Far Cry 5 Best Companions Revealed (And How To Get Them)

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The two best companions for hunting.

There are a total of three Fangs for Hire and six Guns for Hire that can make your gameplay a whole lot easier. They all have their own unique skillset and add extra excitement. 

Far Cry 5 companions make your gameplay more exciting with their monologue and help you with their abilities. You can pick a diabetic grizzly bear or a kick-butt grandma with the mouth of a sailor. Far Cry 5 has nine different Guns for Hire companions and can be a doozy getting some of them. Here are the different Hope County companions and how to get them.

Boomer- The Good Boy

 Boomer retrieving a weapon after taking out a Peggie.

Boomer is one of the Fangs for Hire companions in Far Cry 5 and is one of the most impressive Fangs for Hire in the game. He was a regional dog champion and even the Seed family wanted to use him for the cult. He is not only one of the cutest, but the easiest companions to get as well.

Boomer was rescued by the deputy after the Peggies had killed his owners. After you add Boomer to your team, Dutch will tell you, “He’ll watch your back better than any man ever could.”

One of Boomer’s best abilities, Pointer, helps you spot all wildlife and enemies near you. Whether they are friendly or not, Boomer will let out a low growl and sniff the ground pointing to where they are. When he is done sniffing, the target will be tagged.

Another cool feature is you can send Boomer into cult areas and they will not hurt him until he attacks first. Boomer’s ability Retriever will let Boomer scavenge dead bodies and sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack.

Choose Boomer If:

  • You like a companion that can tag all nearby enemies.
  • You want a companion that can pick up additional supplies and weapons. 
  • You are a big dog fan.

How To Get Boomer:

  • First, you will need to start the mission Man’s Best Friend. This will take you to the Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in John’s region.

  • Next, you need to eliminate all of the Peggies and secure the farm.

  • Once you are Peggie-free, rescue Boomer. He will be in a locked trailer in the middle of the farm.

  • Once you let Boomer out of the cage, he will go over to his owner, who was murdered.

  • Pet Boomer to comfort him and he will join your team.

Cheeseburger was bribed with the salmon that you caught (pictured) to join your roster. 

Cheeseburger is one of the three Fangs for Hire companions and is a diabetic Grizzly Bear. He was left orphaned as a cub when his mother was killed by poachers. Wade Fowler brought him to the F.A.N.G Center, after finding him eating Cheeseburgers out of a dumpster.

Cheeseburger is another Fang for Hire that Jacob wanted for the cult. To save his life, Wade set Cheeseburger free in the wild. He is a tank that has a lot of health and is a great fighter.  

One of Cheeseburger's abilities is Bear Arms, this allows him to exercise his right to attack. And when he does attack, he will lunge at his opponents.

He also has the ability Cross To Bear which is used to draw focus during combat. This is the perfect ability for outposts or any other high conflict times.

Choose Cheeseburger If:

  • You need to draw hostile attention away from you.

  • You need a specialist that has a lot of health.

  • You would like an excellent fighter companion on your team.

How To Get Cheeseburger:

  •  First, head over to the F.A.N.G Center in Jacobs region. This will be northwest of the Lumber Mill in the Whitetail Mountains.

  •  You need to liberate the F.A.N.G Center from the Peggies for The Right To Bear Arms mission to be available.

  • Once all the Peggies are gone you need to talk to Wade. He will tell you to go find out where Cheeseburger went.

  • Before you go to Cheeseburger, you need to follow the waypoint on your map to a fishing spot and catch a fresh salmon.  

  • After you catch the salmon, head east along the road from the fishing spot to Linero Building Supplies.

  • When you get there, you will need to eliminate the enemies.

  • Once you are cultist-free, head down to the water, and Cheeseburger will be lying on the bank.

  • You have to give Cheeseburger the salmon you caught to start a cutscene.

  • After this scene, the cultists will swarm you to take Cheeseburger, you need to stop them. Once the enemies are eliminated Cheeseburger will be added to your roster and you can now play with him.

Peaches- The Feline Powerhouse

Peaches is a great Fang for Hire that can take down Peggies and animals with ease. 

