[Top 5] Far Cry 6 Best Pistols That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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One of the many awesome pistols in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 features standard pistols, Unique pistols, Overclocked pistols, and auto-pistols; all with unique stats and abilities. It's important to use the right tool for the job, here are the top 5 pistols that you should try out in Far Cry 6.

There are different pistol loadouts to suit any situation and style of play. In Far Cry 6, pistols have three various weapon classes. You can choose between Overclocked weapons, standard weapons, and Unique weapons. 

Standard and Overclocked weapons can be customized to improve their stats. Overclocked weapons contain an “Overclock” mod socket that increases damage. While Unique weapons can’t have their attachments modified at workbenches. Here are the [top 5] best pistols that are powerful and how you can get them. 

5. Desert Eagle 

The Desert Eagle is a powerful pistol that can kill enemies quickly. The Desert Eagle is often called one of the best pistols in Far Cry 6. You get the Desert Eagle by completing a tasking treasure hunt, but it is worth it. With a base fire rate of 225, the Desert Eagle is considered one of the most powerful pistols in Far Cry 6.

Some of the best mods to use with this pistol are armor-piercing rounds, an x-large cylindrical suppressor,  and a long-range pistol scope. These mods will make your shot stealthy; keeping you off the radar and pierce armor better. Of course, you can run any mods you want; this is a standard loadout of this weapon.

To get the Desert Eagle, complete the treasure hunt “The Last One To Leave” in Esperanza. You have to throw the three switches for the substation door to open. Once all three switches are on, go back to the control room; you can open your treasure chest. 

What Makes The Desert Eagle Great-

  • Quickdraw
  • Body shots break down enemy armor 
  • It’s a sniper rifle in a hand cannons body
  • Very easy to take down enemies
  • Very powerful for a pistol
  • You are able to mod it 

Desert Eagle Full Stats:


4. Lethal Dose 


The Lethal Dose is a Unique pistol that packs a massive punch; it is an improved version of the PMM pistol. It beats the PMM in every category except the rate of fire and its range. The Lethal Dose has a rate of fire of 410 RPM.

The mods available for the Lethal Dose are soft-target rounds, micro reflex sight, extended mag, and reload all. These mods give it a larger magazine size of 13 rounds, making it more accurate with its sight.

To get this pistol, complete the treasure hunt “The Mongoose and The Man.”  To get the stash key, kill the mongoose that escapes from the locked shed. Once you have the key, go to Alvaro’s house and open up the large chest sitting on a table. 

What Makes The Lethal Dose Great-

  • Great in a hectic gunfight
  • Does heavy damage to unarmored targets
  • When you reload this weapon all your weapons reload as well

Lethal Dose Full Stats:


3. P226


To get the P226 pistol, you need to complete the late story mission called “The Lion’s Den.” You cannot obtain this pistol by buying it or opening up any crates. During the mission, Juan tells you Clara has been captured; head to Castillo’s mansion on his private island. 

You will have to take out Castillo’s men, then a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, you will be given the P226 pistol and a Revolutionary gear set. 

The best attachment mods to run on the P226 are armor-piercing rounds, large rectangular suppressor, ironsights, and resolver laser pointer MK.2. With all of these mods attached, you will get straight shots that pierce armor, reduce weapon noise, and will reduce bullet spread when hip firing. 

The P226 has 10 rounds per ammo clip, which is a great amount compared to some other sidearms. It also has a high rate of fire, which is critical for quickly taking down enemies. Depending on the mods attached, the handling of the P226 is very good, with not much kick. The stealth of this pistol is great at keeping you off the enemy radar. 

What Makes The P226 Great-

  • You can attach mods
  • You get 10 rounds in a mag
  • 410 RPM rate of fire when mods are attached
  • Has good handling 
  • Is stealthy for a handgun
  • Very accurate pistol

P226 Full Stats:


2. The Autocrat


The Autocrat pistol is a Unique pistol that has armor-piercing rounds, trigger discipline, and gut-wrencher mods. The combination of these three mods allows you to shoot straight bullets that have improved body shot damage. This pistol has a fire rate of 500 RPMs and a magazine size of 8 bullets. 

Like all Unique weapons, you can’t change the mod loadout like you can for the regular pistols. Don’t let that fool you, this pistol is still great for providing a fast rate of fire, and perfect for body shots. 

To get the Autocrat Unique pistol, search Fort Quito during the “Du or Die” mission. Go to the front wall of the fort. There will be a sign saying “shipping and receiving” with a ladder, go down the ladder. You need to destroy a pile of plywood to get access to the caged room containing the Autocrat pistol. 

What Makes The Autocrat Great-

  • Has a super high 500 rate of fire 
  • Quickdraw
  • Perfect for body shots
  • Very precise handling 

The Autocrat Full Stats:



1. Derezzer


The Derezzer is an Overclocked pistol; Overclocked pistols are a type of pistol that have uncommon names and skins, but they can be customized. The standard variant of this weapon is the Desert Eagle. Just adding the Overclock mod to this weapon drastically increases all weapon stats for this pistol, making it super powerful. 

This pistol allows you to customize 4 attachment mods and 2 mod slots to even further ramp up this weapon's stats. With just a standard loadout for the Derezzer, the rate of fire is 255 RPM and the magazine size is 8. 

The best thing about this pistol is that it doesn’t require you to go on a treasure hunt or complete a mission. To get the Derezzer Overclocked pistol, you need to visit Lola’s black market, or you can buy the chromatic bundle on the Far Cry 6 black market online. 

What Makes The Derezzer Great-

  • Quickdraw
  • Has precise handling 
  • Very powerful with the Overclock mod

The Derezzer Full Stats-



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