[Top 3] Far Cry 6 Best Sniper Rifles That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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Sniper rifles are great for taking out enemies and equipment from far away

Sniper rifles are very important in Far Cry 6; they allow you to get kills from far away and they can keep you undetected. It's important to make sure you are using the best sniper rifle for the job.

A fan favorite of the Far Cry series is sniping; they are some of the most powerful and fun to use weapons in the game. Sniper rifles are great for when you need to be stealthy; you can take out an armored enemy from a far distance. There are many firearms in Far Cry 6 with different pros and cons, some are customizable and some are not. Here are the top 3 Far Cry 6 sniper rifles that are powerful and how to get them. 

3. MBP .50 

The MBP .50 is considered the best sniper rifle in Far Cry 6; it is a monster for all gameplay styles.  Though it will take some mods to get it to the level of being the best; the base stats are not great until it is modified. This is the most desirable sniper rifle due to its power and is a go-to sniper.

Not only is this sniper great at taking down enemies from far away. With high precision, the long range of this weapon is great for quietly taking down enemies. This weapon is very capable of getting a one-shot on enemies. If you are having a hard time with armored vehicles and enemies, it may be time to switch to the MBP .50

There are many different ways you can obtain the MBP .50 sniper rifle in Far Cry 6. The first way to get this sniper rifle is by completing the mission Blood Ties and then Paradise Lost; there is an FND cache near the second mission checkpoint that should contain this weapon. Around rank 10, you can try taking out snipers on Esperanza’s roofs; they occasionally drop this weapon, though it is rare. The best way to get the MBP .50 is by buying it from the Guerrilla Garrison store; the Gorilla Garrison store needs to be a level 3 to purchase the MBP .50.

What Makes The MBP .50 Great-

  • Can be upgraded with mods
  • Has different ways to obtain it
  • Great rate of fire
  • Good damage output
  • A powerful sniper rifle once upgraded

MBP .50 Full Stats-


2. SVD

The SVD is a sniper rifle that is very easy to handle, there is very little recoil. It also has a semi-auto mode that allows you to shoot shots quickly. The SVD has very high scores in all categories when it has attachment mods added. What’s great about this weapon is if you have the large cylindrical suppressor attached, it will make you near invisible from a safe distance and increases damage to enemies below you.

The SVD is right up there with the MBP .50 in terms of the best sniper rifle in Far Cry 6. One way the SVD is better than the MBP .50 is the SVD does not require a reload between shots. That major function of the SVD makes it faster for you to get headshots and avoid detection. 

Acquiring the SVD is not as hard as other weapons. You can purchase the SVD from Juans Arms Dealers or a Guerrilla Garrison. It's quicker to obtain the SVD from the Guerrilla Garrison earlier in the game, compared to buying through Juans Arms Dealers. 

What Makes The SVD Great-

  • You can modify the weapon
  • Very little recoil
  • Powerful when modified
  • There is no reload in between shots

SVD Full Stats- 


1. El Tirano

The El Tirano is a great sniper rifle that’s a unique variant based on the MBP .50, but it comes with pre-chosen attachments that you can’t change. It is a great sniper rifle to take out enemies quietly; with the added perk of also being powerful.

If you are looking for a sniper rifle with great range, look no further. The El Tirano has a great range and it allows you to get headshots on enemies with helmets easily. The attached mods for the El Tirano give you a bigger magazine size, armor-piercing rounds (with helmets), and the first shot after reloading will deal higher damage. 

Another cool thing about the El Tirano is you do not have to purchase this weapon. To get this sniper rifle, go to the Escila Fort in Valle de Oro. You will need to climb the lighthouse, there will be a crocodile chest that will give you the El Tirano. 

What Makes The El Tirano Great-

  • The only unique sniper rifle with armor-piercing rounds
  • Only base sniper, without attachments, that is able to get headshots on enemies wearing helmets
  • Has a great range
  • Has a better range than the base MBP .50

The El Tirano Full Stats:



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