Peaches is the last of the Fangs for Hire companions and is a Mountain Lion that was originally owned by Miss Mable. She was raised in captivity but broke out due to the Cult. But don’t let her background in captivity fool you, she has fully embraced her hunter instincts and is very deadly.

Peaches is a big kitty cat that is loving towards you and willing to go to the end for you. She is a great hunter, extremely powerful, and silent. All of which will help you along your Hope County journey.

Her ability Pounce will allow you to silently take down an enemy. This is very useful in high-risk situations where you need to avoid detection.

Peaches also has the ability Stalk, which allows her to stay hidden when moving in the tall grass. This will allow her to avoid detection and drawing attention to you.

Choose Peaches If You:

  • Need a silent specialist for a high-risk situation.
  • Want a versatile companion who also has a lot of power.
  • Need a specialist that scares off wildlife. 

How To Get Peaches:

  • You need to head to Peaches Taxidermy which is located in the northwest region of Faith’s region.

  • You will need to talk to Ms. Mable to activate the Here Kitty, Kitty mission. She will tell you that Peaches is missing, so you need to take her treats and go look for her.

  • Follow the quest marker and it will take you to a group of Peggies. You need to eliminate them and throw Peaches treats on the ground.

  • When Peaches appears, you need to lead her back to the Taxidermy by throwing her treats along the way.

  • Back at the Taxidermy, a big group of cultists will be there. You have to eliminate them and lead Peaches back into her pen by throwing her treats inside.

  • When Peaches in her pen, talk to Ms. Mable and this will add Peaches to your roster.

Nick Rye- The King Of The Skies

Nick is seen here for the Far Cry 5 Resistance trailer.

Nick Rye is a pilot who is the owner of Carmina, a seaplane that was passed down from his grandfather. He is a husband to Kim Rye and the father of Carmina Rye, named after his family seaplane.

Nick comes from a family of military airmen, but unlike them, Nick refused to join the military. But push comes to shove when Eden’s Gate moves in and Nick joins the Resistance to help keep his growing family safe.

Nick’s abilities are top-notch, but his Bomb’s Away ability is the best. This allows Nick to bomb any area that you mark. This is excellent if you are trying to clear out an area with a lot of cultists or to take out some vehicles.

His second ability is Light ‘Em Up which allows him to do a strafing run. This is perfect if you have a line of enemies that need to be taken out.

Choose Nick Rye If You:

  • Need a wingman in the sky that can provide an air attack.

  • Need an eye in the sky to help identify enemies.

  • Want a companion to repel enemy airplanes.

How To Get Nick Rye:

  • You need to head to the Rye & Sons Aviation Airport, in John’s region.

  • When you get there, his airstrip will be under attack, you have to help him clear out the cultists. Once you have cleared the hostiles, talk to Rye to activate the Wingman mission. Nick tells you his plane has been stolen and sends you to go retrieve his airplane at John’s ranch.

  • Follow the marker to the ranch and liberate the outpost while you are there.

  • Once you are cultist free, enter the airplane hangar and get in the plane.

  • Once you take off, Rye will guide you through a smoke-ring path, and eventually, you will see a silo you need to destroy. 

  • Next, you are guided to the Bliss shipment that is on the river, destroying it just like you did with the silo.

  • Afterward, Nick will tell you to land and drive the plane to Nick’s hangar. Once you land a cutscene will start.

  • At the end of the cutscene, you will need to retreat to Nick’s house and help defend his home and his family from the Peggies.

  •  After you secure Nick’s house he will tell you he sees cultists heading for the hangar. You need to follow the new mission tracker and secure the airplane hangar.

  •  After you take out all the cultists another cutscene will happen. In the end, Nick will join your roster.

Grace Armstrong- The Sharp-Shooting Hero

 This teaser art shows Grace holding her best tool- her sniper rifle.

Grace Armstrong is one bad Gun for Hire companion with her AR-CL rifle. She is the daughter of a war veteran and this made her follow in his footsteps to join the U.S. Army as a sniper in Afghanistan.

