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Are you ready for the American battle of your lifetime?

As the time comes for any game, it must be evaluated to see how it measures up with other games in the industry. With a steadily growing list of new games through 2022, is a game from 2018 worth playing? In order to review this game, this author will do their best to remove themselves from bias and present the best factual evidence about this game. Here’s our succinct and overall review of Far Cry 5.


About Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a first person shooter (FPS) and adventure game that was released in 2018 by Ubisoft. The game was heavily influenced by social and political events in modern US history. With a creation budget of $80 to $130 million, Far Cry 5’s popularity was very high when released and still remains in many gaming forums as a fan favorite. Selling 2.5 million copies in the first 5 days, the game was a feat to be reckoned with and still continues to sell copies, now surmounting over 10 million. 


Far Cry 5 Story

Discover the incredible sotry of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 chronicles the story of a mid-western US area, Hope County, and their continuous battle with a religious cult leading family called the Seeds. Its eldest brother, Jacob, has thrown the civilians of Hope County into utter turmoil unless they join the Seed’s side instead of staying “one of the herd”. You, a heroic cop, must help with the locals to bring down this violent Jesus-like self-made messiah and drug worshiping family. This story will keep you hooked as you work your way through defeating each region controlled by the Seed family, hopefully while making some pretty interesting companions along the way.


Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Check out this incredible Far Cry 5 gameplay.

Characters generated are selected from two presets, male or female, and can also have their features customized including facial structure, skin color, and hair choices. The Far Cry 5 world includes elements of killing bosses, in this game the members of the Seed families. These boss level fights are built off of completing activities in each of the regions these bosses exist in. Activities include taking out enemy outposts, blowing up enemy churches and vehicles, helping to free hostages and many other chaotic and usually violent activities. There is also a very large naturalist element to this game; exploring the natural environment from hunting to fishing to flying over the mountains and jet skiing through the rivers, a player can spend hours exploring this massive map. There are many interesting NPCs in this game who can be added as companions and add for a fun interactive playstyle. A game that can definitely be replayed given your perk and playing choices, this game is one that this author has very few notes on.


Far Cry 5 Combat

Get ready for some chaotic and turly unbelievable combat scenes.

As far as combat goes, your character’s improvement in abilities will depend on the perks you fill out. There are five major categories of abilities unlockable by perk points in this game:

  • Survivalist - Increases player's health and defense. Also increases rewards from plants and animals.
  • Renegade - Increases proficiency in heavy arms, travel, and repair.
  • Assassin - Increases the player's proficiency in melee combat, stealth, and lockpicking.
  • Prepper - Allows the player to carry more ammunition or weapons.
  • Leader - Provides perks for Guns/Fangs for Hire.

The top 4 listed above increase your abilities while the Leader perks unlock new recall times for companions, increasing the ability to utilize those companions you choose. Weaponry is built very similarly to a FPS shooter game; there are base guns unlockable after completion of certain quests or monetary levels. These can be additionally increased by the use of sights, scopes, magazine upgrades and silencers. Multiplayer combat as well as hand to hand combat with hunting predators is built well in this game, although there is some lag associated with companions in combat situations. It takes a total of 286 perk points to unlock all of these abilities, which would technically be the highest level you can achieve in this game


Far Cry 5 Quest/Mission System

Explore the Quest and Mission System in Far Cry 5.

The overall campaign storyline for Far Cry 5 is a wonderful story and very easily can be run through in a good 10-15 hours if you strictly play the storyline. Outside of that though, the overall side missions and discoverables of the Hope County area are endless! From trophy hunting, outposts, prepper stashes, extra activities are abundant on this map. Quest system is controlled similarly to other Far Cry games through a tab in the menu screen. Missions can be selected to track and are arranged by importance. The main missions are very exciting, but side missions including certain outpost takedowns, Clutch Nixon stunt events and even freeing some of your companions like Cheeseburger or finding Peaches add an element of whimsy to this sometimes very serious game.


Far Cry 5 Graphics

Lay your eyes on these incredible graphics throughout Hope County.

To all of us gamers, graphics are an important part of playing any game, especially a game you spend extended time with. And in the genesis of Far Cry games, 5 does not disappoint; the graphics are definitely on par with games produced in 2018. The graphics in the game paints a very real world vision of the American landscape and housing, although combat gameplay could be somewhat increased. Here’s a comparison between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 graphics.


Far Cry 5 Developer

Far Cry 5 was developed by Ubisoft, a developer this author definitely holds in high regard. If you collect enough Ubisoft games, the membership program can pay off, giving you a lot of freebies in new games. The game does not tend to be too buggy, especially for a game that came out in 2018, most of the bugs have been fixed, however Ubisoft seems to be fairly responsive to their players’ complaints. DLC’s are well patched and fixed, even in storylines/maps created by players.


Far Cry 5 Price

As it was released in 2018, the prices of this game are pretty phenomenal for the current day. Far Cry 5 is listed at less than $9.99 on GameStop and is available for XBOX One, PS4/PS5 and PC. The DLC pack is currently listed for $29.99 and includes the three available DLCs: Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies, and Lost on Mars as well as Far Cry 3, a great game if you haven’t had the chance to play! As far as in-game purchases are concerned, generating cash in the game is easy enough that it isn’t worth it to pay to play in this way…save that money for Far Cry 6!



Overall, we find ourselves at the following Pros and Cons:


  • Great story line with interesting characters and twists and unforeseeable turns
  • Wonderful graphics of surroundings and natural world
  • Graphics of weapons, explosives and combat scenes are amazing
  • Smooth driving of vehicles as well as great auto driving feature
  • Great main companions as well a recruitable companions
  • Lots of interesting weapons, vehicles and items to use
  • Great map for exploration and continuous side missions to find
  • Very easy to generate money
  • Fishing is a great addition to hunting in this game and is a beautiful game even just for this element


  • Menu set up is unoriginal and very similar to it’s normal format throughout the Far Cry games
  • Companions can be buggy at times even after years of updates
  • Cheaper DLC set so that more players could appreciate
  • Would be nice to see more variations in weapon types
  • Loot amount fills quickly
  • Throwable weapons (pipe bombs, moltovs, etc) are way too complex and as such are not utilized as much as they could be….unfortunate as they enhance graphics greatly in battle sequences


Overall, this author rates Far Cry 5 a 8.5/10: this is a solid game, popular since its inception and for good reason, but no game is without faults no matter how pretty it is. Don’t agree or don’t know if you do? Play in Hope County for yourself, but be careful what you find or how hooked you might become!

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