[Top 15] Growtopia Best Clothes That Are Great

Growtopia Best Clothes That Are Great, growtopia wearables ideas
Growtopia, a popular sandbox MMO owned by Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. Insert fashion, because like a real-life simulator, people care to dress tastefully and aesthetically.

Are you overwhelmed with the choices Growtopians make for the sake of self-expression? Look no further, because although we won’t cover builds on this top list, we’ll do the best clothes. Be reminded that my tastes differ from yours, so I recommend you take my ideas and make your own set—you got this!

Here are our Top 15 Growtopia Best Clothes That Are Great. Ranking it from your bottoms to the top…

15. Wings of Daidalos

Little did you know that nowadays, huge-ass wings would dominate the game. Purty.

The Wings of Daidalos are amongst the few items added to the UbiWeek event. These wings are a far cry from Razor Wings. They're actually pretty cool.

Why Wings of Daidalos is Great

  • Has a jumping animation
  • Has a glowing animation
  • Gives the Slow-Fall and Double Jump mod.

Wings of Daidalos details

  • Added on Ubiweek 2022 Day 3
  • Obtained from mining
  • Also obtained with 9.99 USD over the duration of UbiWeek

14. Da Vinci Wings

A classic, but highly sought for item.

Da Vinci Wings were one of the last items Seth and Hamumu added to the game. You'll be surprised with how you get one of these.

Why Da Vinci Wings is Great

  • 9 out of 10 architects recommend Da Vinci Wings.
  • Sick animation

Da Vinci Wings details

  • Added during Anniversary Week 2016
  • Obtained in a Chemical Combiner with (4) Nightmare Devil Wings, (8) Steampunk Gearboxes, and (2) Stretched canvases.

13. Raptor Legs

Vroom, vroom! Pair the Raptor legs with Neon Nerves and you’re sure to trump most giveaways.

Raptor Legs were once a part of the IOTMs released every month for the game. Discontinued ever since, people still seek a combination of speedy clothes plus Coffee to make the home run. This was one such item!

Why Raptor Legs is Great

  • Speed stackable with other items in other slots
  • Makes you Growtopian a little taller

Raptor Legs details

  • Added during June 2018's IOTM
  • Cannot be obtained in the Store for 200,000 anymore
  • Tradeable

12. Scavenger Lord’s Wheels

Vroom, vroom… ugh. Noise pollution’s real, you know? Go back to BTD6 air horning.

Kidding aside, the Scavenger Lord's Wheels are loud. Musical instruments at least loop a pleasant melody, but if you're into trolling, this is amongst the best items you could wear.

Why Scavenger Lord’s Wheels is Great

  • Great for annoying your true friends
  • As large as other wings, occupying three blocks

Scavenger Lord’s Wheels details

  • Added in the Winter Clash 2018
  • Received from a Winter Clash Finale Ticket

11. Golden Angel Wings

Budder has never tasted this angelic.

Sure, it's no giant, but the Golden Angel Wings is a hidden gem. It's got a lot of culture behind it and is used for an epic recipe.

Why Golden Angel Wings is Great

  • Also used for the Legendary Quest
  • Shiny!

Golden Angel Wings details

  • Added during the Valentine’s Week 2014
  • Obtained by combining (1) Angel Wings, (200) Candy Hearts, and (1) Golden Heart Crystal.

10. Skeletal Dragon & Lucky Pendant

Dragon representation matters.

I'm putting the Lucky Pendant here because I think dragons are important. They're one of the most prominent creatures of fantasy, and guess what? Growtopia's clothes center around fiction.

Why Lucky Pendant is Great

  • Spews green fire
  • It's a neck item, while many pets use the hand slot.

Lucky Pendant details

  • Added during St. Patrick’s Week 2016
  • Obtained by landing at least a top 3 spot in the Patrick’s Prize and Daily Challenge

9. Glove of the Giants

Tower over your measly peasants with the Glove of the Giants. Avoid handing out beans.

Glove of the Giants is a reverse Ring of Shrinking and one of the closest things to a Legendbot-009. If you don't mind sacrificing your hand slot, take a shot with this glove!