Grace has a personal grudge against the cult when they ran her and her father off the road and into the Henbane River. Grace states in the game that her father’s murderers suspected she was dead but made sure her father was.

One of Grace’s best abilities is Boom Boom, this allows her sniper shots to scare away enemies. This is handy when you are not necessarily looking for a fight and just want to getaway.

To help you in the heat of battle, Friendly Sight will turn her laser sight to green. This helps you distinguish her laser sights from enemy fire.

Choose Grace Armstrong If You:


  • Need the help of a sniper specialist to eliminate far-away enemies.
  • Are tired of mixing up the enemy and friendly laser sights.

  • Need a companion that can scare off enemies.

How To Get Grace Armstrong:

  • First, you will need to go to the Lamb of God Church, in John’s region, and eliminate the cultists you find there.

  • Grace will be in the bell tower. You need to talk to her to start the Grace Under Fire mission.

  • The mission will start and you will have to defend the 3 Mausoleums in front of the church. You must keep the cultists from destroying them.

  • When you are almost done three flamethrower enemies spawn. Shoot the tanks on their backs from a distance and they will explode.

  • After all of the Peggies are gone, Grace will come down from the roof.

  • After you talk to her, she will join your team.

Hurk Drubman Jr- Just Dangerously Stupid

  This picture wouldn't be complete without something blowing up in the background from Hurk Drubman. 

Hurk Drubman Jr is the guy for you if you are a fan of RPGs and public intoxication. His dad, Hurk Sr. was a politician that moved them both to Hope County. They live in a fortified compound and enjoy guns and even bigger guns.

You can recruit Hurk in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County. Hurk Jr is such a funny character and can bring some comedy to your gameplay. Hurk enjoys drinking beer, rockin’ all the time, and praising the Monkey King.

Hurk Jr’s Heat Seeker ability allows RPGs to track air and land vehicles. This is great when you are chasing down gas tankers.

Another awesome ability is Junk It which allows RPGs on vehicles to be more destructive. This is awesome if you are a fan of using vehicles to take out some Peggies.

Choose Hurk Drubman Jr If You:

  • Need a specialist to take down vehicles.

  • Like a companion with funny dialogue and commentary.

  • Don’t care that your specialist is loud with his RPGs.

How To Get Hurk Drubman Jr:

  • First, you need to reach Fort Drubman in Jacob’s Whitetail Mountains.

  • You need to speak to Hurk Drubman Senior to activate The Prodigal Son mission.

  • Go over and talk to Hurk Jr, and ride with him to the watchtower.

  • Hurk will drive you close, then you have to walk together to the watchtower and clear out all the hostiles. 

  • Once the watchtower is secure, head up to the top and you will zip line down and follow Hurk to the truck. The truck is parked at a cabin with cultists, take them out then follow Hurk into the vehicle.

  • While you are riding back to Fort Drubman take out some cultists that are chasing you and blockading the way.

  • Back at Fort Drubman talk to Hurk Sr. and Hurk Jr will be added to your roster. 

Jess Black- The Master Huntress 

Jess Black is a master hunter, so it's no wonder a teaser would show her with a Moose kill.

Jess Black is a bad buck and a master huntress available as a Gun for Hire companion.  She, like most of your Guns for Hire companions, has a bad history with the Cult. They kidnapped her and her family while they were sleeping, with only Jess escaping alive.

Jess is amazing at taking down cultists, prepping, and rescuing others in need. She is one of the stealthiest specialists in the game and can quietly eliminate hostiles. You do not want to be on Jess Black’s bad side.

Since Jess is a naturist, her ability Feral Friendly will let wild animals see her as one of their own. This is good for hunting animals for their pelts and meat and avoiding animals that may want to eat you.

Jess also has the ability of Concealment, which makes enemies have a harder time detecting her.

Choose Jess Black If You:

  • Need a specialist that has a quiet weapon, such as a compound bow or knife.

  • Need a companion that is stealthy for taking down outposts.

  • Need the help of a hunter specialist that can help hunt with her bow.

