Far Cry 5 Best Helicopters (Death From Above)

Far Cry 5 Best Helicopters
You'll be pretty fly in this helicopter.

In FC4 I almost always traveled by helicopter, or Buzzer if you will. Boats and vehicles, while they can be very useful, cannot cover as much area as a helicopter can, and the planes are a joke, I actually did my best to avoid any missions where I was forced to fly a plane. I think I just really hate the plane controls.

So instead of giving you only one great helicopter, I’ll give you a couple, along with the reasons why I think they are great.

It was pretty easy to find as I finished the Death Wish mission.

The “shop” to buy helicopters is right next to the Power Hub on the way to Fall’s End found here:

Watch my video here to see where to find the “shop”

First, we have the Kaumbat MH-158H Dap Sky Scarab

I think the Scarab is one of four of the best helicopters in the game. The color schemes are nice, and even though it has no weapons on it, it is really speedy.

The Sky Scarab is a utility helicopter modified for military usage, and has "saved a lot of lives" back in the day. It’s $7200 in game like many other things. Unlike the weapons though, there really isn’t a lot of data or stats for the helicopters.

It is one of the best if you’re trying to get somewhere quickly though.

Second, we have the Kaumbat H-04B Foxfly

The H-04B Foxfly, unlike the original, is quick, it sports twin 50 cal machine guns, and dual mounted missile launchers. There are no different paint schemes for it, but the original is a drab green army looking paint job and it is ready for a fight.

I actually thought the controls in combat would be difficult, but they are surprisingly smooth and responsive making it a beautiful gunship worth having.

Apparently “The United Nations regularly uses these to patrol the United States. Or do they?”.

Third, we have the Kaumbat R-31 Air Buzzer

This light helicopter has been modified for combat. The R-31 Air Buzzer unlike the Kaumbat R-31 only comes with dual mounted missile launchers, and doesn't do sightseeing tours.

It has dual fuel tanks on the sides making it easy enough to shoot down if need be and comes in a bright red and white paint scheme, initially making me think it was a medic helicopter, until i saw the missile launchers of course.

Although this won’t be saving lives, it will be taking them.

And finally, we have the Aerial Force Helicopter

The Aerial Force is a beast of a gunship, and in my opinion, it is the best of the four. It has twin 50 cal machine guns and dual mounted missile launchers, making it a force to be reckoned with as you can see from this video here.  

Although the paint scheme is kind of dumb, it is the fastest of the 4 and the best equipped.

You can get any of the helicopters early in the game, provided you have enough cash and the “shop” is easy enough to find. You don’t need any prior achievements activated, at least not that I’m aware of.  

After exciting Dutch’s bunker I went straight to where the “shop” is and just bought them. And if you’re trying to get around the map quickly, they will be your best bet.

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