[Top 5] Far Cry 5 Best Builds That Are Powerful

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Build yourself into Hope County's hero.

If you’re going to be playing an American themed video game, it's only right you’d want to use your open world adventure to fulfill whatever version of free you’d like to be. So how do you spend your freedom while also taking down the Seed deadly dynasty? There are many perks to choose from, but which are the most effective when combined? Worry not, our fearless hero, we break down the list of the top five builds in Far Cry 5.


5. Recon

Recon, the best way to have the upper hand on peggies that are rightfully already pretty stupid, but well spread out. With this build, any outpost is just another mission easily completed. 

Why Recon Is Great:

  • Great saver of ammunition and money
  • Will always know all of surroundings, including landscapes, outposts, enemies and animal foes
  • Gameplay is very stealthy and makes game somewhat easier

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4. Demolitions Expert

If you like making things go kablooey, this is the build for you. 

Why Demolitions Expert Is Great:

  • Allows for takedowns of many opponents at once
  • Stealth is an added advantage with many of the associated perks
  • Cost is kept low from finding demolitions materials in many free places

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3. Stealth Assassin

If you’re a fan of Assassin's Creed, Hitman, or similar stealth themed games, this build will rock your world. Remain in the shadows of Hope County while taking down the Seeds.

Why Stealth Assassin Is Great:

  • Can easily take out enemies without large money expenditures
  • Can help with hunting and in turn making money easily
  • Makes it easier to evade randomly encountered enemies

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2. Sniper

If you’ve got the money to spend, the Sniper build is a great build and a super effective way to beat Far Cry 5. You’ll be able to take out full outposts or kill the biggest animals in the game with ease and while making it look pretty cool.

Why Sniper Is Great:

  • Less spent on health items as it keeps a long range of distance between you and enemies
  • Special ammunition allows for higher damage from greater distances
  • Different style of game play that allows for less associate risk

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1. Tank

Want to barrel through a herd of peggies and take them all down like an immortal American god? The Tank build is the one for you. With both health and melee benefits, the Seeds will have another new Jesus figure to bow down to: you.

Why Tank Is Great:

  • Very involved gameplay as every firefight and encounter will keep you very hands on
  • Heavy equipment will protect you from sprays of any kinds of bullets or fire you meet
  • Helpful in unplanned encounters as well as inevitable parts of the main storyline which require hand to hand combat

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