[Top 5] Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Assault Rifles and How to Get Them

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I can't help you choose the best pizza topping, but I can help you pick the Best Assault Rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Best Assault Rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I’m going to show you a list of 5 best assault rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. And most importantly, how to get them. But it’s very important to point out what makes an assault rifle a good choice. Assault rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are supposed to be the middle ground between SMGs and Sniper rifles. This means it needs to have more damage than SMGs, but less range than Sniper rifles.

But how can I speak for everyone saying which ARs are best? That’s not up to me to decide, right? With that in mind, I decided to pick an all-rounder AR and use it as a reference. And my choice was the 416. I could've chosen the 516 as well, but I think the 416 is a better pick for comparisons.

1- 805 Bren

805 Bren - The new all-rounder

The 805 Bren would sit next to the 416 in terms of what it’s good for. It can do well in every situation. It’s good for long-range and short-range. Has very good accuracy as well as good damage. But It has something that makes it better than the 416. Its handling. Even though the stats say it’s not very accurate, It’s one of the best in accuracy, plus it’s easy to control. These two characteristics make this AR a great companion in the battle.

416 vs 805 Bren comparison

It can be found in the Wolves Base in Sinking Country, at Camp Tiger. Remember one thing: It’s in the underground.

805 Bren - Where to Find It

2-   ARX200

ARX200 - A DMR in disguise

This one has a combo of good accuracy and range. And if you take a look at its stats, you’ll see that it has great damage. 36 damage compared to just 27 of the 416. This makes the ARX200 a substitute for a DMR. You can use it for those long, but not too long, ranges with the single-shot mode, then change it to automatic when you get closer to your enemies.

416 vs ARX200 comparison

The ARX200 can only be bought at Maria's shop. It costs 15.000 skell credits.

3- G2

G2 Assault Rifle - Shoots faster than you blink

The G2 could easily be the weapon with the highest DPS (damage per second), if it wasn’t for its reload time of 3.50 seconds. But it still has the highest rate of fire in the class. 980 bullets per minute. That’s insane for an AR. This kind of BPM is only seen in SMGs. The graphics suggest that the G2 is better in range, recoil and accuracy than the 416. But out of the paper, it doesn’t seem like it. Still, this AR is for sure between the best in the game.

416 vs G2 comparison

This one can only be bought in Maria’s shop as well.

4- MK.17 Assault

Mk.17 Assault Variant - What was good got even better

Take a look at the stats of this gun down below. You’re not seeing things, it has 42 damage. That’s the highest damage in the assault rifle class. The damage combined with its long-range capability makes this assault rifle a Full Auto DMR. It can take on those far distances the 416 cannot. You know those tough enemies that, after they detect you, take more bullets to be killed? This weapon is perfect against those soldiers. The MK17 Assault, or Scar as I like to call it, has a low rate of fire. But I don’t see it as a problem as many people do. The low bullets per minute help me shoot for longer periods, which is good for readjusting my aim. If I miss some shots, the next ones can easily be addressed to the head.

416 vs Mk.17 comparison

I know you’re probably broke right now, but to get this one you’ll have to buy it at Maria's shop.

5- Tavor

Tavor Assault Rifle - You won't miss the toilet seat

I know 20 damage for an AR is pretty low. But if you multiply 20 by 30, which is the number of bullets in the magazine, it’s pretty high, isn’t it? With this assault rifle, you will make every shot count. I haven’t put my hands on a gun more accurate than this one. And it’s not just the accuracy, its recoil is practically non-existent. Bullets will spread eventually, but the spread area is small. Just keep your aim to the center of your enemy body and hold the trigger.

Don’t try to spray your opponent from too far though, as the enemy soldier will be smaller than your spread area. If it wasn't for the lack of range effectiveness, the Tavor would be the jack of all trades in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

416 vs Tavor comparison

You can find this weapon in Wild Coast, at the Engine R&D Center. You can check it down below.

Bonus- 416 Assault Special

416 Assault Special - Lightning doesn't hit the same spot twice, this one hits thrice

The king of Burst-Fire. I don’t see people using burst-fire in Ghost Recon Breakpoint very often. The truth is, burst-fire mode sucks. But recently I’ve tried the 416 Assault Special variant, which is only available on burst or single-mode. Looks cool. And it’s pretty accurate. It also has more damage than the standard 416. Its burst of 3 bullets will land at the same spot, different from every other burst-fire weapon I've tried.

416 vs 416 Assault Special comparison

If you still have both your kidneys, then you can probably buy this one. It’s available at Maria’s shop.


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TE5LA's picture

TE5LA 1 year 10 months ago

However, I still think the best ASR in the game is the standard M4A1. Accurate, low recoil, good range, sounds great even suppressed, one of the few assault rifles that can use both the 100-round mag and under-barrel grenade launcher. No contest.

TE5LA's picture

TE5LA 1 year 10 months ago

I love the G2, it's like a laser. Get it with +Accuracy/Range and max ASR Mastery. In your charts, the G2 is better or equal in every category over the 416. The other weapons are mostly worse.

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