Far Cry 5 Release Date, Story, Gameplay and Trailers

Far Cry 5, Release Date, Story, Gameplay, Trailers, Review, Ubisoft
An armed militia move in towards a homestead in Far Cry 5 in an image released at the Far Cry 5 Worldwide Reveal that took place May 26th 2017 by Ubisoft.

When is the proposed release date for Far Cry 5?

Ubisoft revealed during their worldwide reveal for Far Cry 5 that the upcoming release date for the game on Playstation4, Xbox One and also PC, would be on 27th February 2018, towards the end of their financial year. Previously there were rumours that the game would be released as early as September 2017 according to an article published on the Game Rant website.

Far Cry 5, Release Date, Storyline, Gameplay, Trailers, Ubisoft

More artwork supplied by Ubisoft during the Far Cry 5 worldwide reveal that happened on May 26th 2017, and showing one of the vehicles that will grace the game.

What will the storyline involve for Far Cry 5?

The idyllic Montana landscapes paint a vivid picture of a rural farming community known as Hope County. The sleepy little town is under siege by a fast growing religious cult and a militia of doomsday-preppers, known collectively as the Eden’s Gate Project. The player takes on the role of a rookie junior deputy who will be assisted by two other officers. The player will arrive in Hope County just in time to witness the Eden’s Gate Project expanding to start coming into Hope County with the intentions of recruiting new members from the town.

The Eden’s Gate Project group follow the motto of “Freedom, Faith, Firearms” and have spread their influence throughout the region vastly in the past, to the point that the player should feel slightly overwhelmed. The group have also spread through parts of the County already making it very hard to keep track of their expansion in Hope County. The developers relayed that the player should feel a constant feeling that no place is safe, no matter how familiar, and also to impart a sense of pressure and impending doom.

All Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailers In One

What can we tell about the gameplay for Far Cry 5 so far?

Details about the gameplay for Far Cry 5 are still relatively sketchy, however we can discover a number of key points from Ubisoft’s worldwide reveal for Far Cry 5. We know that in this game, for the first time in the Far Cry series, the player can play in multiplayer co-op game mode. This will likely have the player’s friends taking on the role of either of the two officers who assist the player throughout the game. Another series first, has the player able to customise the race and gender of their player in this game.

Another gameplay element that will be more familiar to players of Far Cry 4 is the use of Guns For Hire (rental AI fighters to help your fight) and the introduction of an unseen mechanic that will be known as Fangs For Hire, whereby animals may be recruited to your team to help.

A final gameplay element that has been hinted at in the game is the number of vehicles available in the game, from automobiles to aeroplanes. Both of these two forms of transport will be available in the game along with many more yet to be revealed..

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