, more bang for your buck
  • Compared the stats included, comes at an easily attainable price so you can get it early in the game
  • Large amounts of customizable items to increase overall stats and skins for looks

How to get M60

M60 details

PSA: While it appears a lot of these weapons are expensive or for Resistance levels and Prestige points are not attainable, there are many easy ways to level up fast. Check out how to earn cash quickly.

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