10 Reasons Why Growtopia Is Addictively Fun

Reasons Why Growtopia Is Addictively Fun, growtopia pros, is growtopia a good game
Growtopia. Punch, Build, and Grow! Immerse yourself in a Terraria-esque world, but more social, and everything grows on trees!

Growtopia is addictive. I'll admit it right here, otherwise, we wouldn't have this veteran to write for you. It's a chaotic sandbox MMO. For others, it's a mingling application. For some, it's a training ground for fostering various skills and talents.

According to Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, which has been managing the game for five years now, it’s a creative platformer. What does Growtopia have to offer? Wanna drive down memory lane?

Alright, let me convince you with the 10 Reasons Why Growtopia Is Addictively Fun.

10. ASMR Growtopia soundpool

Sweet dreams, Growtopian. Drowse off to the unspeakable.ogg.

Growtopia's sound effects are awesome. It's almost rhythmic, like when you're breaking or placing something and boom, you've got percussion. 

Listen to the various tones different blocks give you. The world interacts with you through Jammers, Weather Machines, and small things like the Military Radio. Check out this Campfire ASMR by LinkTrader and tell me this isn’t comforting.

9. Build customizability

ITEMS. Buy these from the Store and more!

You have the freedom to build whatever you want. Except for anything derogatory, of course. Use these blocks to build buildings, pixel art, roleplay places, shops, and more!

If you're creative, maybe touch the Game Generator for a start? Oh, or the Adventure items.

8. Train your parkour and minigame mastery

PARKOUR3. Anyone missing spleef?

Games like these sharpen your coordination. In fact, if you're a bit competitive, you'll love the next number too.

Many Growtopians like spending their pastime doing parkour, spleef, dice/roshambo/chance games, fashion shows, hunger games, and password door games. Have some fun! Wait for a broadcast and type “/go” or ask around.

7. Clan Competitions (PvP and Clashes included!)

Long live the king.

Growtopia brings out your competitive side. Ever wanted to push your best friend off slippery ice and into the pit of lava and spikes? Go on, I know you find it funny.

Check out various clans. If you're lucky, you'll find a guild with an epic symbol like mine next to your name. Re-pre-zent!

6. Artists, cinematographers, and writers give more life to the base game; and you can improve too.

Can’t sleep at 2 AM? Play some Growtopia.

Entertainment within entertainment, what can I say. Rich cultures, hardworking folks, you name it. You'll find all kinds of artsy friends in Growtopia.

As for me, does comedy count as art? Come on, it's a social game!

5. Live out your fashion sense

From your dreams of becoming a crab and your fantasies of playing pretend demon, play out your fanfics here!

You get to dress however you want. With new item releases and events coming out every month, you're sure to have your wardrobe refreshed faster than a fast fashion closet.

4. Make your own songs with Sheet Music!

KREGSONG20. Also check out PIANOS and SONGTOPIAN for more original and impressive covers!

Learn how to create MIDI in Growtopia. Sigh, yes. There's "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. But hey, wouldn't you want to hear about “Rex Incognito (Zhongli’s Theme)” in Growtopia? Make a world yours by crafting (or borrowing) various covers!

3. Many splicing recipes to discover

GLITCHSEED. Nobody’s gonna know. They’re gonna know.

Make your money grow on trees. Items will not make themselves, you know! If you've played one of those god simulators, you'll love Growtopia. Discovering new recipes or even looking up guides can be insanely fun.

I have an idea: Why don’t you try mixing random seeds from your inventory and see what you can make out of it?

2. Teaches you business in an insanely chaotic way

SEEDS. Growtopia, where there’s a home for every flipper, scammer, innovator, and bored person. What do they have in common? They’re playing a dumb game for smart kids.

Salaries get people hooked. Buddy, you should try getting your first WL legit. Growtopia is surprisingly effective at teaching you real-world tactics on how to market yourself and your products.

Sure, it won't compare to formal education, but you'll learn about tables, flipping, market strategy, and SEO (looking at you, clickbait) just from hanging around the ecosystem.

1. The community

LOVE. An English-speaking hangout place for everybody.

When everything gets you down, nothing's as comforting as knowing you're not alone. If you're looking for someone to vibe with, head on straight to social town.

The world list provides a categories button for social worlds. If you can't find one with people in it, don't be afraid to ask around. You're on the internet, fellow introvert. You'll be fine!

That's about it. Let us know if you've got your own reasons on why Growtopia can be addictively fun. Thanks for reading!

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