[Top 5] Far Cry 5 Best Bison Locations For Hunting

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A majestic beast of the Mid-West requires careful hunting.

While there may not be 50 million of these incredible majestic beasts left in America (yes, you read that number right), there are still some ripe for the hunting and trophying in the fictitious land of Hope County. Given Hope County’s expansive range, where does one look for these beasts? We lay out the top 5 locations to hunt down bison in Far Cry 5.


5. Peaches Taxidermy

What better place to start your hunting trip than with some already dead artistic ones? No but really, just Southeast of Peaches Taxidermy you’ll find some bison good enough to be hung on your wall….

What makes Peaches Taxidermy Great:

  • Kill two birds with one stone and acquire Peaches while at location
  • Good height advantage to shoot bison from afar
  • Sell loot across river at shop close by
  • Two fast travel locations, one at Peaches and one downstream near Saber-Tooth Springs

Check out this video for how to get to Peaches Taxidermy.


4. Moonflower Trailer Park

 You’ll be doing the people of these trailer parks a favor if you can keep the bison at a distance…I doubt they would fit in any of these RVs anyways….

What makes Moonflower Trailer Park Great:

  • Large amounts of bison
  • Large amounts of other animals to hunt and sell
  • Can sell at garage in trailer park
  • Safe nearby can also be cracked for additional cash
  • Lots of perk magazines nearby if you need to extend your available ammo

Find out how to get to Moonflower Trailer Park.


3. Old Sun Outfitters

A  flooded area with some tiny islands in it, this area just looks like a treasure hunter's dream. Well, technically a bison hunter's dream for our sake, but you’ll be happy to find these chests!

What makes Old Sun Outfitters Great:

  • Very close to fast travel location
  • Close to selling location
  • Good location to hunt for wolverines
  • Can also use this location to fish
  • Next to Garage if vehicle if needed

Explore how to get to Old Sun Outfitters.


2. Taft Lookout Tower

Arguably one of the best hunting locations in Far Cry 5, this spot will provide you with more bison than you can manage….so be on the lookout! See what I did there?!....

What makes Taft Lookout Tower Great:

  • Great fast travel location, can even parachute in to get higher vantage point
  • High vantage points allow kills at a safe distance
  • Location for lots of other hunting so can increase total money made
  • Can obtain “Ignoble Beast” trophy from bison at this location
  • Close to selling locations in multiple directions

Find out how to get to the Taft Lookout Tower.


1. Sacred Skies Lake

Our top bison hunting paradise in Far Cry 5 lies just northwest of Sacred Skies Lake. With both ease and abundance, this location will fulfill whatever purposes your hunting heart desires.

What makes Sacred Skies Lake Great:

  • Highest abundance and density of bison makes killing quick and easy
  • Close to fast travel location
  • Close to shop for quick selling
  • Good spot for other hunting animals

Check out this video for how to get to the Sacred Skies Lake.


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