How To Get Jess Black: 

  • First, you need to liberate the Baron Lumber Mill in Jacob’s region. After this, you have to start the Dish Served Cold mission to get Jess.

  • Jess will tell you about The Cook, who killed her family, and you need to help her kill him.

  • Follow Jess to the camp where there are three hostages. You need to eliminate the cultists and free the hostages.

  • Next, follow Jess up the mountain to reach The Cook’s camp. He wields a flamethrower, so be careful not to be too close if you shoot his tank.

  • After The Cook is dead, talk to Jess and she will join your team.

Sharky Boshaw- The Pyrotechnics Phenom

 This is trailer artwork for Sharky featuring what he loves the most, lighting stuff on fire!

Sharky is a Guns for Hire companion that is a huge fire enthusiast and loves to catch things on fire. Eden’s Gate tried to recruit him and get him to change his ways, once he saw their destruction he said no and decided to fight them instead.

Coincidentally, Sharky is Hurk’s cousin, which should explain the love for blowing things up. Sharky is a great close-range fighter who prefers flamethrowers and shotguns. Did I mention he loves setting everything on fire?

Sharky has the ability Shatterproof, which gives resistance to most explosions and impacts. This is perfect for situations where cultists throw grenades or if a vehicle blows up near you.

Another ability, Fire It Up, allows attacks to have an extra spark to them. This has a chance of setting close objects on fire.

Choose Sharky If You:

  • Want a companion that has a flamethrower.

  • Prefer a close-range fighter that can help you in combat.

  • Don’t mind a companion that tends to catch everything on fire.

How To Get Sharky:

  • First, go to the Moonflower Trailer Park in Faith’s region.

  • When you get there, climb the roof of one of the trailers and talk to Sharky to start the mission Burn, Baby, Burn!

  • You need to help Sharky get rid of the Peggies that he is attracting to the trailer park with loud music.

  • Later, Sharky tells you he can’t turn off the speakers, you need to turn them off so enemies don’t keep coming.

  • There will be 4 marked speakers that you need to switch off so the Peggies will stop coming.

  • After the last switch, help Sharky to clear the area from enemies and he will join your team.

Adelaide Drubman- The Chopper Queen

 This teaser art shows that Adelaide is not only a real estate agent but a bad Gun for Hire as well!

Adelaide Drubman is the mother of Hurk Jr and loves the NRA and church. Adelaide handled the family business and then filed for divorce. She left her son, Hurk Jr., and went on to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Adelaide won the Marina in the divorce and thoroughly enjoyed it with her boyfriend until Eden’s Gate came for it. They arrived with guns and kicked her out, since then she has been on a mission for revenge.

Adelaide has the ability Call a Chopper, which provides air support and will deliver a helicopter. This is great if you need air travel or just eyes in the sky.

Another cool ability is Less Reload, this gives you bigger magazine sizes. More shooting is in your future with this ability.

Choose Adelaide If You:

  • Need a helicopter flown in for support, but not necessarily good for stealth.

  • Like a companion that has bigger magazines and less reloading.

  • Want a companion that can swear like a sailor and is extremely funny, but looks good too.

How To Get Adelaide:

  • Head to Drubman Marina in Faith’s region.

  • Liberate the outpost then go speak to Adelaide to start the Friendly Skies mission.

  • Adelaide will tell you her helicopter was stolen and unlike the other choppers in the area, hers was stolen by a man.

  • You will be sent to the Fire Tower, the Lookout, and the Hunting Shack and find the pilot at each of the three locations.

  • At the Hunting Shack, you will need to take out enemies and then the helicopter will appear. When it lands, kill the pilot. You can use this chopper to take you to the next location.

  • At the Fire Tower, the pilot is at the top level and you need to take her and her fellow cultists out then head to the Lookout.

  • This is the chopper that we are looking for so do not destroy it or the mission will fail. The chopper will be flying in the air, so wait for it to land.

  • Kill as many enemies as you can and jump in the chopper. Once in the chopper fly back to the Marina and help take out the cultists that are attacking again.

  • Once you are conflict-free, talk to Adelaide and she will thank you by joining your Guns for Hire.

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