Why Glove of the Giants is Great

  • One of the few items that allow your name to be taller than most Growtopians

Glove of the Giants details

  • Added during the Summer Season Events
  • Obtained with a Summer Clash Finale Ticket

8. Gauntlet of Elements

Retrieved from the Growtopia Wiki. Snap—and the item's blipped elsewhere!

I decided to also add in the Gauntlet of Elements for representation. Guild Clashes are worth it sometimes because you get useful items like this gauntlet. No longer do you need spatulas and stressors with various blocks!

Why Gauntlet of Elements is Great

  • Move or flip any item you want infinitely!

Gauntlet of Elements details

  • Added during the Summer Clash 2018
  • Obtained in the Summer Clash Rewards Store
  • Levels up in seven tiers
  • Untradeable

7. Celestial Dragon Charm

Have a guardian angel—cough—dragon watch over you. Phoenixes? Sure, but how's your wallet?

The Celestial Dragon Charm won't make you oriental, but it looks great for anyone wanting to try. It also makes you look bigger, so there's that.

Why Celestial Dragon Charm is Great

  • Changes form into day and night; looks like two items!
  • Acts as a brighter flashlight

Celestial Dragon Charm details

  • Added for November 2020’s IOTM
  • Bought for 200,000 gems

6. Fiesta Mariachi Guitar

Bring this to a campfire. It'll help if they just sing along.

Check out the latest Mariachi Guitar design, the Fiesta Mariachi! Adorned with the stickers of galaxies, piñatas, and candy wrappers, this beautifully painted and designed instrument might be for you.

Why Fiesta Mariachi Guitar is Great

  • Plays a special animation and song when doing /dance

Fiesta Mariachi Guitar details

  • Added during the Cinco de Mayo Week 2018
  • Stuff a Mystery Piñata with a normal Mariachi Guitar to obtain this item.

5. Tousled Hair

Yare yare daze...

The Tousled Hair first looks like a JoJo reference, but like Part 3, it looks cool in-game too. 

Why Tousled Hair is Great

  • Won't break the bank
  • Lusciously thick

Tousled Hair details

  • Added during the Player Appreciation Week 2020 Day 7
  • Obtained by chance in WOLFWORLD

4. Anime Female Hair

The anime male and female hair. Make the vibrant world of Growtopia even more vibrant!

If you're somehow interested in looking like a schoolgirl or schoolboy, why not take a chance with the Anime Female and Male hairstyles? Let people know that you totally don't have another alias, and neither do you know about someone named Cat Noir.

Why Anime Female Hair is Great

  • Looks very vibrant and unique

Anime Female Hair details

  • Added during the Player Appreciation Week 2020 Day 7
  • Obtained using the Geiger Counter during a Geiger Day

3. Horns of Growganoth

Pledge your allegiance to Him.

Look like the perfect denizen of hell with the Horns of Growganoth. Try not to bring up hellish backstories about yourself or Him, though. There's a perfect time and maw for everything.

Why Horns of Growganoth is Great

  • Prove your dark academia fashion with any horns, really. These just look cooler.

Horns of Growganoth details

  • Added during Halloween Week 2019
  • Obtained using the Ultimate Corruption system

2. Cursed Wizard Hat

Underrated hat.

Experience the consequences of becoming a wizard with the Cursed Wizard Hat. The yellowing skin is probably normal, and so is your weird sense of gravity...

Why Cursed Wizard Hat is Great

  • Helps you in minigames
  • Great for harvesting or punching things without it breaking

Cursed Wizard Hat details

  • Added in the Fantasy Pack 2013
  • Obtained in the Fantasy Pack
  • Also obtained at random by splicing the Bookcase Seed and Dreamstone Block Seed

1. Challenge Crown

"And baby, I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy."

Play the royalty role with the Challenge Crown. Come on, don't tell me you've never had a fantasy where you're some lord or hailing ruler somewhere? Give the crown a go.

Why Challenge Crown is Great

  • Makes you feel like a winner
  • Sought for like the TXMom's Crown

Challenge Crown details

  • Obtained by ranking first in the Daily Challenge

That’s all for this top list. What are your suggestions? Do you have other best clothes in mind? Comment below and read the rest of my articles if you’re still looking for directions. Thanks for reading!

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