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Growtopia (2013) is a popular sandbox MMO owned by Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. Aside from the idea of punching, building, and growing, socializing is another key aspect of its gameplay. Like in university, you might want to fit in with your peers.

I’ve collected from my storage 5 ideas you can get for the best set. Reader discretion: these sets are never the absolute best, because there aren’t any. At number 6, you do you!

For this Top 5, I’ll be following these criteria:

  • The set must follow a certain, recognizable theme, meaning it must follow Growtopian culture; or that it should it be a delightful conversation piece.
  • It doesn’t have to serve a practical function, because the Transmutabooth exists; making vanity easier to maintain.
  • Pricing is no limiter for a great set.
  • It must be respectable towards all genders.

5. Not-a-Noob Noob Sets

"Stripping out in the open? It's a kid's game!" says him. "We've got the bare minimum. I call it minimalist fashion," says me.

In Growtopia, simple sets either mean that you're extravagantly rich or abysmally poor. Often, there’s no in between. It's a hidden rule, buddy. Of course, this game isn’t the only one with this type of culture (look: Elden Ring LetMeSoloHer).

If you want to flaunt your riches in a subtle, humble manner, then this is what I can recommend.

Why Not-a-Noob Noob Sets are Great

  • Cheap
  • Lowkey, meaning that you won’t attract elites in your direction!

Not-a-Noob Noob Sets details

 *Recommended: any Wings or Shoes

4. Corporate Farmer and Trader Sets

Nothin' like lighting up a joint after punching a brick wall for seven hours.

Eager to get with the businesses, are we? Look at this corporate Growtopian set, fitted with a Cybernetic Arm for farming! If you’re someone who uses Vending Machines, World Locks, and plants a lot, then this is for you.

It’s simple, speaks your intentions, and you’ve got clothes this time! Top 5 might’ve scared you off.

Why Corporate Farmer and Trader Sets are Great

  • Achievable and affordable with a single Diamond Lock
  • Looks great

Corporate Farmer and Trader Sets details

*Recommended: any range-increasing items like the Cyclopean Visor, Cybernetic Eye, some scarves and headgear

3. Blingin’ It! In The Club Sets

Become brighter than the future itself.

Wanna get noticed? Perhaps you’re emulating the popular kids on the block and maybe wanted a flashy, shiny new set.

The first set is a diamond-themed outfit. It glitters and has golden accents for that extra ka-ching. I designed the second set for “Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer,” nightlifers. Britney got your tongue?

Why Blingin’ It! In The Club Sets are Great

  • They’re great for socializing
  • Captures lots of attention, especially with very large wings or a pet.
  • Shows you’re an experienced player

Blingin’ It! In The Club Sets details

*Recommendation: Switch out for shinier or flashier wings!

2. Paranormal/Supernatural Growtopian Sets

"Stuck in our little zone since 1987."

Alternatively, maybe you want to scare the bejesus of those you love. These spooky sets accomplish just that, adding a tinge of mysteriousness to your stranger vibes.

Although you could use different wings (e.g. Ripper Wings; Devil Wings), our goal is to freak out passersby as you introverted-ly play in peace.

Why Paranormal/Supernatural Growtopian Sets are Great

  • Great for those who only want to enjoy the sandbox aspect
  • Great for pranking
  • Uncommon theme (most Growtopians lean on human sets, and not mythological or theoretical ones)

Paranormal/Supernatural Growtopian Sets details

Recommendation: Use something like a Death’s Scarf!

1. The Hero and Alter Ego (My Main Set)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na... tequila.

Did my cover image pique your interest? For my last set, it’ll be a sophisticated, elitist set. I know, I know, it might look too detached from society, but that’s why we’ve got an alter ego!

I recommend this set if, and only if, you have the budget to afford my cape. So far, the other sets I’ve listed did not require such expensive and rare luxuries. However, my set revolves around the cape, so if you don’t have it, it’ll look incomplete.

Carry on if you’re one robust spender, though.

Why The Hero and Alter Ego is Great

  • Effective to wear if you want rich friends and connections
  • Expensive
  • Very handsome. Use whatever hair you like, however. Frosty Hair and Cavewoman Hair worked when I checked.

The Hero and Alter Ego details

*Recommendation: Change the hair according to your wants.

That’s all for the Top 5 Growtopia Best Set That Are Great. I hope you enjoyed my homebrew recommendations. Live on, fashion gurus! Find more of my Growtopia articles via the Gamers Decide search bar. They’re informative!

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